Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Ever Best High TeensEver Best High Teens

Ever Best High Teens


Ever Best High, the biggest school in New Orleans. A wonderful school if I must say. You might be thinking that the school is only for the rich and popular, a place where poor people are maltreated, where bullies raid like ants. The school will be like every other high school, the most popular girl in school rocking the cheer captain and prettiest b***h position, throwing herself on guys especially the captain of the football or basketball team. Going to endless parties and bullying the ones she’s envious of.

Well, you are wrong!

My name is Karana Brianna Jones. I’m the queen of EBH. The cheer captain, the prettiest, richest, classiest as said and dancie one. As the queen, I was given more respect and authority but in a way, we treated each other the same way. I love my cheer squads which consist of both gender and happen to be my closest and most trusted friends but two out of them are my besties for life. Lydia, an easy-going no-nonsense girl, and Rihanna, a not quiet nor loud kind-hearted but badass girl (her dad owned the school.) I also have a male bestie, he was the school’s president and captain of the basketball team. I love calling him Robin tho his name is Robert.

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Our school managed multiple sports but the team we hated most was the football team. A complete combination of our five enemies, especially their leader Kieran Dariel Kingston.

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We the cheerleaders hated them with passion. Kieran was my greatest enemy. I hated his guts, his existence…did I forget to say I hated his guts! My friends and I tormented them every day as they all torment us. They were all promiscuous dogs, especially that egoistical Kieran. King of annoying Ville and to make our lives even worse, our parents were the best of friends. They literally put the best in best friends. How could they all be friends? So irritating!

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We rather jump into a burning building than stay with those Casanovas and no matter what they do, I’ll forever hate them.

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At least that was what I thought.


Being the most popular guy in school had its benefits. The girls, the fame, the respect and so on. I was the captain of the football and co-captain of the basketball team. Don’t ask me how I manage two teams. I also set the school on fire with my badass attitude and what else did I need to make girls drool? Yea. I’m filthy rich. Not just by my dad’s money, I made my own cool legit cash.

I could get whatever I want at the snap of my fingers but one thing I didn’t understand was how the cheerleaders of all people would hate me with passion. I mean they ought to be the whores of the football team and all but those girls were tigers….no, lionesses with poisonous claws. Especially their sexy leader, Kara. The girl who would happily push me off a building.

What did I do to them? I have a hint but I enjoyed watching Kara live up to my name. She was always doing things to prove that she’s better than me and she is but the push is satisfying to me. In a way, she had no life without me and she was yet to figure that out. One thing I knew was that one way or the other, I’ll end up with her because I like her.

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