Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

30 Days In Miami – Episode 8
Oyin YoungJune 14, 2020
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🌺🔞🌺30 DAYS IN MIAMI🌺🔞🌺

🌺(sworn to protect her)🌺

🌺Episode 8🌺

Chelsea’s heart pounded very loudly as Rogan’s mouth entwined with hers..

It was fierce..




Words couldn’t describe how she felt as she raked her hands through his hair.

‘i don’t know if this would do you any good but you’re so hot when you’re wet Chelsea and you’ve been raiding my dreams ever since’…Rogan whispered as he kissed her neck..

A part of him knew that he wasn’t lying when he said that she raided his dreams cause it was damn true.

Ever since he set eyes on the curly haired woman he’s not really been able to think straight..

‘Ughhhh just touch me and stop talking’..Chelsea groaned.

He smiled and raised her up to his hips and covered her lips with his again..

‘Let’s use my room over there’..Chelsea said huskily..

‘All sex but no feelings attached right??’..he asked and she smiled..

‘Of course and besides I’ve got the hots for you’..she said..

Rogan snickered and nipped at her earlobe hitting her against the beach house door not caring whether she was hurt or not..

Chelsea with a lot of unusual struggle managed to open the door and he pushed her inside slamming the door behind him..

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****** ****** ***** *****

‘Rogan’..Chelsea moaned with a strain of frustration as he fumbled with his shorts..

Why did I have to wear a blasted jean shorts?!!,Rogan swore as he managed to remove the strong piece of fabric..

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Finally it came off revealing a pair of Calvin Klein’s underwear…

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The bulge under his trousers wasn’t mistaken as he unrolled Chelsea’s bikini strap revealing two puckered nipples..

Goosebumps filled her skin as Rogan bent down to tease with her senses by biting her left nipple..

‘Ahhh!!’..she cried out in ecstasy and arched her back a little..

‘i want you inside me Rogan,stop the foreplay and get to the point???’..
She cried out in frustration and Rogan laughed..

He stepped out of his underwear and slowly sunk back deeply onto the chaise-like bed..

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’..he asked..

‘We’re both adults Rogan,i can handle myself’…she replied and she slowly gasped as he slid into her..

The night wasn’t going to be ordinary between them..

******** ******** ********

The next morning
Chelsea woke up with a feeling of excitement as she opened her eyes only to discover that she was the only one on the bed..

‘Rogan??’..she called out and as her voice echoed around the room she knew that she was alone…

Oh God!!!..

She slept with the sleazy visitor..

With Rogan or Jake she didn’t know..

She was never going to remain the same after last night…

Rogan had already left a hook on her heart..

‘Well it’s time for work Chelsea’…she muttered and slowly slid on a night shirt when she discovered something..

Her laptop was gone!!!..


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