Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 4🌺

‘Uhhhh yeah my name is Rogan and it’s also Jake you got a problem with that??’..Rogan replied..

He knew that somehow the lady was onto him so he had to be really careful if he didn’t want his cover to be blown..

‘Hmmm okay Mr Rogan jake’..Chelsea said air-quoting the sentence..

‘You can continue your evening in peace,I’m sorry for the inconvenience,I’ll take my leave now’..She added and turned to leave but Rogan held her back..

‘Uhhh I want to know how you brought this place from scratch,are there any investors,a family member involved maybe??’..He asked trying to get some information..

Chelsea furrowed her brows and smirked a little bit wondering why the strange visitor was so inquisitive..

‘Well if you want to know anything about me then you should come to the beach party tomorrow,a ticket would be sent to your room tomorrow’..She said and walked away…

‘Hmmm this chick is gonna be a tough one but luckily I don’t give up easily’..Rogan muttered and went back to his room..

Tomorrow he’s gonna be an inch closer to unraveling the Montana case..


The Next Morning…
Chelsea is seen trying to eat her zucchini salad with a large scowl on her face…

‘Hey what’s wrong boss??’..Leila asked as she sat beside her..

‘Well it looks like Chesapeake is loosing some ratings Leila,some bas***d reviewed that the resort had a lot of bedbugs’..Chelsea added and Leila laughed..

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‘Don’t be annoyed over some review Chelsea,every resort and hotel has one or the other so don’t be bothered and besides if you don’t have a bad review people would say that you’re using Voodoo or something’…

‘Hahaha you’re sick Leila!!!’…


Rogan yawned as he sat under the umbrella in the pool area..

Sheila talked and talked away about the countless sponsorships and modeling jobs she had..

‘Well that’s so cool Sheila but I have to go now,I’m very busy’.. He said and walked away briskly..

How can a woman talk this much?,he thought..

‘Uhh Jake can I get your number or something?,maybe I could call you later’..Sheila said..

‘Ohhh ugh I don’t have a phone number now but when I get one I’ll call you’..He said and left finally…

All he needed to do was to get some information from Chelsea Montana and he would be out of Miami…

He walked to his room and then Audrey called..

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📱;Hello Agent Rogan what’s up,how are you putting up with all the sexy Miami women??”..He asked..

📱;Very tough Audrey but I’m pulling through though”..Rogan replied..

📱Okay agent,you have 29 days left for your assignment’..Audrey added and then disconnected the call…

Rogan sighed and pouted his lips and. when he opened his door he got the shock of his life..

‘Who the hell are you and why are you in ny room?!!!’..He screamed..

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