Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 13🌺

‘Uhhhh i was talking about….’..Regan said and paused a little bit…

‘Talking about what??’..Chelsea asked again,this time in a shrewd voice..

‘T..talking about getting more postcards from you about Chesapeake resort to show my parents and friends,my mother has been asking for them for a long time’..he lied and Chelsea smiled..

‘Now was that so hard to say,you looked like i almost caught you doing something sinister’..she admitted and Regan wiped a trickle of sweat off his chin…

‘What are you doing here Chelsea?,I thought you were practicing or something??’..He asked..

‘Ohhh i was but now I’m hungry’..she replied and smiled seductively while walking towards him…

‘Hungry for what??’…

‘Hungry for you lover boy,now sit and let me devour you’..she replied and pushed him on the bed..

He sighed..

‘Please be gentle with me’..

*** ** ** ***

An Hour later
‘Whoa that was intense’..Chelsea admitted as she panted heavily..

‘Intense is an understatement,you’re good in bed Chelsea,i wonder how your boyfriend enjoys you’..Rogan replied and when he saw the angry look on her face he regretted his outburst immediately..

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Me and my big mouth,he wondered..

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‘Excuse me?!!,my boyfriend??!,do you think I’m a whore or what?!!’..Chelsea screamed angrily feeling hurt that he thought that of her…

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‘No i don’t mean it like that Chelsea’..Rogan replied trying to calm her down but she didn’t..

‘Oh I know what you mean Rogan,please excuse me!!’..She shouted and put on her jumpsuit immediately…

Straightened her hair and jammed the door angrily after she left…

‘What the f**k just happened?!!’..Rogan asked himself…

** ** ** ***

‘Whoa he really said that?’..Leila asked as Chelsea sipped on her cashew juice angrily..

‘Yeah Leila and you know what?,i don’t care at all, I don’t even want to see his face anymore!!!’..she screamed and Leila chuckled..

‘You know that you’re the one at fault right??’..


‘Well when a woman has a fling with a man,no offence though,the man doesn’t give her the respect she deserves and that’s your case Chelsea,you deserve more than a fling,you need a real man one that can take care of you and be for you and Rogan isn’t that person,can’t you see that he’s using you???’..

‘You really think so!?’..Chelsea asked..

‘Yeah Chelsea,stay away from him’..

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