Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

30 Days In Miami – Episode 9
Oyin YoungJune 16, 2020
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🌺🌺30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

🌺(Sworn to protect her)🌺

🌺Episode 10🌺

‘Are you sure you left it here??’..Leila asked as Chelsea paced around the room angrily..

‘Yes Leila I’m a thousand percent sure i left it in here!!!,all my accounts,my personal information,my everything is in that Laptop Leila and now it’s gone!!!’..Chelsea replied still pissed off…

The only person who was in her room was…


‘That bas***d Leila!!!,Rogan was in my room last night and now he’s stolen my laptop!!’..she screamed..

‘Wait?!!,Rogan was in your room last night?!!,what for?!’..Leila asked..

But it was too late…

Chelsea had already stomped away.

She was so gonna kill the handsome Blondie..

***** ***** **** *********

📱;Yes Audrey,I’ve gotten the email address of Alejandro Montana’..Rogan whispered over the phone…

📲;Really?!,how did you do that?!?’..Audrey replied and he smiled..

📱;Well I worked up a little charm myself,but I have to go now it seems like someone’s coming bye’..he quickly said disconnected the call..

Out of pure instinct he hid Chelsea’s laptop under the sofa..

‘Rogan open the door!!!’..Chelsea screamed and he adjusted his composure before opening the door…

‘Hey sweetheart’..he said but Chelsea ignored him and bursted through the door..

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She scattered the covers of his bed and checked under the wardrobe but all to no avail..

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‘Uhhh what are you doing Chelsea?!,why are you ransacking through my things??’..he asked but deep down he knew what she was looking for…

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‘i know you have it Rogan’..she said..

‘Have what?’.Rogan asked and she winced…

‘Rogan this isn’t funny anymore,I know you have my laptop Rogan so please give it to me and let peace reign’…She added and Rogan’s face drew into a coy smile…

‘Are you sure you’re not here cause you want me??’..he said and dragged Chelsea against his chest.

‘’..She tried to protest but his lips had already covered hers thus making her hot for him again…

Before she could walk away Rogan had already begun unbuttoning her blouse…

And slowly they took each other to oblivion just as they fell on top of the sea colored bed…

****** ******* ******

20 minutes later
‘Jeez that was intense!!’..Rogan panted hard as he lied down next to the already soaked Chelsea..

‘Yeah i know right?,by the way what do you do??’..Chelsea replied and smiled as he traced his finger down her abdomen..

‘Well I’m a stock broker and a part time dancer’..Rogan lied knowing fully well that he didn’t know how to dance one bit…

‘Really?!!,that’s great Rogan,then you’ll be my dancing partner for the dancing competition tomorrow’.


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