Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

30 Days In Miami – Episode 7
Oyin YoungJune 13, 2020
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🌺🌺30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

🌺(Sworn to protect her)🌺

🌺Episode 7🌺

‘hmm a fling??’..Chelsea asked murkishly…

Surely she wanted the guy more than anything but doesn’t want to develop any feelings in the process..

‘I’ll think about it Rogan,it’s not like I’m some slut who would jump into any man’s bed at every given opportunity’..She added..

‘i didn’t say that’..Rogan countered and she groaned..

There’s always something about the Blondie that always made her heart pump faster than it was supposed to..


Twenty minutes later
Rogan walked into his room after his earlier confrontation with the beautiful resort owner and slumped on his bed..

He could get the information without jumping into bed with her then why does he want her so bad??..

‘i better get to work’…He muttered as he sat upright and brought out his super sonic computer from his bag…

Turned it on and began checking the profiles of the three major suspects…

Alejandro Montana
Castillo Cortez
Antonio Alivera..

These were the major suspects and the only way he could get all of them was through Alejandro’s step daughter…

f**k f**k f**k!!!..

Why does everything have to be so complicated with him and women?!!!..

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Someone knocked on his door and he groaned walking towards the door ..

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‘Hi’..Sheila squealed as she came in with a plate of Peach pie in her hands..

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‘What are you doing here??’..Rogan asked with a scowl on his face..

‘Well I figured that you’d be hungry so I got you this pie from the restaurant’..She replied..

‘Ohhh well I am,thanks anyway,can you leave now? I’m busy with some work’..Rogan said and she left..

Some women and their clinging attitude..



The sun set and the moon rose..

Chelsea changed into a bikini and for the first time in a while let her curly brown hair down..

She left her room and walked towards the beach bare-footed..

The wind ran through her skin and she smiled at the effect it gave her…

She’s always loved swimming at the beach when it’s night time..

No one to bother her..

No one to question her..

Just her alone and the forces of nature combined..

Slowly,she stepped into the water and let it tingle her feet…

‘Hmmmm’..she heard someone say from behind her and when she turned it Rogan…

‘Ughh what are you doing here,shouldn’t you be sleeping or something?’..she asked irritably..

‘Can’t’..Rogan replied taking his shirt off and walking towards her…

‘Why??’..she asked..

‘Cause I was busy thinking about you,you’re in my mind Chelsea’…he muttered huskily and slowly enveloped her mouth with his…

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