Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



Persuading the two beggars to put on this clothes they are putting on, is very hard.

“Why do you want to buy us a dress?” The lady asked confusingly.

” Because of the dinner I wanted to treat you guys to!” I explained in my calmest voice.

To cut it short, they agreed but not after a lot of pleading and persuasion.

I drove into the Moor mansion and parked at the parking lot before going over to open the door for the two. They came out, and I closed it back.

“Follow me” I simply told them before going ahead of them.

I got to the door and knocked on it softly. Not long after, the door opened revealing Dwayne. I smiled up at him, but surprisingly he wasn’t even looking at me but he’s gave was on the two beggars.

“Alex?… Amelia?” He asked confusingly and I gasped inwardly.
How come he knew them?

I looked at the two and they were also with a confused look. He wanted to say another thing when we heard his mom’s voice and he quickly open the door wider to let us in.

We got in, and I went over to hug his mom, I lied to her about the two beggars and thank God, she bought my lies.

“Oh it’s okay dear!…that’s also a good idea…and by the way…she’s pretty!” I heard Dwayne mom complement the beggar lady.

The compliment really annoyed me.
But since am here to get more closer to Dwayne, I let it pass.

She asked us to go to the dinning. She lead the way and we all followed behind including my Mom, the two beggars, me and Dwayne.

We got to the dinning and a lot of different dish were there on the dining table.

Woow! Why does it looks like we are having a feast and not just dinner?.

We settled down and everyone took their fork and spoon including the two beggars.

I saw how they were both struggling to hold the fork and I laughed inwardly because it was steak they went for.

“You don’t have to eat that with a fork. your hands will do!” Dwayne said and I scoffed.

” Yes you don’t have to..I know how hard that thing is so eating it with a fork would be stressing yourselves!”his mom added.

They doesn’t fit here really.

Am still confused about how Dwayne was able to know and call them by their names earlier.

“So Dwayne…you never called to tell me about how your date went…it was Lucy who took time out of her precious time to come inform me about how great it went.” Dwayne Mom asked and I stiffened.

I looked over at Dwayne who was sitting opposite the beggar lady and it’s seems he wasn’t even listening to our conversation but he was just staring at the lady.

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Why is he staring at her?

“Dwayne?” His Mom called to get his attention when she noticed how distracted he was.

“Oh…yes…yes Mom…it was great!” He replied absentmindedly.

I don’t even think he heard the question his Mom was asking but thanks anyway because am scared of what his reply would be.

Amidst eating, we discussed about a lot of things. Like business, personal life and Dwayne’s mom is very good at cracking jokes.

Dwayne and those two were just staring at each other. It’s seems to me as if they are in another world apart from the one me,mom, and his mom is.

I felt anger boiling inside me.
Why???…I mean how come?

I know he wanted to talk or at least ask them something. Because his eyes said it all.

He must be wondering why they are here with me but because of his mom, he is holding himself back.

Before we decided it’s time to call it a day, It was very late at night.

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“Thanks for the dinner Rachel!… It was great to see you Dwayne!”, My mom said to Dwayne and his mom.

” It was sooo nice of you honouring my invitation Anna” she replied and turned to look at us. I mean i, and the beggars.

” Thanks for coming!” She directed not at me, but at the two idiot beggars.

” O.. Kay… Ma… Thank you Ma” the guy stuttered for the third time today and the lady just kept mute.

“Oh come here.” Dwayne mom said opening her arm wide open for the beggar lady.

Reluctantly, she went into her arm.

“If only she knew that those two are beggars of the lowest level” I hissed inwardly.

Dwayne was just standing there with his hands inside his trousers pocket.

“Bye Dwayne!” My mom waved at Dwayne before going into her car.

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Remember we came separately? So we are also going back home separately.

“We would also be on our way…bye Mom”

” Okay dear. Bye!”

” Bye Dwayne!” I waved at him but he just ignored my greetings heading inside with his mom following behind.

Since it late,I think he would just sleep over here and go home in the morning.

“Let’s go!” I whispered only to the two hearing.

I opened the door, and when they both climbed in, I slammed it shut angrily. I did a great mistake by taking them along with me.

Dwayne didn’t even spare me a glance back there and each time I glare at him, his expression would change.

I drove out of the mansion hitting the road and then, it started raining.

Slowly at first, but later heavily.
No way am going back to that restaurant.

“I can as well drop them off here” I thought.

They are beggars right? They would find their way back home. That would be enough punishment for getting more attention form Dwayne’s mom, than me.

I stopped the car abruptly.

“Get out!” I said glancing over at them.

“What!” They both asked perplexed by my sudden behavior.

” You heard me right!…I said GET OUT!” I yelled at them and they flinched.

” But it’s rainy and we don’t even know anywhere around here please” the guy pleaded arousing my anger the more.

Not minding how heavy the rain is, I got out of the car and pushed the back seat door opened.

“Get out!” I shouted at them while dragging them both outta my car.

I saw them scurried away probably looking for a place to hide but got none because this is a express way.
No shop, not even a house is around here unless they trek up a miles.

I got into the drivers seat and drove off with a second glance at them.
Serves them right.


Not long after the b!tch car left our mansion, it started raining.

Though am confused about all what that took place just now, I didn’t ask for any explanation from Mom. I knew she had been fed with lies. A very big lies.

I can’t help but wonder the reason why she brought those two with her.

With the little time I got to know her, I realized how bad of a person she is.

In this time of the night, would she take them back to the restaurant??
I can’t just trust her!.

With that, I took my car key from the center table heading outside.

“Dwayne!..where are you going this late at night and in this heavy rain!?” I heard my Mom asked worriedly.

” Home!…am returning back home Mom!” I told her and without waiting for her reply, I got outside and out here in the rain. I made my way to my car and drove out of the mansion.


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