Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]


*🌺🥀THE SCENT 🥀🌺*





I got home and met mom on that same couch she was sitting on when I left.

“Hi Mom” i greeted going over to peck her.

I did so well in hiding my angry self and masking it up with a smiling face.

“Welcome dear… So tell me… How was your surprised visitation?” She asked sounding eager.

“It went well mom. He even made me promise to come visit him another day!” I lied.


“yes Mom”.

” That’s good then. I wonder how you are able to manipulate him in forgiving you. But you did a great job!” She commented.

“Thanks Mom.”

” Wanna go change into a comfortable cloth” I told her before heading to my room.

I can’t believe Dwayne called me a beggar!

Me Lucy? A beggar?

He really hate me for what I did to those two poor stinking beggars.


I know what to do!. Very early tommorow morning, I will make sure I go back to that restaurant and look for those two. I will transform myself into a very generous person and help them.

Hiding under their facade, I would show Dwayne the good side of me. With that, am very sure he will look at me from another perspective. Then after, I would have those two kidnapped and tortured for being the reason for my insult and disgrace today.

Dwayne you are mine. Easily or forcefully. I must have you!


*Next morning*

Since Alex spoilt the phone sir Dwayne gave to him yesterday, we have no other means of informing him that we would be coming today. I really have to see and thank him for the great favour he did for us. I never knew my wish would be fulfilled so fast.

After eating that pizza yesterday, that was when I come to understand that I wasn’t born with indigestion but because of those junks and waste food, I grew accustomed to it.

We kept the remaining pizza so we can eat it this morning and that we already did. And we still don’t even know what to do with the money.

“Lia, since I have spoilt the phone, why don’t we just go and sit somewhere very close to the company?” Alex asked jolting out of my thought.

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” How are you sure he will find us? And the security won’t allow us in right?” I muttered.

“He will surely do because he works there. And I also recognize his car” he replied.

There’s a probability that he would find us. We should just try our luck right?

“Okay let’s start going” I said picking up my bag.

“Pheeeeew…. pheeeeew.. pheeeeew…. pheeeeew”I heard Alex continuous whistle behind me and I shook my head.

I wonder why all this bush snake haven’t accepted his invitation yet.

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On our way, some people offered us money but Alex declined all the offer.

“What’s wrong with you!? Why are you refusing those money?” I asked.

” Because we don’t need them for now!” He replied simply and I scoffed.


“Is the company that far?” I asked because it been more than an hour we left home and we haven’t got there yet.

“Lia!…that’s it” Alex said excitedly while pointing at a very big building. Company I meant.

“Moor corporation?” I read out when We got a little bit closer.

“What!” Alex exclaimed and I shot him a glare.

“You can read that?” He asked bewildered and I shrugged.

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Why is he surprised? I can’t recollect how. But all I know is that, I can read, and I can also count money.

Before my parents Death, whenever we wants to buy something from the little we earn by begging, am always the one who usually pay for it.

Weird isn’t it?

My mom told me I once fell and hit my head so that’s why I lost all my childhood memories.

“Let’s just sit here and wait for sir Dwayne” I said and we both settled down beside a small tree flower but with enough shield to keep us from the sun.


I woke up and felt as if I slept on something.

Just then, I remembered how I placed my phone on my chest yesterday before dozing off. And now this morning, am the one lying on it.

I slept very late at night yesterday waiting for Alex call. But I got none.

Did Amelia get angry with him for collecting those things from me? He even promised to bring her today. Will she agree to come with him?

I don’t think!

If she agreed I would have seen their call since last night.

I sluggishly got out of bed heading to the bathroom.

After preparing myself, I took the remaining food I ordered yesterday from the microwave and eat.

I picked up my car key and other things I would be needing after am done eating.

“Why is this car so dirty like this?” I thought when I got to my car parking lot. I don’t think I would be going to office in this car today.

That’s thought, I got inside the new Lamborghini my Mom got me for my birthday last year and contemplated whether to go search for them because Alex described to me where they are staying yesterday. I ignited the engine heading to office.

I just pray to see them!

I didn’t pass through the route I came from yesterday because I didn’t go to search for them. I passed the normal route from my house to the company.

I got to the company and drove in but not before roaming my eyes checking to see if he really came.

But no!

They didn’t!

And that means only one thing.

Amelia dislike what I did for Alex.

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