Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]


‘Hold that post, hold it…’ The camera man said calmly before clicking the camera. Snow sat on a bench with legs crossed and hand on the head rest. Andrea stood behind her with a cute wink and a flower in her hand. ‘Change post please…‘

‘Ahjussi, this is the ninety ninth one. I’m tired.‘ She whined.

‘One more, one more. You are both too perfect and cute,‘ he gushed. She sighed.

‘You owe us ice cream,‘ Andrea said with a frown. She jumped over the bench and hugged Snow. They laughed and the picture was taken. ‘Finally,‘ she breathed. ‘Now I can go see my Cena.‘

‘Not yet Ann, we have to go to the new orphanage opening. The owner paid a lot of money for the appearance of the Dainty Divas. You must be there,‘ her manager, Choi Joel said calmly with his eyes fixed on his pad. Snow scoffed.

‘And then there’s the sign off for the game winners and the promised interview with good evening Seoul. You also have to be there for the concert of the new stars. Your opening act will givethem a new publicity…’ Snow’s manager, Tilly Beavers listed.

After Snow returned three years earlier, her father signed her and Andrea in as idols. Blair preferred to be an actress and Suzy lived up her dream as a makeup artist. They went for Dainty Divas because it was the only name Andrea agreed to beside Rainbow unicorns and sparkle princesses. They each have their personal stage names.

Andrea known as Golden Lynx because of her gold hair, eyes and cuteness and Snowflake was mostly called by her name because it suited her well, but many still called her white monarch because of her white hair and royal touch.

‘Can’t we only do the orphanage thing and postpone the others? I’m tired.‘ She sighed standing up to stretch.

‘No Snow, they are all important.‘

‘I’m catching up with my friends today, girls night. We keep cancelling on the girls and that’s not right. So we are going to do the orphanage performance and nothing else.‘ She replied strictly. She wasn’t the sweet pleasing Snow again, mean and cold when she see fit and sweet when she wanted to.

‘But Snow. It’s important we…’

‘Don’t question my decision,‘ she flared up. Tilly gulped and stepped back. ‘Now make the phone calls and don’t disturb me,‘ she walked away, her PA running after her and Andrea like a scared mouse. ‘My phone.‘

‘Here ma’am,‘ she took the phone and smiled as she dialed Lyon’s number. She waited impatiently for him to pick up.

‘This is Mica. Sir Lyon can’t pick the call right now…’

‘Mica, give my boyfriend his phone right now or I’ll find and rip out your heart,‘ she snarled. She smiled as she squeaked in fear. Two minutes later, his deep chuckle sounded at the other side. She smiled blushingly.

‘Kitty, I’ve warned you about your harshness, it’s too much.‘

‘They need to respect me as their boss. Have you forgotten how they all tried to control me because I was sweet and nice? Snow takes orders from no one except her love ones.‘

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‘Snow is mean.‘

‘But you love her,‘ she smirked. He chuckled

‘Like crazy. So what can I do for you Miss Jeon?’ She giggled.

‘I have a lot to do but I have to hang with the girls. There’s the good evening Seoul interview, the concert, the orphanage opening and…’

‘Why not do it with them? Picture it like spending time with them and working.‘

‘Keep talking,‘ she said coming to an halt.

‘You all attend the interview and talk about your friendship. Everyone know about the incredible friendship of the seven enchantresses. Go to the interview with them, the orphanage opening and the concert. You can all do a crazy sing off, it’ll be fun!’ He chirped.

‘Oppa! You are such a genius!’ She squealed. ‘And we can sign the autographs together. Who wouldn’t want to meet Triple Jewels, Blair C and Suzy. It’ll be awesome! Then we can go home together and have a sleep over.‘

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‘Exactly! You better call them. I’ll call you later, gotta go now, love you.‘

‘Love you more Oppa.‘

‘Oppa, help me to kill Tye for defending that b***h instead of me!!!‘ She heard Bitna yell.

‘Fix your own relationship problem and don’t involve me!!!‘ Lyon yelled. She smiled and hung up. Andrea was dancing on the thin rail of a balcony far away while her manager tried to talk her down. Snow waves at her and she laughed before running to her

She dialed Suzy’s as she walked to their dressing room, one hand holding Ann and the other her phone.

She really established a strong relationship with Topaz, Beryl and Jade. Jade was a normal human but she knew a lot thanks to Topaz and she was cool. Everyone adored their friendship a lot.

‘This is Suzy speaking, how may I help you?’ Suzy asked playfully.

‘I will like a bucket of stupid delivered to you.‘

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‘Ha! Angeline, what’s up? Still up for the hang out or calling to cancel again?’

‘Nope! In fact, I have a better idea.‘


‘And now give it up for the seven enchantresses!’ The crowd went wide, screaming and jumping. Snow and the others ran out wearing cute and funny cat suits, each with their signature colours:

Snow: white.

Suzy: lavender.

Blair: sapphire and sea green.

Topaz: yellow and red.

Jade: Jade and pink.

Beryl: sky blue and purple.

Andrea: gold and too much rainbow.

‘Hey everyone!!!’ Topaz shouted. They screamed joyfully.

‘Cupcakes are gold!!!’ Ann shouted.

‘And rainbows too!!!’ The crowd shouted. They all thought it was her own way of messing around but it was just her being Ann. Of course when she first came out, they were all shocked to see a female version of Lyon but with a little twist in the story, her identity was covered up.

‘It’s our girls night so we’ll be doing any crazy thing, and singing is the first. Who’s ready to rock!!!’ Snow shouted. Everyone shouted and jumped screaming each of their names. ‘What are we going to sing?’ She whispered to the others.

‘Anything crazy,‘ Blair said and turned on her mike. ‘Hey lookie here I’ve got a song to sing,‘ she sang. Everyone screamed. Snow started playing her guitar increasing the screams.

Blair: hey lookie here I’ve got a song to sing

It’s all I’ve got to bring

Once upon a time I met a pretty girl

She was a crazy girl

She was an amazing friend

She winked at Snow who laughed

Suzy: she laughed and squealed even when sad

She smiled and grinned though you did something bad

She was nice and sweet and beautiful

She was generous and lit and dutiful

She gave me something new

A brand new love

She made me something true

A enchanted girl

She turned my life around

Made it firm on the ground

She was my…my…sacred psycho

Topaz: it felt strange at first

Her presence made me new

It brought out a new me

Even though I didn’t know her

I spoke out, I got out

I stood out and now I no longer sad pout

It’s safe to say she was sweet

Crazy but sweet

She was a definition of lit

Gosh! She was a sacred psycho

‘Why are you guys singing about me?’ Snow whispered. They ignored her and continued singing about her madness, dancing around and telling their stories in their song until Ann changed the song.

Ann: twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

The whole place broke into a peal of raucous laughter. Ann itched her head confusedly, she thought they were singing about stars and Snow was one.

Wasn’t she?

Up in the stars, a female of essential glory stared down at her daughter with a smile. Her beautiful and delicate star, her priceless jewel. She shook her head and walked away. She will come back but obviously not now.


The end!

Thanks to all of you for reading to the end. I can’t thank you less.

Story by: Bunmi B Gabriel

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