Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

30 Days In Miami30 Days In Miami

30 Days In Miami

30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

🌺(Sworn to protect her)🌺

🌺🌺Episode 1🌺🌺

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Regan walked into his superior’s office with an envelope in his hands and a glum look on his face..

‘What’s the meaning of this Audrey?!!!’..He screamed as he slapped the brown paper on the mahogany table…

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‘What do you mean Regan and why would you barge into my office like that?!!’..Audrey replied with a scowl on his face…

Regan heaved a long sigh and his mind played with the thought of shoving his assignment letter into the short Blondie’s throat…

‘So i received my assignment letter today and it’s to monitor a woman?!!,a waitress for that matter do i look like a joke to you?!!’….He screamed…

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‘That waitress is the only key to uncover the Montana Drug case Regan,why do you think I gave you the assignment,Rico was the last person to handle the assignment and he died and since you like dangerous assignments I knew you’d be the perfect person for it’…Audrey explained…

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Regan’s face changed from a deep scowl into a smiling face and he laughed softly…

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‘That’s why you’re my man so how many days would I be in Miami??’. He asked..

Audrey stood up from the chair and went towards the map by the side of his plush colored room..

‘You are to monitor Chelsea Montana,the step daughter of Greg Montana who he disowned,she’s now a waitress at Chesapeake bar and dining area and you are to get some prior information from her,you’re to spend 30 days in Miami Regan please don’t get attached to anyone this time i beg of you’…

‘Don’t worry Audrey,I’ll do what i have to without falling in love again,love is stupid’…


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