Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

30 Days In Miami – Episode 6
Oyin YoungJune 12, 2020
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🌺🌺30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

🌺(Sworn to protect her)🌺

🌺Episode 6🌺

‘Me?..want you?!!,oh please!!’..Chelsea sneered and pushed Rogan out of the way..

‘Oh so you don’t want me right??,why are you deceiving yourself Chelsea??,you want me and I’ll prove it just wait and see’..Rogan replied and kissed her nape a little..

There is no way I’m going to let him win this time,there’s no way I’m going to let him make me want him and that’s a promise,Chelsea thought..

‘See you not Rogan or should I say Jake,just let me be!!!!’..she screamed and walked away angrily…

Rogan smiled and rubbed his temple before going back to his own room…

He surely knew when a woman wants him and he’s pretty sure of his target…


Back at N.A.X.A headquarters☠️
Audrey paced around his office waiting for the call from Rogan..

He’s never been this sloppy before in an assignment..

‘Mr Audrey there’s a call for you but from an unknown number though’..Nora,my secretary said as she brought in a ringing phone…

‘Give me the blasted phone Nora and tell Alexandria to shut the f**k up!!!’..He screamed..

He picked up the call and luckily it was Rogan on the phone..

📱;I’ve been waiting for your call for an hour now you putz,how’s the mission”…he asked and Rogan laughed..

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📲;Well the mission is going great,the Montana girl clearly wants me and i can use her to my advantage..

📱;Who cares Rogan?,you have 26 days left,get me what I want and get it fast,i don’t care if you get your brains f**ked out,I literally don’t care just get me that information i need okay????..

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📲;Okay fine boss,jeez you’re so grumpy…

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Chelsea sweated profusely as she scrubbed the surf boards till they were sparkling clean and were free from sea weeds..

When she’s hungry she’s bored and when she’s bored she works..

‘sh*t!!!’..she muttered as a sharp splinter of wood cut her left index finger…

‘Hey?!!’…someone said from behind her and she jolted..

‘Jesus Christ must you always scare me??,What the f**k is wrong with you?!!’..She screamed as her eyes were set on the demeaning blonde man..

‘Sheesh I just wanted to say hi no sweat and by the way you look hot when you’re sweaty’..Rogan replied..

‘Really dude why can’t you just leave me alone?!!!’..She replied..

‘Well because I can’t think straight when I see you’..

‘Well you can also leave if you can’t stand me?!!’..Chelsea countered and Rogan’s face turned from a flirty one to gloomy one..

‘You’re a ball breaker Chelsea Montana’..

‘And you’re a p***y whipper Rogan Jake if that’s even your real name’..

Why is she so sharp tongued??,Rogan wondered..

If only she knew how dangerous he was and what his rank is in the Secret service then she wouldn’t be so sharp with her mouth..

‘Okay Chelsea let’s make a deal’..He said..

‘What deal??’..Chelsea asked..

‘Let’s have a fling,i sleep with you,you sleep with me but no feelings attached’…

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