Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Diary Of A Shy College Kid – Episode 14

By Kayode Odusanya

The Rubber Band Effect (Part 2)

As soon as the lecture ended, Bisi Sanmi picked up her bag and left the class with her friend. I rushed through the crowded hall, brushing through sweaty bodies. “Esco!!!” Sope shouted out my nickname from where he was seated, wondering where I was rushing too. I just forced a smile and made a hand signal that I would be right back. I caught up with her by the newspaper stand just before you exit the Art building. “Hey, I’m really sorry.” I said as I held her back by her arm.” Without making eye contact with me, she said something I didn’t here and I moved closer and bowed my head.

“I’ve heard you Kola, leave me alone.” She said and slowly wriggled out of my hold.

“Don’t worry, I will beg her for you.” Her friend said between laughs as they both walked out of the art block building. I took a few steps forward in an attempt to apologize further as I didn’t like the look on Bisi Sanmi’s face, but then I changed my mind. There are times you just have to give people time to forgive and forget what you did to them.

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So there I was, standing just outside art block building. I didn’t want to go back to class, but I also didn’t want to go to my room yet. To my right was an artist on a stood, sketching a face on his canvass that held up on a tripod; sort of like a blackboard used in teaching kids in primary school. I had noticed the guy for the first time a couple of weeks ago and thought it was just a one-time thing, but appeared the guy had pitched his tent permanently there. I turned around and was left in awe at his drawing; he was sketching a photo of a beautiful black lady with an Afro and his sketch looked so real. I stood there for a few more seconds as the man moved his pencil here and there on his canvass, lost in his world. When I turned around abruptly, I bumped into someone; A girl in a white linen gown.

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“Oops! Sorry.” I said and instinctively held her arms to hold her steady.

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“Sorry.” She also said, even though I was the one that was at fault. I was mesmerized for the first few seconds looking at her. She was chocolate complexioned, about 5ft5, with dreamy eyes, and effortlessly beautiful. Unilag had a lot of beautiful girls walking around at any given time, but this girl was different. She wasn’t the superficial type; she wasn’t trying to look pretty, she just was pretty. I let go of her arms slowly, and she smiled up at me before walking off; her set of teeth was snow-white, just like the white of her eyes. I should have gone ahead to talk to her, but as usual, my nature wouldn’t just let me do so.

A little green rubber band led me to this point, and right there, one of the many alternate universes of my life was set in motion. I had no idea that two years later, we would fall in love with each other. Just like the butterfly effect, small events can have a large unpredictable influence on the future. The universe operates in ways that are too complex for the human mind to fully understand.

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To be continued

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