Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



I really am confused about the way to handle this situation I met myself. How am I going to stop him?

Now the sixth bottle is about to be shattered on the floor again. He has been drinking since. And the day is even showing signs of becoming night.

I don’t know!. I really don’t know how to stop him.

I was just standing here like a status.

“Oh God!”I flinched when I heard the fall of the sixth bottle.

“ENOUGH!”I screamed at his at the top of my voice.

“Just enough of all this madness!”I screamed again.

“Oh!…look who we have here!”he laughed tipsily.


Did he just noticed my presence?

“O….o…n…a!….my childhood friend Oona…!”he staggered.

“Why are you here Hun!?”


“WHAT THE H£LL ARE YOU DOING HERE!”he shouted at me while moving closer.

“Shouldn’t you have been with your mother by now?”he fuddled.

“Or don’t tell me you can’t forgive your real Mom?”he laughed briskily.

He got to where I was standing and make to touch my face but was quick to withdraw it just as he stretched it.

“She’s selfish!”he suddenly said and I looked up at him.


I thought only woman break down!. But seeing him so pathetic shattered me. I knew how hard it is to know that the woman who you had known all your life is not your mother. And not on a good reason but under such disgusting circumstances.

“She deprived me!…she deprived me of Knowing my parents even when they were in front of me!”he said and I saw tears streaming down his face.

“Please don’t say that!…is as hard for her as it is for you!…you won’t know what she passed through to keep such secrets!…so please!… please don’t blame her!”I bent down to his level.

“Ain’t you angry with her!?”

“Why ain’t you showing any emotions?…you should have lived your life in that big mansion!…you should have be the CEO and not me!…you should have been FCKINGLY rich and maybe married off to the president son or to a very rich and wealthy man just like your parents!….why ain’t you getting angry!?”he asked still in his tipsy form.

“There’s no need for getting angry!”

“What’s there to get angry about?…. nothing!… would getting angry reverse the past and turn it to the present?…No!…it won’t!….so getting angry is useless!..And also,…. living on the street,…..I love it!…I get to know and experience what life really is!…those at the upper class won’t know what we pass through do they?!…they won’t even allow us to check their garbage can talkless of we begging from them!”

“But you know what!?”I continued and i looked to see him staring at me with his full concentration on me. His face seems like he wasn’t the one who just drank six(6) bottles of alcoholic wine just now.

“You know what!?”I asked again.

“I met you!”

“Meeting you was just like a miracle!…for the brief moment we met you,you changed I and Alex life!…you made me realize that not all rich men are wicked!…you made it so known to me that even beggars are humans!…you helped us!… So what if we never met?…. So what if she kept it a secret from you?… Would you have a reason to still get this drunk and angry?”I asked him.

“So what…”I wanted to say again when I felt a cold lips on mine.

What! Why is he putting his lips on mine all of a sudden!?.

I felt his hand on the back of my head drawing my head closer to his.

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He started scking on my lower lips. I was confused.

What’s wrong with him? He gave my lips a bit and I opened my mouth slightly. As if he was waiting for me to do just that!, He slipped his tongue inside of my mouth.

I struggled to get free, But it seems he wasn’t buying all that because he keep licking my mouth,with his tongue mating with mine.

Drinking is not a very good thing I now knew!.


I stare at the woman sitting on the couch. No wonder Lia has a slight resemblance to her. Her disclosure earlier was so confusing and at the same time disheartening.

Why did Lia followed sir Dwayne? I keep wondering whether they are both safe. I knew Lia is going to forgive her. Am very sure of that.

So Lia is really not born a beggar? So she has a very rich parents and still suffered that much!.

Sir Dwayne is the son of a beggar? I really can’t believe it!.

Sir Dwayne is really a nice man!.

It’s night already and I haven’t eaten anything except breakfast. I rubbed my tummy continuously.

“Ma…ain’t you hungry?”I asked Sir Dwayne’s Mom. Or should I say Lia’s mom?.

“Am not! really not!”she said sadly.

I wonder if she has made up her mind to kill herself even before she get the forgiveness of his son and daughter.

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“Do you want to kill yourself before getting the two to forgive you?”I asked her.

“What!?”she asked taken aback by my question.

“Yes!…this one you said you don’t want to eat!…can anyone live without food?”I asked and she was just staring at me.

“I will be back”I told her before standing up.

I got to the food chair and saw the food Lia prepared earlier.

“Let’s take this for tonight”I said showing her the food.

She stared at it for a moment before collecting it from my hand.

“The food is very cold I think you should microwave it!”


What’s that?

She stood up and walked pass me heading to the food room.


“Am hungry!”I groaned.

She came out not long and gestured for me to come over to the food chair. She already served the food inside a food eater.


That thing really did something to it because the food is now hot.

“Take”she pushed mine to me and not waiting for another minute I dived in.

I took the first spoon and I felt like vomiting. But I held it in because I was the one who forced Lia to prepare it so I have to astonish for my sin by eating it.

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I looked at the woman facial expression when she took the first spoon.

“What!”she muttered splitting out everything she took in.

“Who prepared this?”she asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Who is Lia?”she asked confusingly.

“Amelia”I said and I saw her expression softened.

She stared back at the food and took another spoon,then another.

“The food is really delicious!…,my baby food is delicious!”she smiled.

“What!”I scoffed.

If not that am seriously hungry I would have threw the food away.

This food isn’t worth throwing in the garbage can because the food in the garbage can is more delicious than this.

I watched her as she took the last spoon of the food.

Mother’s love can be [email protected] sometimes! How I wish I had a mother.


I paid the cab man before getting off it. I looked at the address poison sent to me.

“Please ma’am am new here and I really have to see this friend of mine…but her number is switched off!”I explained to a passer-by woman.

“Please can you show me the house in this address?”I added showing her the address on my phone.

She looked at me as if scrutinizing me with her eyes before pointing at one old house.

“Be careful!…the occupant is dangerous!”she warned me.

“Oh!….thank you ma’am!”I bowed slightly before proceeding to the house she showed me.

Now,I think everyone knew poison already!.


I got to the house and knocked on the wooden made door.

“Who dare knock on dev!l’s door!?”I heard the [email protected] voice.

If not that I need his help,I would never even in my dream have thought of coming here to see this fcker.

“It’s me!…Lucy!”I said lowly and I heard his grunt.

He opened the door and the first thing my eyes landed on was his bruised up face. A face cut slightly opened. Not a wound but scars. A scars he is taking with him to his grave yard.

I wonder how a human would be comfortable with this look. Rugged look.

“Long time!”his cold hard voice said before opening the door wider.

“No see!”I mimicked his tone.

He made to touch me and I slapped his hands off.

“Am here for business not sh!t!”I told him with gritted teeth.

“Is that how to behave to a long time friend?”he asked amusingly.

“Kidnap Mrs Moor!”I said going straight to the point.

He glared at me for a moment and scoffed.

“Mrs Moor?…as in Mrs Moor the wife of the Moor?”he asked.

[email protected] knew her.

“500 Dollars!”I dropped.

“Mrs Moor for 500 dollars?…so you think when I kidnap her she won’t offer me more than that? So when she offer me more than that you expect me to still retain and not release her?”he asked and I gave him a deadly glare.

I knew the son-of-a-b*tch, is a money freak.


“1000 dollars?”I asked.

He still wasn’t saying anything.

“5,000 dollars” I said and his face light up immediately.

“Deal?”I asked.

“Deal!”he replied and I smiled.

I don’t mind giving all my money!. I have to destroy that family!.

“Give me all her informations and also where to take her!”

“I will send it to you!”

“Have to go now!”I added.

No way in hell am I staying another minute in this stinking house.

“Okay till then!”he whispered. His breath fanning my ear.

“Yeah!…till then!”I replied before walking out of his house.

If I kidnap the mother, The fake son, And the real daughter, They would both show up. And,

BOOM! they would all be gone!

No history will be recorded of them


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