Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

*EPISODE 18 🌷*



I still can’t believe sir Dwayne word earlier. that we are now going to be staying with him here in this paradise of heaven!. It’s seems like a dream to me.


Finally we have somewhere to call our home for the first time.

Even if it may be for a little while.

Still, we are going to be living here for now!.

“Lia!…sir Dwayne is our God sent!” I giggled happily.

“Yes!…he really is!” She replied with her excitement clearly showed in her voice.

Sir Dwayne left for work already. But not after promising to send a woman from his company to us. He said he would ask the woman to come here, and that we should tell the woman all what we would be needing for staying here.

He even promised to hire a maid who would teach Lia how to cook so that we won’t always depend on ordered food before we can eat.

He told us that immediately he get back from work,he would take us to a boutique for wears shopping.

You can’t start to imagine how happy I am.

Now, we are in the living room watching TV.

I looked over at Lia and I saw all her concentration on the TV.

I wonder what has gotten into her this morning.

Thank God she isn’t talking about such and embarrassing thing anymore.

“Alex!…see those two!” She suddenly said and I took my eyes to the TV.


“Is the lady catching cold?” She asked and I chuckled.

When I thought I already escaped her awkward question.

There it is!

Another question to answer!

The guy was lying on top of the girl and he was even kissing and touching her.

“Lia!… you shouldn’t be watching that!” I cooed moving to block her from staring further.

“Alex!…what are you doing?” She asked whining like a baby.

“They want to make babies…so,you shouldn’t be watching it!” I told her giving her my best Stern look.

“Alex!…leave there!”



“No!” I insisted.

I looked back at the TV and saw that they are no more showing the scene but another scene.

“Now you can watch that!”I told her while moving away from to let her have a clear view of the TV once again.

She rolled her eyes at me and I chuckled again.


I just haven’t seen this side of her before!

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When Dwayne isn’t picking any of my calls. Am afraid something bad has happened to him.

“Please Lord!….save my son!” I prayed silently.

I can’t just afford to lose him.

“I think the best thing to do is to go check up on him”I thought.

“Yes!…that’s the best thing to do!” My inner mind supported.

” Good morning ma” I heard Velma’s voice.

She’s the only maid who would come to my room door step this early. And I know the reason why she’s here.

“I don’t want any coffee this morning!” I yelled so she would hear.

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I mean which mother in her right sense would take anything when she is this anxious of her only son’s health. I don’t even know what is happening to him presently.

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“Ma…Miss Lucy is here to see you.” I heard her say again.


Why is she here this early?

“Has she forgotten something here yesterday?”I wondered.

” She told you she’s here to see me?”I asked again to be sure.

“Yes ma!”

“Oh, okay!…tell her am coming!”

“Okay ma!” She politely answered before I heard her footstep fading away to the living room I guess.

I wondered why she’s here this morning tho!

I already had my bath so I quickly took my orange small fancy bag and headed for the living room.

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I got to the Moor’s mansion and the first person I saw was the maid that attended to us the first time we came here.

“Good morning ma’am!” She greeted and I gave her a little smile.

Who said am here to hear her greetings?

“I want to see Mrs Moor” I told her.

“Okay ma’am!…wait a minute”she said and I nodded at her before taking my sit on the couch.


“She asked to tell you that she’s coming!” The maid said bowing slightly.

And not long after,I saw Mrs Moor descending the stairs.

Very good.

“Good morning Mom!” I greeted her with a smile.

“Morning my dear!” She replied smiling back at me.

“Hope all is well?” She asked and I nodded.

“Yes Mom…I just came to inform you about something!” I told her and I saw her glare at me with curiosity.

” Really?… okay then!…am all ears!” She said while taking her sit on the couch very close to me.

“Is about those two I brought with me here yesterday” I told her and she gave me a questionable look.

” What about them?”she asked again curiously.

“They are beggars!” I said and she gasped.

“Wh…w…. what…I mean…what did you just said?!”she stuttered.

“they are beggars!”I repeated.

” I brought them here and bought them those clothes they were putting on yesterday because I just can’t stand to see humans like me suffering without helping them!”I added proudly.

” What you are saying is that those two are beggars?” She asked and there is this thing in her voice that confused me.

“Yes!” I replied.

“So where are they now?” She asked and I pulled a confused look.


” I SAID WHERE ARE THEY?!” she yelled at me and I flinched.

Why is she yelling at me?

I think she’s supposed to be praising me for being generous.

“I asked you a question!” She said and I think I saw tears welling down in her eyes.

Why is she getting this emotionally?

“I don’t know Mom!…. I dropped them off yesterday on the express road!” I told her and she slapped me.

” Wha…. “I wanted to say when she landed another slap on my face.

“You dropped them off inside that heavy rain?” She asked me angrily.

“But Mo…” I still wanted to say when she landed the third slap on my face.



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