”What did Igbo people do to #Buhari?”- Reno Omokri asks following the appointment of fresh Service chiefs

Reno Omokri is asking what Igbos have done to President Buhari following the appointment of fresh service chiefs with none of them from the South East. 


In a post shared on his IG page, Reno who is very critical of the Buhari administration wrote;

What did Igbo people do to #Buhari?

* No Igbo heading any of the 3 arms of government
* No Igbo heading any of the 3 military branches
* No Igbo in the National Security Council
* No Igbo heading any of the intelligence agencies
* No Igbo heading any security or paramilitary agency

Are Igbo people supposed to be grateful because Buhari made an Igbo his Personal Assistant on photography? Is taking photographs the only thing the Igbo are good for in Buhari’s government?”

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