Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]






All I felt right now, was pain!


“How could you!?” I roared at her and I saw her backed away from me.


Idi0t still have the mouth to call me mom?

I would never mother a wicked soul like her!.


So my instinct was right all along?

That girl from yesterday was my Oona!

I gave her that name.

I asked her to. And she did named her Oona.

After my husband’s warning not to go see the woman again and i know is because he doesn’t know the truth of the matter.

And when he saw that I wasn’t making any attempt to stop seeing her, he forcefully asked me to travel out of the state with Dwayne.

And it was after 5 years that we came back.

I looked and searched for her but couldn’t find her. Then,I lost all hope of seeing her and my daughter again.

But not until I saw that lady yesterday!. She smelt of my daughter. The resemblance wasn’t a mistake!.

How do I beg her to forgive me now?


How would I tell him I didn’t mothered him?

I loved him!

I loved her!

I loved them both.

“Where are they?” I asked finally calming down a bit.

“I truly don’t know ma!” She replied with a shaky voice.

I know she’s probably confused right now and i also know am scaring her. But she deserves it all.

What if she wasn’t my daughter?

What right does she have to drop them on the express in that heavy rain? She’s surely wicked!.

I once thought she’s the right person for my Dwayne.

But now I know she doesn’t deserve my son. Not even a bit.

“You don’t know where they are staying also. do you?”I asked her again.

” I…I…. don’t know ma…but I can take you…some… somewhere!”she stuttered and I felt myself finally calming down with the little hope she just gave me.

“Okay!…take me there!”

“Right now!” I added.

“Ok….okay ma!” She replied.

I just hope to see her again!.

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My daughter!

My pretty daughter!.


We got outside and she ordered angrily for me to get into the back seat of her car.

She got into the drivers seat,ignited the engine,and drove out of the mansion.

I don’t know why she’s worried about those two beggars.

I painfully took my hand to my cheek.

“Ouuuch!” I groaned lowly. She gave me a three thunderous slap.

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If not that I shrieked away from her she would have given me the forth one.

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Those two!

Those two would definitely die by my hand.

I would make sure I squeeze the life out of them!

“Where!” She shouted from the drivers seat and I flinch.

” This direction ma!”I quickly replied her.

I continued showing her the direction to the restaurant.

“Are you sure this is the place?” She asked when we got there.

” Yes ma!”

“am very sure they would pass by very soon!”I told her but she kept mute not saying anything.

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Throughout my stay in office today,if you don’t know me being the CEO, you will definitely think i won some sort of lottery.

I was giggling and whistling silently all through.

I even told my secretary I won’t come to office tomorrow. I already sent one of my female worker home. I gave her my VIP master card.

I asked her to buy a lot of foodstuff and also everything the both of them would be needing. I also did only browsing for the best cook in this country.

Amelia told me she doesn’t know how to prepare any meal so I want the best cook in this city to be her lecturer.

Oh!…i haven’t called mom to reassure her that am okay!.

I got so occupied with all what am beginning to imagine that I would do for those two. I think I should call her now.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

It seems shes busy because she picked up on the fifth ring.

🏬”Hello Dwayne!…how are you doing?…why haven’t you been picking up your calls?” She asked in one breath and i chuckled.

🏬” I…i….am.n…n…ot..feeelig…fine!” I groaned and I heard her intake of breath.

A little prank will do.

We are no more in the midnight ans am very sure nothing would happen to her in this broad daylight and with a lot of maid in the mansion to take care of her.

“What!…” She shouted fearfully and I silently broke into laughter.

“Am coming!…wait a little while Dwayne!… please stay strong for momma…please son!”I heard her say and i bet her voice was as if she was crying.

” What Mom…”I wanted to say but she already hanged up.

Am in for trouble today!. I know she won’t come to the company but she would go straight ahead to my house.

Alex and Amelia!

I have to go home now.

I grabbed my car key and headed outside.

Mom would be really angry with me when she get to know am keeping two strange human being inside my house.

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