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Diary Of A Shy College Kid – Episode 4

The Girl Who Liked Me

By Kayode Odusanya

I was going down the stairs of the Art building in Unilag one day when I saw a girl who looked mighty familiar. She was a dark skin beauty, but what really got my attention was the fact that she was using a phone. I didn’t even care what kind of phone it was; the fact that she had a phone was cool on its own. The small black Trium phone and Econet line my mom had gotten a few months earlier cost her a total of thirty-five thousand, and I knew how long we had to wait in line at the Econet office to get the phone.

I slowed down my pace as I got to the floor she was on, and when I got closer to her, I remembered who she was. I said hello in a low voice not wanting to disrupt the conversation she was having on the phone, and she looked up at me with her a smile. But the moment she realized who I was, the smile disappeared from her face. She waved at me and walked away- there was no need to go after her any further, I had gotten the message.

The thing is, we had had an encounter a few weeks prior, which if I had handled well, we would probably had ended up dating. In hindsight, I see why some girls don’t like showing their feelings towards guys they like.

Her story goes thus. Debby and I were still an item at the time, and I was heading over to the Distance Learning Institute in school, which was were we had our elective courses. Everyone had left me behind because I had been delayed by my dad’s friend who was an admin staff of Unilag. I had gone to see him concerning my accommodation at the time.

While waiting for the cab that would take me and the other students to DLI, I saw her staring at me. The way she stared at me was intense, and it made me a bit uncomfortable. I had on black Sean John denim with two of the top buttons loose, exposing the pristine white tee underneath. And my baggy black jeans sat well on the white Nike trainers I had on. I was fly; looking like puff daddy himself. But the way the girl looked at me, it seemed she saw past all that; it was like she was gazing into my soul. She was a real pretty dark skinned girl with bright white eyes.

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When the cab finally came, we got in, and ended up sitting side by side. I had a phobia for talking to girl’s in public transport because I always thought of what people around would think, and also because I knew it wasn’t like stepping up to someone in class or on the road, where you could just walk away if it didn’t go well. With this, you had to sit through the trip if things turned out bad. For that reason, I didn’t strike up a conversation with her.

When we dropped at DLI, I just walked off, heading towards the lecture theatre with Debby on my mind. I hadn’t taken more than ten steps when I heard a female voice say “Hello” out loud. I didn’t stop till I heard the second hello. When I turned around, I saw her hand making a stop sign, signaling for me to wait as she walked up to me. I noticed her nice set of white teeth when she smiled up at me. “Hello, my name is Biola, are you going to DLI?” She asked. I said yes, and she suggested we walk together. The distance from where the cabs normally drop people and where the actual halls were was about a two-minute walk, and all through that journey, I kept thinking, wow, what a bold girl. This was something I thought only happened in American high school movies.

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We found out we were going for the same lecture and that our departments were on the same floor at the Art Building. When we walked into the rowdy lecture theatre, the first person I sighted was Debby, and all my senses flew out the window. Instead of at least sitting through the lecture with the girl by my side, and getting to know her better, I turned to her, said I would see her around, and left her standing there, as I walked off to meet Debby. When I think about that moment sometimes, I feel so stupid, and I also feel like all the bad relationships I had on campus was karma for what I did to that girl.

To be continued

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