Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 16🌺

‘Sweetheart’..Alejandro Montana said as he hugged his overly excited daughter…

‘Ohhh Dad you didn’t even tell me that you were coming,if not I would have arranged a party for you??’..Chelsea replied…

Rogan totally obstruck by the whole event just gulped hard and left the premises slowly…

The same Alejandro Montana that he’s been looking for,the same drug dealer was right in front of him and he couldn’t do anything..

He just couldn’t believe his pure luck..

‘Come on Audrey pick up the phone’..he muttered as he dailed his boss’s number..

📱:Hello Audrey’..he said..

📲:Hey Rogan what’s the problem??’.Audrey replied..

📱:You wouldn’t believe who I just bumped into’..He added and Audrey sighed deeply..

📲:Who did you bump into this time Rogan and you better not give me any useless information’..

📱:It’s not useless Audrey as I’m speaking to you right now Alejandro Montana is right outside my house…

📲:What the f**k!!!?!…Really Rogan?!!!…

📱:Yes Audrey I’m going to lay some ground work and finally bust him and his cohorts I’ll talk to you later’…he said and hung up…

His trip to Miami wasn’t a waste after all….

******** ********* ***********
The Next Morning

Chelsea sat at the terrace of her house glimpsing at the beach and heaved a sigh of relief…

‘Someone’s at peace today’..Alejandro muttered as he approached her smiling..

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‘Good morning Dad”..she replied as he kissed her forehead..

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‘Good morning princess how are you coping with Chesapeake, I can see that you’ve really done a good job’..Alejandro said..

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‘Hmmm yeah business is going great but sometimes it could be a little bit tiring you know’..she replied and her step father smiled…

After an awkward moment of silence Alejandro finally spoke up…

‘There’s something I need to tell you Chelsea’..

‘Yeah I’m listening’..

‘Well I’ve done a lot of bad things ,drug dealing actually’..he said .

‘What?!!’..Chelsea screamed..

‘Just listen to me Chelsea,that was all in the past,I’m no longer a drug dealer,I lost Tonio’s mother because of the dirty deal and ever since then I’ve stopped it,I’m a changed person Chelsea and I need you to believe it,I just came out from rehab and I’m now sober, there are a lot of bad things I did then and I know I wouldn’t do now.I’m sorry if this confession of mine would make you hate me,I may pay sooner or later for my past deeds’…He said…

Chelsea stared at the man she called her father and gulped hard…

She thought she knew everything about him but she was wrong…

He was a former drug Lord and the fact that he told her was amazing…

‘Nothing would ever make me hate you Dad,I love you too much’..she said in tears and him real tight…

If only she knew that there was someone sent to spy on him….

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