Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]





“30 years ago!…” I started at the verge of breaking down and crying again.

” 30 years ago, my husband families were on my neck when they heard about the scan I went to do at the hospital!”

“i had a miscarriage twice before… And when I got pregnant this time around, my husband, Mr Moor didn’t allow even the smallest insect which can only be seen by using a microscope to touch me!”

“h… the most caring husband have ever seen!.. he loved me wholeheartedly!” I said with my emotions at the peak of my voice.

“but…. But when I went to do the scan,… It came out that am going to give birth to a baby girl!”my voice was hoarse when I said that.

” His families!… His families really despise me because of that!… And when they heard that I won’t be able to give birth anymore,”

” That aroused their anger for me the more!”I hiccuped.

” They started advising my husband to take a second wife!”

“Who is going to give you a heir to your company?… Or you just want your company to die with you whenever is time for you to crossover?”they had asked him.

“but him being my husband!.. My very own Richardson!”

“He turned dear hear to their beseech.”

” I was devastated!”

” I keep hoping and praying the scan was a lie!”

“I went back to the hospital for more than one month just to recheck!… But all gave same results!”

“without thinking about my husband’s families,… We pretended as if it’s nothing!… My husband won’t allow me to go to work or even do any house chores”

“And gradually!”

“the ninth month came!”

“When I saw my water broke, I went into a very hard labor”

” My husband won’t allow any of our maid to touch me!”

” He won’t even allow the driver to drive!”

” He carried me bridal style and drove the car himself to the hospital!”

“The nurses won’t allow him in!”

” I could remember the sad look on his face when they asked him to wait outside!”

” And then!”

” I gave birth to my baby!”

” My pretty little Oona!”

” She cried!”

” She really cried!”

” But I wasn’t so Happy!” I said sadly.

” I wasn’t happy a bit!”

” I thought a miracle would happened!”

” I strongly believed for it to happen!”

” But no!”

” She came out a girl!”

” And as if the heaven are in support of my expected miracle!”

” I heard the cry of another baby in the same ward am in!”

” A very poor looking woman just gave birth also!”

“and then!….”I couldn’t complete it because I broke down in an hot tears session.

“And then,…I bribed the nurse!”

“I bribed her to exchange our babies!”

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“I gave her a huge sum of money!”

“She gave the poor woman a sleeping pill and exchanged the babies!”

“I was happy because my husband was happy!”

” He danced that day!”

” He danced so well that even the nurses and doctors were holding their stomach.

“He was so happy that he got a heir!”

“A successor!”

” And so, I was happy too!…I was happy because am not going to be a passerby in my own husband’s house!”

“but I really took care of the poor woman!”

” She took me as a friend not knowing the crime I committed against her!”

” I asked her to name her Oona and she never declined!”

“although she doesn’t have a real home!..but at least she had a permanent place I could always see her then!”

” I would always go there with Dwayne!”

” But after five years,…my husband warned me not to go see her again!”

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“He issued us a visa to travel out of the state!…with Dwayne also!”

” I came back,but couldn’t find her anymore!”

” My baby!”

“I looked and searched for them for months if not years!”

“So I gave up!”

” I…..gave up….I gave up on my baby!”I sobbed loudly.

” Forgive me please!….Dwayne forgive me for depriving you of your parents!…for not allowing you to get your parental care!” I cried.

I looked up at him with tears eyes and his face was expressionless.

I felt a sharp pain shoot through my heart!.

A pain of guilty!.

A pain of not being the best mom to my daughter!.

A pain of depriving a poor baby boy from his mother!.

A countless pain am not so sure I would survive from!.


All I felt right now was anger!

Anger mixed with pain!.

But amidst it all is pity!.

I looked at sir Dwayne, and his face was expressionless.

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Just staring at the woman who claimed to be my mom.

And now I understand!. I understand the reason Alex told me sir Dwayne said he got attached to us because of my SCENT!.

So he’s actually my childhood friend.

Very bad I couldn’t remember!.

But I also understand this woman’s plight.

My Mom!.

So the person I thought was my mom was actually not my mom?

But sir Dwayne’s?

Oh God!

Mom was even ignorant of this!.

I thought as much!

Now I remembered!

She would sometimes call me Oona and whenever I ask whether that also my name, she would shake her head NO!.

She would say she’s sorry and that she just remembered her friend!.

So she’s actually my mom?

She neglected me to the street!

How I wish she knew how hard living was on street!.

How disheartening it is!.

If no for sir Dwayne who changed our life a little bit this past few days!.

“That’s not fair!… That’s not fair!” I said trying my possible best to hold back my tears.

Sir Dwayne was just staring silently on God knows what. He stared for a few minutes and turned back heading outside without saying a thing!. Am very sure the pain am feeling now, would be nothing compared to his!.

“Dwayne?” I heard his mom called silently.

His voice is that low because of how hard she has been sobbing since.

Without thinking twice, I followed after him. I can’t afford to see him hurt himself.

I got outside and saw him already opening his car door. I hasten my steps and opened the cars door too.

Thank God I used to peep at him whenever he wants to open the door.

I got it and settled on the seat besides the drivers seat. I knew he saw me entered but pretended as if he didn’t.


I don’t know where he’s heading to. But all I know is that, Anywhere he goes, I follow.


I can’t believe what I just heard!. I scoffed disbelieved.


Oh my!

I saw Dwayne went out without saying a thing.

And that po…I mean that….

Oh God!

What should I call her now?

I saw her followed after him. I can’t just comprehend what I just heard!.

I looked at Mrs Dwayne and she was still sitting down on the floor crying her eyes out. The beggar guy was just sitting on the dinning chair with mouth agape.


He’s even having a pot in front of him. I guess they were in the middle of eating when we came in.

What to do now!?

I slowly stepped outside. excusing myself.

What am I now to this family? Am very sure she won’t want me to marry his son anymore!

“Hmmm!” I smiled wickedly to myself.

Am going to go with my plan B.

Since the plan A didn’t work out,

Am going with plan B!.


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