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30 Days In Miami – Episode 10
Oyin YoungJune 17, 2020
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🏵️🏵️30 Days in Miami 🏵️🏵️

🏵️(Sworn to protect her)🏵️

🏵️ Episode 10🏵️

‘Thanks Rogan!!!’..Chelsea said quickly and before Rogan could object she ran out of his room without her jacket..


He couldn’t dance one bit..

He didn’t even know how to shake his bones not to talk of dancing…

His parents were dancers in their time and always criticised him for not being able carry the family’s legacy along with him….

‘sh*t!!!’..he muttered under his breath and plunked down on the bed wondering on what he was going to do next..

*******. ******. *******

Later at night Chelsea is seen watering the dafodils Patch that her father planted the last time he came…

She missed her father, Alejandro Montana..

The only man that truly understands her and loves her even though she’s not his real daughter…

She brought out her phone and then decided to call him..

📱;Hello Sugar Daddy’..she said and giggled like she always does..

📲;Hello Sugar Baby how are you doing??’.. Alejandro replied in his deep baritone voice..

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📱;Well I’m good, Chesapeake is going great and I’m watering your flowers’..she added and Alejandro laughed…

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📲 ;I miss you Chelsea and when my trip is over I’ll come visit you okay??’..he said..

📱;Okay Dad,bye…

****. *****. ******. *******

The Next Morning ⛅
Chesapeake was bubbling with a activities as everyone prepared for the annual SUNLIGHT DANCE COMPETITION which would hold the next day…

Rogan came downstairs wearing a vintage shirt along with a pair of dark sunshades..

He walked briskly towards Chelsea and smiled as she screamed at the flower delivery guy…

‘i said I want roses you idiot and not lilies?!!!!’..

She was more beautiful when she was angry.

‘Hey Chelsea??’..he said as he plopped down on the drinking stool beside her…

‘Don’t hey me Rogan,you’re late’..she replied with a scowl on her face..

‘Well I don’t think I’ll be able to….’..he tried to say but was cut short as Chelsea dragged him to the stage…

‘Turn the music on Sheila!!, Rogan give me your best move!!!’..she said and Rogan stood transfixed on the spot….

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He was so doomed

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