Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



It been two days now since the purse incident happened. Alex have been quiet and I don’t know why.

For the past two days now, he haven’t been going out. Just wondering around the forest and sometimes sleeping. I have been the one going out to all the restaurants, roadside food stall and all the garbage can I could find to get something so we can eat. except for that restaurant of course.

I didn’t agree to him sleeping outside. I told him he can sleep inside also but very far away from me. He told me he wanted to go plunge some fruits earlier so am the only one in this small hut we now call our home.

Sitting on the Sandy floor, I remembered the man from the other day who offered Alex and I some cash.

I really wanted to take that money but I’m just afraid of taking something from someone of his kind not because of anything but because of the past memory of such.

A man once gave me money when I never ask from him. I was so happy then. But not so long, he came back and asked for a payback. I was confused then.


“But I thought you gave me that money then,so why do you want to collect it back now sir?” I asked confusingly.

“Young lady!… Don’t Tell me you don’t understand me” he said moving closer and I felt his hand on my face caressing it.

Then it occurred to me the way of paying back he was referring to.

I quickly shriek away from him and when I saw that he wasn’t making any attempt to come closer, I ran for my dear life and sanity.


So since then, if you offer me anything without me asking for it, I won’t take.

I heard footsteps at my back and I quickly turned back to see Alex standing there holding a lot of strawberries. He didn’t whistle this time around? Something is definitely wrong with him.

He gave me some and I muttered a “thank you” before I saw him enter the hut.


I arrived at work very early this morning. Something I will never do unless I have a must-do meeting with a very important client.

Even though am the CEO, my secretary Mrs Loreen has always been the one to handle all the task am suppose to. But today, I don’t even know why but I just feel like coming early to work.

I surprise look on all my workers face when I arrived this morning didn’t pass by me.

“Good morning Dwayne. This is the file you requested for” Mrs Loreen,my secretary said while placing the file on my desk.

I know she’s also surprised seeing me come to work so early but as a old woman she is, she masked the surprise look up with a smile smile plastered on her face when she saw me.

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Mrs Loreen is a very loyal employee and she has been my dad’s favorite before his death and now she’s mine.

“Mrs Loreen, if I may ask, which perfume are you using?” I ask her all of a sudden.

” Perfume?” She asked confusingly.

” Yes perfume”

” Oh Lilly…it’s Lilly” she replied.

” Oh okay…thank you…you can go now” I discharged her.

” Aaaaaash” I groaned frustratedly,I unloosen my tie and ruffled my hair with my hand.

Why is it so hard for me to remember where have smelt that beggars scent? Have asked almost all my workers that same question I asked my secretary today and the awkward look they gave didn’t went unnoticed.

But wait! She’s a beggar for Christ sake!
She won’t have the money to buy herself a perfume would she?

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Then it only means one thing.
That’s her natural scent! And have definitely smelt it somewhere before. But where??? Why is it so hard to remember?
Is it a childhood memory?
It can’t be an illusion right?

The scent smells balsamic and very pleasant to the nose.

After checking all the important mails my secretary sent, I felt exhausted. To me, the time seems to be slowing down today.

Come to think of it, my mom hasn’t call me since the day she ask to go on a blind date with that rude brat.

“Should I call her ” I thought.
Isn’t it better now? That means she really want to keep to her promise.
I won’t call her.

When I felt hungry, I called Mrs Loreen and ask her to help me get something to eat.

After what seems like forever, after the rotate, rotating and rotation, the clock finally got to the company closing hour and I quickly grabbed my coat jacket and head outside.

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I took the elevator to the last floor and when it landed, I got off it and retrieved my car key from the coat jacket I was holding, ignited the engine and drove off.

I didn’t go home but instead, I drove straight to the exact place I saw the two panhandler.

Two days now!

It’s been two days since have been coming here hoping to see them again prove abortive.

Even today, I still found myself at the exact spot after searching for them in this vicinity.

I thought only crazy people doesn’t stay at a place.

“Do beggars do that too?” I thought as I keep roaming my eyes around maybe I could get a glimpse of them.

After sitting and waiting for an hour, I stood up and got into my car. Waiting for another 15minutes again, without seeing any of them, I drove home feeling downed.


“Mom please…I’m sorry mom” I pleaded.
It’s been two days since my mom dropped the bombshell that that guy is the CEO of the Moor’s corporation.

“Momm…I’m sorry!” I begged again and that’s what have been doing for the past two days.

“So what do you want me to do now huh? I gave you the opportunity that would last you for a lifetime and you threw it away as if it was nothing!” She said angrily.

” Mom am sorry…please I’m so sorry”

“Okay! Okay! Okay! So what do you want to do now?” She asked more calmly.

Thank God she’s willing to hear me out now.
“Mom please follow me to the Moor’s mansion” I said and she gave me a disgusting look.

” And why do you want to go to the Moor’s mansion?”
“Oh, so you think Dwayne won’t have inform his mom on the way you lashed him? No wonder she hasn’t called me since then. So you want to use your rude self and cause a rift between us?” She asked getting angry again.

Oh…this is getting serious than I thought.
“I’m sorry mom!…mom please calm down” I begged going to sit besides her.
” Mom see all you have to do is to just follow me and leave the rest for me” I explained.

” You know Dwayne is not leaving with his mom in that mansion right?” She asked.

” Really?” I asked excitedly.

” Of course yes”

” Woow mom…then thats better” I said giggling happily.

” And who told you I will agree to follow you?” Mom asked again.

“Because I know you won’t want to miss the chance of becoming the Moor’s mother-in-law” I said proudly and I bet I Saw a little tiny smile playing on her lips.

“Wait and see Dwayne!…I’m coming to get your love..” I said to myself.


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