Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



Immediately Sir Dwayne got out of the room he showed us, I didn’t wait for any seconds before running back into the bath room or what did he called it?.

I got into that thing that looks like a big and long bowl and pressed the button he asked us to press.

The warm water hit my body,and I breathe a sign of relief.

I quickly scrub my body and soak myself deep inside the bowl. I never intended to stay longer because of Alex so after am sure the coldness is no more as possessing as before, I got out and wore the cloth sir Dwayne gave to me the other time before going out of the bath room.

“Alex…” I wanted to say but before I could finish my sentence,he brushed pass me going into the bath room.


I looked around and the room looks breathtaking.

The coldness was working through my brain the other time and that’s why I didn’t even check the room sir showed us to.
The room is well arranged.

It has different wall painting, a big comfy bed in the middle of the room with a fancy bed cover on it.

Am I sleeping here together with Alex?

Alex is like a junior brother to me. So sleeping here with him is like am sleeping on same bed with junior brother right?

I threw myself on the bed and woooow,have never seem something as soft and as accommodating as this. It looks like heaven.

Am feeling better now. Because am a beggar doesn’t mean people should treat me like trash.

That lady! Whenever I set my eyes on her next, I would make sure I give her a piece of the shit she tried with us today.
Am tired of people treating us like trash.

“Like look at me!” I heard Alex amused voice and turned my head to see him coming out of the bathroom.
He look good in those clothes Truth be said.

I looked down at myself for the first time since have been putting on this cloth, and I saw how baggy it is.

It looks like I was thrown into it.

“You look good” I complemented him and he smiled broadly.

He got on the bed beside me but very far away from me.

“Good boy!” I smiled inwardly.

“This is a real heaven!” He said and I nodded in agreement.

Then unconsciously, my mind took me back to sir Dwayne. His behavior earlier, was something i can’t even explain.

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He looks uncomfortable and he seems as if he is holding himself back from breaking down.
What could have been wrong with him?

I shifted uncomfortably on my side and saw Alex snoring and fast asleep beside me. This the first time in years I saw him sleeping peacefully without worries.

My mind won’t be at ease with me sleeping here without checking on him.

With that, I stood up from the bed, tiptoeing to the door,I opened it and got out of the room.

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I moved closer to the room Sir Dwayne went into earlier and placed my ears on it.

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No movement? How am I going to know whether he’s okay?.

“Sir Dwayne?!”I called slowly, knocking on his room door. but I got no response.

Is he sleeping?

I saw that thing sir touched when he wanted to open the door earlier and I eyed it suspiciously.

I gently took my hands to it and turned just like he did. The door clink opened and my heart did a double shift.

I firstly took my head in but couldn’t see anything. So I entered into the room properly.

“Woooow” the room looks manly and far more arranged than ours.
It look ravishing!.

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But where is sir Dwayne?

I roamed my eyes around the room and it zero on the figure sleeping on the bed.

Sir Dwayne?

I moved to have a closer look at him and he was still putting on his clothes.

That cloth is soaked! Why haven’t he had a change of clothes?

“Sir Dwayne” I called moving more closely to touch him, my hand made contact with his body and I gasped.

His body is as cold as that of a corpse.

I was shaking and gasping on the spot.

What should I do!?

What’s happening to him?

I drew him to turn him on his back, and struggled to help him off his clothes.

How am I going to remove his trouser?

I wanted to go wake Alex up but thought against it.

Alex easily get scared. I don’t want to scare him.

Closing my eyes,I took my hands to his trouser and zipped it down.

Still closing my eyes, I stood up from the bed and drew his trouser down his leg.

I slowly opened my eyes and my eyes landed on something in his lower body.

“What’s that?”I wondered staring at the long thing.

I took my eyes back to the trouser and removed it from his leg.

“Sir Dwayne?” I called again but he doesn’t give any reply.

I should have thought he’s dead but when I drew my face closer to his nose, his breath fanned my face.

I looked around the room not knowing what to do. He looks helpless. Even though I don’t know what to do. I did the only thing my mind told me to.

Str!pping myself out of clothes, I was not Left with the short sir gave me and the only Lacy bra that wasn’t even mine but inherited from my mom.

I got on the bed and laid on top of him. I drew the bed cover up and closed us both to head level.

My mom told me that when the body of a gender is this cold, the other gender has to lay on him in other to help him get his temperature back.
know this is the only way to help him.

Sleeping on his unconscious body, feels somehow. It makes me feels as if am save from the cruel world. It makes me feel more peaceful than the small hut and slowly I drifted to Dreamland.


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