Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 14🌺

📱;PLEASE GIVE ME TIME AUDREY’..Rogan begged as he paced around the room…


📱;Are you kidding me Audrey,the FBI couldn’t even unravel the French Homicide last week,I did that Audrey so please,I’m very close to uncovering the case please’…ROGAN said and when his boss hung up on him he swore…

Today was a very bad day for him

*** *** **

Chelsea crooned at her dress for the dancing competition and when she tried packing her hair she gave up…

‘I don’t want to dance anymore,I can’t do this anymore’.. She muttered as she changed into her normal sweatpants…..

‘Why are you so moody today??’..Tonio asked and I frowned deeply..

‘I don’t know why Tonio I’m not participating anymore,I’m sorry but I can’t do it’..she replied and her brother smiled. ..

‘It’s about Rogan huh?’..He asked..

‘No it’s not about…wait how did you know??’..Chelsea retorted…

‘Well I see the way you look at him Chelsea,you look like you want to eat him up like a buritto’..

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‘I do not’..

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‘You do too’..

‘You do and you’re in love with him,you’re just too hot-headed to admit it,let’s go watch the show sister and I’ll make you feel better’..

*** *** ***

The Chesapeake Festival started and everyone joined in the fun dancing and staining their selves with different colors..

It was almost like the Holi Festival but there was a difference..

Rogan came out wearing a sun shirt,shorts and his typical dark glasses…

He was in a bad mood but Chelsea’s attitude only made it worse..

Why was she avoiding him??..

He didn’t know but he sure as hell didn’t like it…

‘Chelsea can i speak with you for a moment??’..He said moving in on her but she moved back a little..

‘I’m busy’..she said and when she turned to walk away he gripped her hands…

‘You’re gonna talk with me whether you like it or not!!’..

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