Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 12🌺

‘He was holding you by the waist Chelsea,what did you expect me to do?!!’..Rogan exclaimed as Chelsea struggled to rusticate her already unconscious brother…

‘Of course Rogan,cause he’s my f****ng brother and you punched him!!!,what the hell is wrong with you?!!’..Chelsea screamed..

Tonio opened his eyes and a blast of pain engulfed his head,neck and nose…

‘Jesus what happened??’..he asked and as he touched his nose,felt blood gushing out of his nose and flinched…

‘Blood of Neptune I’m bleeding??!’..he screamed as he wiped the blood with his pristine white shirt..

‘Ohhh sorry Tonio,all of this is a misunderstanding,someone was stupid enough to punch you’..Chelsea said and glared at Rogan….

‘Ohh really,well we’ll talk about this later my head hurts so bad’…

** ** ** **

The next morning
Rogan paced around his room waiting eagerly for Chelsea’s arrival but she didn’t….

She was supposed to practice with him for the dancing competition and even though he wasn’t in the least a good dancer it didn’t mean that Chelsea could stud him up like that…

He swore breathlessly and angrily as he walked to the venue only for him to see Chelsea dancing with her step brother while everyone cheered for them…

‘Uhh Chelsea what are you doing??’..he asked already In a fiery mood..

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‘Well what does it look like I’m doing,I’m dancing with my brother’..Chelsea replied not even glancing at him…

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‘Well shouldn’t you be dancing with me?!,why are you dancing with this guy for crying out loud?!!’..He lashed and Chelsea sighed..

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‘Hmmmm Tonio can you give us a minute??’..she said and her stepbrother left..

She turned to Rogan and spoke;

‘Well I discovered that you’ve been stalling and i decided to pick another partner,one that won’t miss practice or say he wants to use the bathroom whenever he’s called to dance!!!!’..

‘Oh really is that so?!!,well good luck cause i have a new partner also’..Rogan fired back, already sure that he was lying Chelsea snickered and left Rogan…

‘Stop whining like a kid’

‘You’re an adult for crying out loud Rogan so please do not disturb me’..

*** *** **

‘If it’s what she wants then that’s what she’ll get!!?’..Rogan screamed and before he could say anything else his phone rang…

📱:Hello Audrey’..he said not in the least interested in what his boss had to say..

📲:Hello Rogan,I have bad news for. You’..Audrey replied in his usual Canadian accent..

📱:What’s the problem??’..Rogan asked…

📲:Well it seems like we’re going to shut down the case,the email you sent led us to nowhere’..Audrey replied..

📱;You can’t do that Audrey,i haven’t gotten what i want from Chelsea yet!!’..

‘What do you want from me??’..He heard and when he turned around Chelsea was standing behind him…

This was so not good…🌺🌺30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

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