Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



It’s been more than four hours since Alex left and have been sitting down outside here waiting for him to return.

My stomach has been grumbling since but that’s not the problem. What’s taking him this long?

“Maybe I should just go out there and look for him” I thought.

Just as I was about to stand up, I saw him coming.


Thank heaven!.

But wait! What’s that he’s holding?

“Lia!” He exclaimed when he got to where I was standing.

“What’s that with you?” I asked curiously.

“Pizza!” He exclaimed again.

” Pizza?”
“What’s pizza? And where did you got it from?” I asked now staring at him.

” Sir gave it to me!” He replied getting me more confused.

“Sir?…who is sir?” I asked again.

“Sir Dwayne. The man who offered us money the other day” he replied quenching my curiosity.

” What!….why?….I mean how??…how did you two meet again?”

“Come Lia…come on..sit..I will explain” he said holding my hands and leading me to sit back so we both are now sitting on the Sandy floor.

“So you mean that man gave you this, and also this huge amount of money?”

I asked him after he had explained how he went from one restaurant to another but couldn’t find anything eatable and how he saw a garbage can inside of a big company. How he went closer but the security won’t allow him in. How sir Dwayne met him there and took him to one beautiful mansion. How he ordered for pizza as he called and gave him his phone and also a lot of money.

“Yes Lia… I’m sorry if you don’t like me accepting all these things. But I can’t just reject it. It will make him feel bad” I heard him say slowly.

” It’s okay Alex…with this your explanation, I think that man is not bad as I thought of him” I told him sincerely.

” Really Lia!?… you are not angry?” He asked happily.

” Of course Alex” I replied smiling at him.

My stomach grumble again and Alex eye widened.

“What?” I asked him worriedly.

“Lia! You are hungry!…I’m sorry”

Why is he sorry?

He unpack the box and brought out a pizza.

“Take ” he said giving it to me.

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I collected it from him, took a bite, and woow the thing is damn delicious.


“Really?” Alex asked beaming at me.

What? Did I said that out loud?
“Yes” I replied Shyly.

“If you enjoy it that much, then let’s go say thank you to sir Dwayne tomorrow” he said and my eyes widened.

Sir Dwayne?

He want us to go back there tomorrow?


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“I can’t believe this bitch actually has the audacity to come here! ” I mumbled to myself immediately I saw her storm out of my office.

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” Damn her!” I cussed foaming in anger.

How come she knew about here on the first place?

Oh! She’s Mom friends daughter!

That must be my mom handwork.

I would make sure she never step her foot in here ever again.

That’s thought, I made my way to Loren’s desk.

“That lady that just left. You must never allow her in here again!” I instructed going straight to the point.

“O… Okay Dwayne” she quickly replied with a confused look.

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I went outside and informed the securities too not to let her in and whenever I set my eyes on her around here,I will have them fired.

I know with that, they would never allow her to stay within this vicinity talkless of inside the company.

“That ev!l daughter of a b!tch!” I cussed again.

She’s so good at spoiling mood.
Why did she have to show up today?
Now she has spoilt my mood.


“If you enjoyed it that much, then let’s go to say thank you to sir Dwayne tomorrow!” Alex said and I stare up at him with widened eyes.

” Tommorow?…why do you want us to go there?”

“To say thank you!” He replied pouting.

I don’t even know what to say but with this amount of kindness the generous man showed us, we should go back to say thank you right?

“Okay…let’s go say thank you tommorow?” I told him.

“YES!…let’s call him and tell him we are coming tommorow” Alex said while picking up the phone sir gave him.

” Do you know how to operate it?” I asked curiously.

” Of course!…sir Dwayne taught me how to” he bragged and I chuckle.

I don’t know why, but he went inside and brought out one small screw we found in the hut and started piecing the phone and separating the parts.

“Is that how to operate it?” I asked the second time when I saw that the screen that was dimming light minutes ago is now dark just like the darkness of the night.

“Yes Lia!..sir Dwayne told me to open it whenever I want to call him” he replied.


” Alex,are you sure that’s how he taught you?”

“Done!” I heard him say instead of answering me.

He took out one small piece of paper from the black polythene bag he collected from me this morning and placed it on the screen part of the pieced phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Sir Dwayne asked me to place all the numbers in here and send!”he said and I stood up to give him a heavy knock on his head.

” What was that for!” He cried out.

“Alex, you have successfully destroyed the expensive phone!” I yelled at him.


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