Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 3🌺

With his connections and expertise Rogan clutched the keys to his newly acquired range rover and drove into the town…

In the spirit of festivity some women danced along the road with big tin cans in front of them waiting to be filled with cash..

Rogan removed his glasses as he approached one of the dancers who happened to be Leila…

‘Hello pretty lady uhh I’m looking for Chesapeake grove’..He asked but she still kept dancing without giving him an answer…

He sighed and dropped some cash on the tin can knowing fully well that he’ll get the acknowledgement he was looking for..

Leila smiled and entered the car..

‘Well take a curb to your right..yeah then turn left,no not that left this left…yeah now go down straight near the beach be careful of those pebbles they may lessen your tyres,okay fine we’re here’..She directed..

The car stopped in front of a very majestic sky blue building with had a swimming pool and all other stuffs in front of it..

There was a very big headboard with the beautiful sign that said CHESAPEAKE GROVE (Bar and resting area)…

‘Whoa this place is bigger than I imagined’..Rogan exclaimed and Leila laughed..

‘Of course it’s big,Chelsea brought this place up from scratch,she’s a really strong woman’..She said…

A strong and extremely rude woman too,Rogan thought..

They both walked into the building and a receptionist was there waiting for him..

‘Good morning and welcome to Chesapeake bar and resting area how can i help you sir??’..She said and Rogan smirked at her Asian accent..

‘Well uhh I would like to book a room for 30 days to be precise and is there also a place where I can eat around here??’…

The receptionist smiled and checked her computer system for a while before getting back to him…

‘What’s your name sir??’..She asked .

‘Uhhh Jake don’t ask me my surname cause Jake is all you’ll get’..Regan replied knowing fully well that he was lying .

‘Okay Jake,you’re in room 35 and the restaurant is just on your left on the second floor’…

‘Thank you’..Rogan replied and dragged his bag to his room..

He opened the door and smiled at the interior decor of the room..

It was modern but also had a sense of culture judging from the flower crested ceiling…


After a long shower and dressing like a Miami visitor Rogan went into the restaurant to have a decent dinner…

‘Hmmm I’ll have a chicken pot roast and some wine’..He said as he held the menu book..

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‘Okay sir will that be all??’..The waitress asked and he instantly recognized who it was..

‘You?!!!’…He screamed in unison with Chelsea..

‘Yeah me,Leila come take this rude gentleman’s order’..She said and Rogan laughed…

‘Just so you know,I’m a customer here to I want you to take my order or else I’m gonna complain to your manager and you’ll get fired!!!’..He screamed..

Chelsea glared at him for a while and then bursted into a sumptuous chuckle.

‘You can’t fire me you idiot,I own this place!!!’..

‘You own this place?!!’..Rogan replied obviously flabbergasted and Chelsea sneered..

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‘Of course i own this place,why do you think it’s named Chesapeake?!!’..She implied..

Rogan sat down back on his chair knowing fully well that the beautiful lady had put him in his place embarrassing him..

How could she be the owner?,her file just showed that she’s just a Waitress,he thought.

‘What would you like to have Mr Jake??’..Leila asked as she carried a little notepad in her hands..

‘Why didn’t you tell me that she owned this place Leila,you let her make me look stupid’..Rogan muttered..

‘Well you should have known that right from the start Mr Rogan and besides Chelsea doesn’t like it when visitors know that she owns the place,that’s why she acts like a waitress’…Leila replied..

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‘Hmmm so what about her father??’..

Immediately he asked that question Leila walked away briskly without giving his question an answer…

It seemed like at the sound of the Montana name the whole resort shook..

‘Well we meet again’..Rogan heard from behind and when he turned it was the same lady he met at the airport..

Sheila or something,he couldn’t remember her name..

‘Ohh hi,Sheila??’..He asked unsure of himself..

‘Awww you remember my name,it’s like we’re soulmates already’…She replied.

‘Really?!?,uhh nice to meet you Sheila,if you’d excuse me I’ll be going back to my lodge,Leila send my food to my room okay??’..He said and stood up..

‘Ohhh so you stay in Chesapeake??,couldn’t this day get any better,I stay here too but only for a while though,I’m in room number 45 in case you’re bored or something then we could go out’..Sheila added..

Rogan walked away with the speed of a lightning..

Jeez some women are bad clingers,he thought and entered his room. .


‘He’s super handsome Chelsea’..Leila whispered as Chelsea made blended a batch of pineapples..

‘So why do i care?’..Chelsea replied…

‘Well maybe you could ask him out you know,you haven’t gone on a date ever since Ricco and it’s eating you up,come on Chelsea you’re almost thirty’..She said and Chelsea laughed..

‘I’m 25 Leila I’m not 30 and besides I’m not ready to begin dating again,not after what Ricco did to me and besides men are bas***ds’..

Leila sighed and carried the order to Rogan’s room thinking how sweet it would be if Chelsea gave the stranger a chance..

Ever since Ricco jilted on her she hasn’t been on a date for close two years..


At Night




Rogan marveled at the briquet lighting of the resort and the splendor of the beach..

There were dim lights inside the pool making it look magical somehow..

Hmm the rude lady had done a pretty good job with her establishment,he thought..

‘So can you tell me the main reason why you’re here??’..He heard and when he turned it was Chelsea wearing a light blue shirt gown with black slippers..

‘Uhhh what does it look like I’m doing?,I’m here on a vacation’..Rogan replied taking a sip of his tequila..

‘Oh really Rogan’..She said and the drink bursted out of his mouth..

‘What the?….

‘Yes i know you lied,your name isn’t Jake,it’s Rogan!!!!’….

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