Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



I paced around the living room thinking of what to do. I lost Snow.My carelessness caused it. She tried to tell me but I didn’t listen. I stopped pacing and sat down, tapping my feet.

‘Come on Suzy, please stop crying.‘ Kai said at the verge of tears himself.

‘Leave me alone,‘ she cried. He used his fingers to rake his hair and hugged her.

‘She’ll be fine.‘

‘Lyon can you calm down.‘ Jesse sighed caressing Blair hair. She passed out earlier.

‘I don’t think you understand the fact that I lost Snow. Not only did I break my promise to her father but to myself. She is going to die and somebody’s girlfriend won’t tell me what the hell mine is!’

‘Don’t blame Suzy, she’s in a emotional state.‘ Helene said calmly. I scoffed.

‘And you are.‘

‘Will you all be quiet! I’m trying to find someone here!’ Bitna snapped. ‘I won’t try again.‘

‘Bitna please, for me,‘ Tye begged. She rolled her eyes. ‘Please.‘

‘For you,‘ she closed her eyes back. A hawk flew into the room and shift shape to Cena.

‘Nothing. I’ve alerted the others to report to us if they notice any strange movements or activities anywhere.‘ He said sadly going to sit. Bitna’s eyes turned white.

‘One foe is dead, one threat is gone. The real one yet to come. One heart softened, one heart changed but yet darkness is still at range. Hope is lost? No, just a single thread, it’s up to you then. The seeker of the great hunt, the nose of a light finder to find what is thoughtlost. One life to replace another, one strong soul to bring back what have been sealed within.‘ Her eyes stopped glowing.

‘Wow! You have made our life so much better.‘ Cena said unenthusiastically. ‘We asked for help not more homework!’ He exclaimed.

‘What the hell is that suppose to mean!’ Jesse exclaimed too. ‘Tye this is your job.‘

‘Will you at least let me think!‘ Tye yelled. The tension was much. A white current whirled at the door. Director J stepped out with Pearl in his arms and Tye’s dad beside him.

I gulped. I am so screwed.

‘Bitna, good thing you are here, can you heal her?’ Director J askedhastily. I gulped again and stylishly started sneaking out. He placed her in front of bitna.

‘Her life is hanging on a thread, the one you give. What happened to her? What did the priestesses do to her?’

‘More like what she did to them. They are dead.‘ Tye’s dad said weakly. Tye helped him sit. I froze, the words of Bitna reverberating in my head.

One foe dead, one threat gone.

She said what will happen and how to find Snow.

‘Healing her is not eas, I’m not Araminta but you can help. Maybe you can share a life with her.‘ He nodded and bent down, he kissed her, his veins popping out in beautiful green and white hue as bitna placed her hands in her chest.

I need to escape!

Pearl jolted up, her eyes scanned around and met mine. In a blink of an eye she was in front of me holding my shoulders. I almost escaped!

‘Where’s my Snowflake?’ If only I could enter the wall… Hey! I can…nay! She’ll pull me out. ‘Andreous where is my daughter?!’

‘The witches have her,‘ Tye said nonchalantly.


‘I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened.‘ Kai said quickly.

‘I trusted my daughter to you all. How could you…’

‘We are sorry.‘ We chorused.

‘Please tell me you didn’t touch her…‘ Pearl pleaded. I laughed nervously. ‘Andreous!!!’ I grinned sheepishly.

‘Lyon!!!’ Director J roared. Time to make my exit. ‘Don’t even think about it,‘ he warned. He stomped to me but Tye came to my aid, pinning him down. ‘Tye let go before you suffer for what you know nothing abo!!!‘

‘Calm down first!‘

‘Calm down! Did I give you permission to touch her?!!! I said protect, not deflower!!!’ Kai!!!’

‘What did I do?!’

‘What did you do? Lyon never does anything without your knowledge so you must have known about it!!!‘

He kept on yelling but I was thinking of four things;

1. My beautiful face that might get trashed.

2. My Snow, she’ll be so scared and alone.

3. My sister’s spirit who sat there waving at me.

4. What Bitna said. I understood it now.

‘You know this is all your fault!‘ Suzy yelled maniacally at crying Pearl. ‘Yes you had to protect her, yes you had to keep her safe but turning her to a fool was wrong. What did you expect? To protect her all your life? To keep her in the dark forever. I’m sorry but you are a big and incredibly giant fool!! Your stupidity caused all this!!!‘ Kai held her back before she pounced on Pearl who wasn’t even paying attention. ‘Now look no!!! My Angeline is going to die!!!‘

‘What is Snow?’ I found my voice, anger building up in me. ‘I asked a question!!!’

‘Snow is me and I Snow. A sacred star that have been defiled.‘ I scoffed incredulously and laughed humourlessly..

‘And now it makes sense. How was I suppose to know that touching her was wrong? Maybe if you had said “hey I’m dropping a star under your care. Don’t touch her or she’ll die” I wouldn’t have.‘

‘You should never have touched my daughter in the first place!!!‘ Director J shouted angrily.

‘Why shouldn’t I? What is she? A toy!!!’ I thundered back. ‘No matter what she is, she is also a living being, one that deserve to livea normal life. I fell in love and slept with her, so what! I don’t regret it and I will neve REGRET IT!!!‘ I yanked my hair and stifled back my tears. ‘You have no idea what I have to do now,‘ I said lowly. Tears ran down my cheeks as I turned my anger on my feet, pacing around anxiously. They watched me. ‘Lock!!!’

He came out sluggishly.

‘Find my mother’s necklace now!‘ I yelled. He sniffed me and then Pearl and Director J before running off.


Seven witches stood in a circle around a altar chanting spells with hands locked together. Two females laid on the altar, a woman with gray hair and dried skin and a glowing girl.

The place there stood was surrounded by ogres and witches, the thick pavement black and cracked. One removed her hands with a gasp.

‘She have lost her innocent. How do we get our queen to be immortal?’

‘It doesn’t matter, her soul can still be trade.‘ another whispered, taking the first one’s hands back. A white fox dashed into the scene and howled, it high frequent flying and scattering the altar. The glowing girl rolled to the ground before she got hurt, her eyes shut tight as she slept. ‘This stupid dog! you ruined everything!‘

The fox howled again, giving his master enough time to snatch the glowing girl. A big black wolf with three silver streaks on his back jumped in from nowhere, crushing the skulls of all who stood in it way. Next was a red fire burning around the place in a circle, creating an inescapable barrier. Before the witches and ogres could compose themselves and attack, a loud and excruciating screech disoriented them. They were confuse and scattered.

Heads flew up and bounced on the ground at the slash of a flaming silver sword. The slayer was merciless, his eyes on fire and his heart bitter. Lyon took the glowing star out of the noise and out of the fire barrier. He placed her gently on the ground and kissed her nose until she giggled.

‘Oppa, that’s ticklish,‘ she said gigglingly. She sat up and rubbed her eyes with a smile. She opened it and looked around before pouting in confusion. ‘What’s going on?’ She looked into the fire and squealed. ‘Oppa look! It’s Appa!’ Lyon inhaled through his nostril deeply with tears running down his cheeks like a thin waterfall. ‘Oppa is crying.’ She cried too not even knowing why.

He held her hands to his lips and kissed them.

‘Mianhae,‘ he cried.


‘I’m so sorry Snow. I know I promise not to leave but I don’t have a choice, I need to help correct your mother’s mistake, I’m so sorry.‘

‘I don’t understand. Why is Oppa leaving Snow? What did she do? Tell her and she’ll fix it.‘ She cried holding his shirt. He smiled and kissed her a last passionate kiss, she kissed him back in confusion as she cried. He pulled back and kissed her forehead.

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‘Always remember that Oppa loves you with all of his heart and nothing will ever change that.‘

‘Please don’t leave me, don’t break up with Snow, she’ll fix her mistake,‘ she begged holding his hands. He dropped it and stood up,she tried to stand but she was weak and tired. He waved her bye and walked back into the fire barrier. ‘Oppa please!!!’ She shouted crying bitterly. To her, she broke up with him, to her she was useless now.

Lyon wiped off his tears and sauntered to the middle of the battle ground, his hands in his pockets as he sang softly with eyes closed. He stopped walking, he could feel something heading to his heart, something he could easily escape from but he stood still, singing to himself.

That was what the prophecy said to do.

‘Lyon move!!!’ Cena shouted removing his sword from a witch’s heart.

‘Lyon get out of the way!!!’ Kai shouted, he had shifted back.

‘Lyon!!!’ Yong-Sun screamed. He looked over his shoulder, his eyes meeting with the beautiful green eyes of the girl he was giving his life for. Her eyes were filled with horror for she knew what was about to happen.

She shook her head with fear.

He laughed and winked at her just as his heart came in contact with a cold solid metal, one dipped in poison.



‘Oppa!!!!!!’ Snow’s scream froze everyone. She tried stand but couldn’t because she was weak. I stared with mouth opened and tears gushing out of my eyes. What exactly happened?

She cried bitterly, her entire body glowing. Everyone was thrown into a serious confusion on how the hell or rather why the hell will he let himself get killed like that!

‘Suzy!’ Kai shouted. I turned slowly, my mind was weak and still in shock to register what was happening. A big spear was coming my way, one that will kill me at impact. I could have moved but I was paralysed by shock and a sudden wave of unnecessary fear. Before it hit me, Kai pushed me out of the way and took the spear right above his heart. I couldn’t breathed anymore, my mouth dried up and my vision spun. I felt the sting in my heart, my bond with him ripping apart.

‘Panda,‘ Snow wailed. She screamed, a violent shock of electric white light striking everything and everyone.


I sat on a chair thinking about my daughter, I want her back, I want a normal life back. Greed and envy really dealt with me and now I wanted a change but how? The demons will end me because I sold my soul to them. The cave suddenly shook, quaking violently. Rocks fell everywhere while I watched in confusion.

A spiral of white lightning whirled up at the top like a massive tornado and struck the demons, popping them like balloons. I disappeared immediately before I faced the wrath of whatever that is. My spirit took me to a badly destroyed place. Dust covered the whole place like something exploded. I waved some of the dust off and gasped. Hundreds of dead bodies everywhere!

Soft sobbing caught my ears. I clapped my hands and all the dust waved off. My baby sat on the ground cuddling a almost dead boy as she cried convulsively. Her face was wet with tears and her body was weak and sure to collapse any second. Blair ripped in with Evangeline and the daughter of Natalia, her wings glowing and eyes searching the place. She gasped and ran to a boy on the ground, a knife sticking out of his back


‘Oppa!‘ Natalia’s daughter shouted trying to find him. She was blind. ‘Kai!’ She shouted hurrying to the almost dead boy. My eyes averted to the faint light moving slowly to a dead body.

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I reached Oppa and carried him. He was cold, really cold. I hugged him and cried more.

‘Oppa please, don’t do this to me,‘ I cried. ‘What am I gong to do without you? It’ll be hard.‘ I touched the stupid thing that killed my Oppa and it withered to dust.

‘Eun-Kyung,‘ Appa called. I sniffed as he hugged me from behind.

‘Bring him back,‘

‘I can’t,‘ Eomma came too and hugged me.

‘Eomma do something,‘ I cried. She sighed.

‘Nothing can be done for him.‘

‘You are lying! You are both lying!!! You just want him dead because he makes Snow happy, you want him dead because he changed Snow. You never wanted Snow to be happy, you called her stupid, Oppa called her smart. You called her ugly, Oppa called her beautiful. You said she will turn to a monkey and no one will love her but Oppa loves her so much, even if she is a monkey. He caresfor me, tuck me in at night and cuddled me. He never left me, no but you both did!!!‘ I screamed at them.

‘Snow, you won’t understand…’

‘No!!! I don’t want to understand!!! Why weren’t you always there Appa, I don’t care!!! Oppa was with Snow every night and even when he wasn’t, he would still come and make sure he kisses Snow’s head and nose and say “sleep my beautiful angel, don’t worry about anything else because Oppa will always be here to protect you” he woke Snow up everyday with a kiss and promise that you both love me and didn’t abandon me but you want him dead.‘


‘Who’s going to take me to see places now? He promised to take me to see a farm and to the zoo. He promised to take Snow to all her dream places and make sure she taste all the good thing she sees in cartoona. Who will do that now? Not you two, not Panda or any of my Oppas, I want my Oppa back!‘ I cried burying my face in his chest. ‘Oppa wake up. Oppa remember you promised. Who will love Snow now.‘


‘Don’t touch me!‘ I pushed Eomma and Appa away. They are mean. I want my Oppa back. What do Snow do now?

That woman! That big Snow always staring at her every night. I looked up to the sparkling stars. Every night before I met Oppa, they form a constellation of a woman that looks like me and few little dancers. They dance and make Snow not feel alone.

‘Ya! Star me!‘ I shouted. ‘Come here for a minute. I need you to heal Oppa for me, I don’t want to be alive without him.‘ I waited for them, whimpering and pouting. They didn’t come.

I buried my face back in Oppa’s chest. No one will help me.

‘Pearl, let’s leave her alone first,‘ Appa whispered. Yes, they should go… All of them wicked! They don’t want to save my Oppa. They all left, all of them after clearing all the bodies. They left Snow alone to cry.


I just Oppa back.

‘Angeline,‘ I gasped. It’s them! I looked up. She wasn’t in the sky. I cried again but then something tickled my ears. ‘Angeline your time is up.‘


‘Time for you to return home to me my dear. Your time down here is up.‘

‘But Oppa, I can’t leave him.‘

‘Evangeline really scattered you,‘ she sighed. I felt my head hot and spinning. I cried in pain. It stopped and I frowned and scoffed. What am I doing here on earth?

‘What is this? How did I leave my home for this place?’ I stood up but there was a boy on the ground. Who’s this? He looks familiar, have I met him? Why is he dead?

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‘Come Angeline, return to mother,‘ I walked away but kept glancing back. Who’s he? ‘Angeline,‘ she snapped. Why do I feel so connected to him? Why am I crying for him? I turned back and knelt beside him. ‘Angeline.‘

‘Hold on,‘ I shushed. I bent down and kissed his dry lips. He was cold but he’ll be fine now. I stood straight and watched his wound close up and life crept back slowly to his body. Color returned to his skin and he sighed.

‘Snow,‘ he murmured. Snow… Who is Snow? I shrugged and walked away, letting my body fade off it human form but I couldn’t get him off. I appeared in mom’s throne room. My five older sisters tackled me in a hug. I remember one of my sisters is down there.

What was I doing there?

Who was that boy?

‘Welcome back home my most precious star. Go rest now ‘ I felt empty as I returned to my room, my sisters chattering and saying something about how sweet my love was.

What love? I went to my room and shut the door against them. Something glowed on my neck.

Where did I get this from?


I stared at nothing, absolutely nothing. Where I was? Probably limbo. I heard footsteps, I turned and saw my parents. Mom smiled and hugged me

‘My beautiful baby, look at you,‘ she chirped. I looked over at dad. I wasn’t happy. I want Snow. ‘Don’t worry, your time is yet to come,‘ she smiled. ‘I let you die so I can deliver this message. Between the seven mountains of Elflandia, I hid a gate, that gate is where I hid all our people. Find the gate and unlock it then our people will be free and find Andrea at Mt Mero Cuori. She’s alive.‘ A door opened behind me. ‘Now go.‘


‘Go,‘ he smiled and did his signature nose stroke. I smiled and did it too. He chuckled. I ran into the door, happy that I would see Snow again.



Everyone clapped and cheered for Snowstorm. It has been three years since that tragic incident. I don’t know what happened but Lyon survived and Snow disappeared into thin air. Evangeline threw a tantrum, acting all crazy and psychopathic until she found out she was pregnant. She had a son this time, his real name is Yong-Jun but she won’t hear of it. To her it’s Snowstorm, she’s insane.

Kai and Jesse survived, out for a month but still okay. Jesse and Blair remain the top weirdest couples. One minute they are all lovey dovey and the other minute they are competing on who’s the best flirt. Their love is weird but they still love each other. Kai and I, he never changed, always watching me like I would disappear like Snow did. I don’t blame him, what her disappearance did to Lyon was enough to worry about.

Bitna, she regained her sight and was still gong wild about it. Tye was always with her, watching her since Lyon was never around. Cena finally fell in love, he fell for Lyon’s twin; the crazy wild beauty. She acts like someone whose nuts are screwed out. Like how can someone just throw herself off a mountain because she wanted to test if she could fly when she knew she couldn’t. If it wasn’t for Cena, she would have died a lot of times because she keep testing her life.

Snow was a psycho but Andrea was insane; completely insane! And that’s why Cena goes gaga over her. Rena turned deaf and dumb with no memory of who she is. No one knows what happened to her and Ria committed suicide but I think Blair did it, she won’t tell me. The Lock Stars scattered and that was good.

Lyon turned cold, really really really cold. He spoke to no one except if it concern his career, business or work things. He drive himself to working to build back his destroyed kingdom, pushed everyone out except his sister who won’t let him breathe and lost everything that made him Lyon. He can be said to be emotionless, her death tore him apart because he wouldn’t stop blaming himself.

It was Snow’s birthday and Yong-Jun‘s too. As usual, Lyon would lock himself up in his room while we celebrate. Yong-Jun kept staring at the stars with a giddy smile and pointing.

‘Noona,‘ he chanted endlessly. He refused to blow his candles. He jumped down from his chair and ran out.

‘Snowstorm!!!’ Eva shouted. She rushed after him and I followed. He ran outside and stared at the sky twirling around and chanting Noona. He ran off again to the garden. We followed trying to catch him, he’s really fast. We heard him shriek. Eva panicked and searched for him.

Then we froze, a voice was singing and him cheering.

We trailed the voice desperately. Snow stood at the gazebo giving him a private concert. Her hair curled down to her knees in it white glory, her eyes twinkling with excitement and joy as she danced and sang. My jaw dropped.

‘You need to know why I love you

How can you know? I don’t know either

I see you from up there and I smile

You see me from up there and you grin

We are perfect! Are you my love?

We are perfect! Is that a word?

My beautiful little brother give me a five

But keep it a secret from their lives…’ She sang nonsense like the Snow she was. Yong-jun danced and clapped too, cheering for her.

‘Snowflake!’ Eva shrieked. Snow flinched and gasped with a bursted look. She wanted to run away but no wa, Eva whipped her with a chain and I tied her down. ‘She won’t take you away this time, you are staying here with me.‘

‘Let go of me Eva, mother will be mad if she knows I visited.‘

‘Don’t you know Snow?’

‘I don’t know who that is,‘ she scoffed. ‘I just came to see my nephew.‘

‘You are my daughter in this world and you will remain like that.‘

‘You can’t make me stay!‘ Snow yelled struggling with the chains. A blue light tied her down too, followed by a yellow, red and green. I looked behind and saw Blair, Tye, mom and Bitna. ‘What is wrong with this earthlings!‘

Eva touched her head.

‘Remember the name, Lyon Lynn.‘

‘Do I care who that is? Let… aaaaaah! My head! Eva you are hurting me!’ She screamed until she broke the chains. The necklace was still on her nec, it glowed brightly. Andrea jumped out of nowhere like a frog and squealed.

‘In-law!’ She rushed Snow in a hug. Snow couldn’t escape from her grip. She looked into Snow’s eyes. ‘Gotcha.‘

‘Huh?’ Ann chained her down and stood up. Her golden chain grew out of her hand. She swung it and pulled something from the air.


He groaned. ‘Andrea, didn’t I tell you to stop pulling me like that,‘ he grunted. She squeaked and ran away quacking and flapping her hands. I laughed. Mad girl. Lyon knelt up shark when he heard Snow’s voice. He gasped and went to her. ‘Snow?‘

‘Oh, it’s the handsome elf guy. Can you tell your friends to set me fre? I need to leave be…’ He shut her up with a kiss, her eyes instinctively closed. I sighed with relief, Snow is back! Right? He broke the kiss and hugged her, she was confuse at first before she frowned. ‘Oppa, why are you hugging me so tight? Do you want to kill me?’ We shouted happily, she’s back! ‘Eomma!’ She shrieked, pushed Lyon away, broke the chain and ran to her, she hugged her with a laugh.

The stars flashed with a great warning light. Snow hissed and pulled away.

‘What’s that weirdo saying? Go back to where?’ Her eyes averted to me. ‘My faces!‘ she shrieked. She ran to Blair and I and we hugged with a squeal.

‘Where’s Andrea!’ Cena panicked. We all turned and saw her on top of the thirty story building a little bit far away.

‘I can believe I can fly…’ She sang and jumped off the building.

‘Not again!‘ Lyon and Cena cried. Lyon dashed away while Cena shape shift. Lyon used his speed to catch her first and spun to the ground. She shrieked.

‘I can fly!!!’ She shouted enthusiastically.


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