Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter fifteen


I walked into the class palely, something didn’t feel right about the atmosphere and it felt like someone was trying reach out to me. I sat beside Jesse and rested my head on his shoulder. Cena was teasing Mia and Tye was talking on phone in a whisper, obviously to Bitna.

Where are the others?

‘You okay?’ He asked with concern.

‘I don’t feel okay.‘

‘Was I too hard?’ He whispered. I blushed and shook my head negatively.

‘Not that.‘

‘Then why a…’

‘Leave me alone!’ Mia screamed and ran out of the class. Cena laughed pompously. Jerk.

Tye stood up abruptly, his eyes turning bright blue.

‘Jesse can you feel that?’ He asked alarmed. The teacher walled in.

‘Tye sit down,‘

‘Jesse observe the shadows,‘ he said ignoring the old man. Jesse stood up and looked around. He gasped.

‘Tye sleep!!!’ He shouted. Tye clapped his hands, a wave of blue light whipping through the school and putting everyone to sleep except Dylan, Donald, Beryl, Rachel and Topaz.

‘What’s going on?’ Cena asked worriedly.

‘Souls seekers,‘ Tye whispered looking around in alert.

‘Who or what is that?’ Beryl asked with a slight bow. She’s a vampire too as well as Dylan and Donald. Let’s just say, almost all of Director J’s top idols are supernaturals.

‘Lost souls of evil people refined and summoned by the priestesses to serve them. One touch and you’ll become like them.‘ Jesse explained holding my hand. Rachel stood up.

‘Mia is out there, I need to find her.‘

‘You’ll get killed dumb head,‘ Topaz said coldly. What is she? ‘We have to bring them o… Dylan look out!!!!’ She shouted. Tye was fast enough to zap it. The thing burst up into ashes.

‘Thanks Tye.‘

‘Snow!’ I panicked. ‘They are here for Snow!’ I yelled.

‘Who’s Snow?’ Topaz asked turning into a ghost! What the…

‘What the hell are you?!’

‘Wereghost banshee. Close your ears, imma ’bout to scream really loud.‘


‘Snow come on! We’ll be late for our test,‘ I pleaded again. She won’t stand up.

‘I’m tired. Let me sleep.‘

‘You are too lazy, just one time and you won’t stand.‘

‘Leave me alone,‘ she yawned. ‘You’re not the one who felt the pain.‘

‘I told you. There was no way I could make it less painful, it’s normal for every first time.‘ I sighed.

‘Did I complain? Lyon leave me first,‘ she said upsettingly. I raised my hands up in total surrender. I mean she called my name, that’s a sign to stop. ‘Oppa don’t go, stay with me.‘ She said cutely holding my hand.

‘I need to be there to write our test even if my head is empty. I’ll be back.‘

‘You don’t understand. I’m weak, I can’t feel myself anymore… There are coming…‘ She said drowsily with a heavy yawn.

‘Come on sleep my princess,‘ strolling her hair.

‘Don’t leave me…‘ She murmured and slept off. Her body glowed again. I need to find Suzy and ask her some questions. Snow is not just a gumiho. I kissed her temple and covered her body well with the bedsheet before walking out of the room. I walked out of the longue only to see Mia running to me in tears.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Jesse and Kai are fighting seriously, I don’t know why. Cena tried to separate them but he was hurt and Tye is not around.‘ She wailed. I dashed off to find out why my friends would fight. I wasn’t thinking straight about the possibility of easy going Jesse fighting with Kai who was glued to Suzy.

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Just at the door, I ran into a zombie. I screamed and punched him, he flew backwards and crashed on a wall. I raised my hand.

‘No, Lyon! It’s Kai!‘ Suzy yelled running to us. She got to Kai and helped him up.

‘Why are you a zombie?’

‘Suzy was…’

‘Suzy look out!’ Jesse shouted. Before Kai could talk, he was breaking through a wall, destroying it almost completely.

‘It’s Kai!’ Suzy and I shouted.

‘Suzy get this sh*t off my face before Cena comes out and slit my neck!‘ He yelled. Cena came out and gasped, his eyes blazed with fire. Suzy blocked him immediately and changed Kai.

‘Huh? Why were you a… I’m the crazy one not you, I don’t understand.‘ I rolled my eyes.

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‘Why were you fighting?’ I asked looking from Kai to Jesse.

‘We weren’t. I was with Suzy.‘

‘But Mia said…’ I trailed off as realisation hit me. I felt blood rushed into my head. I turned to jump back to her but soul seekers surrounded us, there was no single way out.

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I panicked as my head swelled with fear.

‘How could you leave her alone!!!’ Suzy yelled. ‘I trusted her to you!‘ She cried. We all back each other protecting ourselves..

‘Lyon rip and jump or something please!!!‘ Kai shouted.

‘You can’t rip between the seekers, you will die or end up in South Africa or a active volcano,‘ Blair said twirling around. A sapphire light whirled around her spirally. ‘I’m going to open a path for you, everyone duck at my command and Suzy you know what to do.’

Suzy shut her eyes muttering to herself.

‘Now!’ Blair shouted. The light around her burst, ripping most of the seekers apart and creating a way for me. I jumped but found myself outside the longue. I opened the door fast and ran in but a force pinned me to the wall above the Vojio TV.


Her eyes were black and she was black. I scoffed. Who would have suspected a innocent girl like her. That will explain why none of our spirits didn’t rhymed with hers.

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‘Mia, drop me or you’ll get hurt.‘

‘That is not my name!‘ she said but it wasn’t her voice. I lifted my hand and whipped her against the wine bars, she didn’t stand up again. I quickly jumped down and ran to the room but alas, Snow was gone.

Suzy jumped in with Blair. I was staring at the bed in shock, not able to comprehend or accept what was happening.

‘Where’s she?’ Suzy shouted tears running down her cheeks.

‘Gone.‘ Blair whispered.

‘I failed,‘ Suzy sobbed. My eyes turned black as I glared at Mia who was standing up. I didn’t think again, I walked to her, pulled her hair up and whipped her on the table.

‘Where’s she?!!’

‘I will never tell you,‘ Mia coughed. I brought out my sword and drove it down her skull, dividing her body into two. I kicked her dead body away and Blair burnt it.

‘I found her!’ Suzy squealed.


The priestesses made my job easier, I cunningly used their own distraction against them. The current of wind carried me back to the cave but then it was tampered. I fell and Snow fell far away. Eleven witches came out and two carried her away. Before I could retaliate, they all surrounded and burnt me. I screamed in pain, howling and squirming. The pain was severe and I knew I was going to die.

‘Stay away from my mother!!!’ Suzy roared from everywhere. She appeared behind them with Blair, the abandoned fairy I raised. Blair struck the earth with her wand and it quaked and ripped, dragging some witches along before crushing them in a single close. ‘No one can hurt her except me!‘

I’m glad about that.

‘Wind and clouds and storm, move to my accord. Thunder roar and lightning strike tend to me and fall on my hands,‘ her eyes were blue and lightning surrounded her. She smirked at the witches who tried to escape. She dragged them out of the portal they were running into with a swing of her lightning. ‘Fall by the strike of my light!‘ She zapped all of them to dust.

Blair came to my aid, waving her wand over me. I could tell she was exhausted and about to collapse but was still hanging on.

‘Mom, I should have let you die but I’m not you, mother, I have a heart and I still love you. It’s time you question yourself on what’s important.‘ Suzy said softly. She held Blair who was still struggling to be awake and disappeared.


I screamed and cried. They have my Snow, they took my beautiful girl. The witches took her, the priestesses were furious.

‘We were used.‘ they thundered. I was crying when I felt his presence. I looked up and saw him being dragged in with Dae-woong.

‘Youg-Sun! What have you done to my husband!!!‘ I screamed struggling with the chains.

‘I hate love!‘ They shouted. ‘Kill him first.‘

‘No! Stay away from him!‘ the stone giant knelt him up. ‘Don’t touch him!!!‘ I shouted. I can’t lose them both. Jeon ‘Yong-Sun!!!’ The stone giant lifted up his club and brought it down with a great force.

‘No!!!!!!!’ I felt myself explode and the whole place destroyed.

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