Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



I ate slowly at the breakfast table, I was bored. No Jesse to pest yet because he was still making love to his bed and I can’t dare pest Cena or I will face a true version of annoying. Speaking about Cena, he was busy stealing someone’s cookies as he glanced at the door watchfully. Tye was busy feasting on Bitna’s lips. I don’t think he understands the definition of Lyon’s fist.

I’m lonely.

‘Good morning,’ Jesse greeted yawningly, not greeting anyone in particular and dragging his feet in. My eyes glued to his bare torso as images flooded my head.

‘Good morning my son,’ Cena responded fatherly. Jesse sighed.

‘I don’t have your time th…my cookies! Cena!!!’ Cena quickly shoved the rest into his mouth and ran behind me. ‘Do you know how long I begged Helene to make that for me!!!’

‘Three hundred and ninety days,’ Cena muffled but it sounded like. ‘Bi bi bom be ma nineshi daise.’

I laughed ‘Cena, why? First you tied me up with Snow’s trousers last night and now you stole my cookies!!!’

‘I only helped you in acknowledging their tastiness and extravagant pleasure. You should be thanking me,’ he muffled again. I don’t have to repeat it exactly, it was funny and I laughed. Jesse stared at me with a look I can’t pinpoint. I stopped laughing and blushed at his weird look. He smiled and turned to the freezer. ‘I should make you laugh more often and use you against him.’ Cena whispered clearly.

‘I heard that,’ Jesse shouted shrilly. Oh God! I’m jealous of his bed, she gets to touch him everyday and I don’t. I need to murder that bed and take her place.

‘Morning family,’ Kai greeted enthusiastically bouncing into the kitchen. We simultaneously gave him a questioning look. ‘What?’ Cena walked to him and turned him side to side, checking him with a motherly gaze while Jesse leaned on the fridge studying him well. ‘Cena, what is it?’

‘Kai, who impregnated you?’ He asked tapping his foot with arms akimbo. Tye and I broke into a peal of laughter. Kai chuckled.

‘Cena, don’t start with me this morning, it’s too early for your madness.’

‘Don’t talk to your mother like that young man! Now tell me who impregnated you? Is it Suzy? Didn’t I warn you to use protection? Look at your stomach now, big! Did she deny the pregnancy? Why is the baby not kicking…’ Kai folded his fist playfully and made to punch him. ‘Ah yai! Do you want to punch your mother?’ He cried jumping back.

Tye, Bitna and I were busy laughing while Jesse just observe Kai without a smile.

‘You screwed her good huh?’ He said teasingly. Kai looked at him confusedly. ‘The pretty keeper on your bed.’ He added wiggling his eyebrows. Kai went crimson. Cena laughed slapping Kai’s shoulder.

‘My son finally pound his mate…oh wait! She did the pounding,’ what an as***ole! Are they talking about my friend like that in my presence.

‘Please I’m here, don’t gossip about my friend.’

‘What’s there to gossip? Your friend got f**ked badly and now he’s pregnant.’ Jesse laughed. I picked the jelly bean in my plate and targeted his throat. I threw it.


‘And she scores!’ Cena cheered jumping about. Jesse gasped for air as he hurriedly took my glass of milk and chunked it down.

‘What was that for?!!!’

‘Don’t speak trash about my friend. What they do together is none of your business.’ I said coldly. He hissed, his eyes turning blood red and fangs daring me. I rolled my eyes.

‘There is a limit to every audacity. Because I play along doesn’t mean you will over do it. You are nothing but an abandoned sick human so don’t you ever dare!!!’ He yelled. My mouth dropped open, did he just insulted me for being dumped by my parents? I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheeks. His eyes softened and returned to normal. ‘I’m sorry.’

I stood up and walked to the door.

‘Blair wait! I’m sorry.’ He blocked my way.

‘Get out of my way!’ I yelled.

‘I was upset and I…’

‘I said get out or I’ll turn you to a statue!!!’ I yelled trying to push him.

‘You know you can’t. I don’t even know why I’m begging a f**ked up ass like you.’

Is he serious? My parents abandoned me as a child. My father was a fairy king, his own kind was of that who hyped legitimacy and royalism. Back then when he was a prince, he came to the human side and met my mother. Long story short, I was born and he rejected me due to the fact that I was illegitimate and worse, I had no wings or fairy powers then. My mother coped with me for two years, but when she couldn’t go on anymore, she dumped me in the middle of nowhere to die. That was how Suzy’s mother found and raised me, she helped me open my fairy powers and I was born with the rarest elements, one that my father clan needs so they came running back.

I stepped back and smirked. ‘You wanna see what I can do huh? You asked for it!’ I yelled maniacally. I snapped my finger and my wand appeared in my hand. I pointed it at him and lift him up.

‘What the…’

‘Guess what you foolish Vamp prince, I am the missing illegitimate fairy Princess Jasmine. Just because I don’t use my powers doesn’t mean I’m human. How do you think I mended a pendant as powerful as Lyon’s? With my teeth. I won’t warn you again you as***ole, don’t ever talk to me again!!!’ I smashed him on the breakfast table repeatedly until it broke to pieces. Then I dropped him and turned him to a chocolate statue. Cena grinned licking his lips, if he doesn’t eat him first, ants will. I let my blue wings out, ripped and jumped to school.


Snow skipped behind me taunting me about last night. I ignored her completely. She tapped me just as I was about walking into the kitchen.

‘What!’ I snapped.

‘Apologize,’ she said frowningly.

‘For what?’

‘Disturbing my beautiful sleep last night,’ she said in a duh tone. I eyed her angrily. ‘Apologize or else.’

‘Or else what! Please just leave me alone for today because I’m still mad at you.’ I inhaled. She smirked.

‘Just what I wanted to hear, this is going to be fun.’ With those mischievous words uttered, she skipped into the kitchen. I sighed and followed. Hold on!

‘Tye, why did you turn Jesse to a chocolate statue!!!’ I yelled. He shrugged.

‘Blair did,’ Bitna said cutely playing with his hair.


‘I’m as shocked as you are,’ Kai said sarcastically as he tried to pin Cena down.

‘Let me have ’em!!! Chocolate!!!’ He screamed. Snow squeaked and ran to Jesse chocolate. I hurried after her and got her on time.

‘Don’t eat him.’

‘But chocolate…’

‘Tye, change him back!’

‘Don’t look at me, today is my off day.’ Off what?

‘Since when? What stupid off? Can you change him already before he gets eaten.’ I said holding, Snow tight.

‘Stop touching my breast. Yo hold waist not here,’ she scoffed slapping my forearm. I grumbled inwardly, not until she back kneed me. I let go of her and cried. Cena laughed, forgetting about the chocolate.

‘Just let him go,’ Jesse voice said chucklingly. He came out of his shadow and smirked at me. I rolled my eyes, forgot he had three abilities. He can duplicate himself to uncountable clones, his hands hold red blazing fire and spells don’t work on him. He must have duplicated himself before Blair changed him.


We were late for school. I ate hurriedly while Kai struggled to pack my hair, he sucks and nobody sent him to. Cena was feasting on the chocolate in the kitchen and Tye was trying to convince Bitna to stay home without him for the day. Lyon, he was facing another Snow sexual torment under the table. She’s cruel.

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Where’s Blair?


I stared at The Fifth Alphas as they walked in, crowd surrounded them screaming and cheering. Once upon a time, I was like the screaming girls and now I’m in love and angry at one. I stood in a class staring them. Kai Piggybacked Suzy and Snow clung to Cena. She wore a short emerald straight skirt and off the shoulder crop top. The necklace glowed from her neck and damn it! Her cleavage was out and her hot legs. Lyon kept glaring at Cena who had his hand around her waist.

I’m so proud of myself for spoiling her well. Now she’s a semi devilish temptress, a graduate from my university.

‘Hey,’ I didn’t bother turning back. ‘Won’t you look at me?’ I kept ignoring him. ‘You sent the video of Dennis to a reporter yet?’ Silent. ‘Please just answer me,’ I pushed myself off the window sill and turned. I tried to walk past him but he held my arm. ‘Please don’t go.’

‘Get your hand off me,’ I warned deeply.

‘Look I’m sorry. I didn’t… I’m sorry,’ I whipped my hand off his light hold. ‘Blair.’

‘We never met.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘What the hell do you even want from me? Is it my body because I don’t understand why you won’t let me be.’ I’m really tired of this.

‘The one thing I feared most was a mate and the day I sensed you coming, I ran out of class not wanting to see you. Mates are rare for my kind but I have one, iIt’s impossible avoiding you,’ my jaw dropped. Why didn’t I think of it before. ‘I don’t know how to treat a woman well, I suck at that because I never cared about it. I’m sorry if sometimes I hurt you but you hurt me more and you are wicked. Do you think it’s easy to watch my mate date another guy? Especially a kid.’

‘Is this what you call an apology?’ I asked folding my hands under my breasts. He groaned.

‘Please stop doing that, you make me imagine things’ I smirked and walked closer to him.

‘Things like what?’ I asked huskily, running my hand up his chest seductively. He gulped. ‘Jesse if you want me, you’re gonna have to stick to one skirt. I don’t like sharing one bit.’

‘Have you seen me with any girl since I met you?’ He asked. Hmmm, true. I smiled and bit his bottom lip.

‘This is the last floor and there’s no one coming here for the next two hours.’ I whispered on his lips. He smiled understanding what I meant.

What? I’m a ball of fire.

I used my wand to lock the door and block out any sound. He kissed me roughly immediately, oh yeah! I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist. He walked back and sat me on the teacher’s table. The rest is for me to know, mind your business.


I walked hurriedly behind Topaz and Beryl as they walked to the restroom. They got in and I followed, shutting the door after me. ‘Good morning,’ I greeted nervously. She turned and looked at me plainly. I walked to Topaz and hugged her from behind.

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‘Ya! Are you crazy!’

‘My bestie please forgive me, don’t be mad at this foolish whore. Please forgive this child.’ I begged.

‘No! Get off before I hurt you again!’ she yelled wiggling and squirming.

‘Please, I don’t want us to fight. I give up Dylan and Lyon. I just want you back, please bestie,’ I sobbed ‘I love you so much my darling…’ I sobbed sang ‘I love you so much my dear
There is no one I can love so well
There is no one my secrets I can tell
Just a day without you I fell
Just a day without you was hell
I can’t live without you
My life will never get through
There is no Jade without Topaz
Without her a day I can’t pass
Jade is nothing without Lee Areum
Jade is empty without her love
So will you forgive me my cupcake?
If you do, many changes to me I’ll make
So please my beautiful Lee Areum
Will you forgive me?…’ I sobbed sang. She laughed tearfully.

‘You know I can never stay mad at you,’ she smiled, turned and hugged me back. I cried in her arms as she patted my back. Beryl joined us. ‘Don’t worry, you will find someone just meant for you and you alone.’

I know. At least she’s my best friend again.


Suzy sat on my thighs making me up. According to her, her dreams was to become a make-up artist. She was to take a picture of her work and send it to a dude or something then he’ll put her up for apprenticeship, his assistant. The guy is her role model. Her lips were puckered up in deep concentration and her eyes squinted in thought. Her glasses were off and she looked so beautiful. I wasn’t allowed to touch her, not just because my guards stood at the gate of the garden were we sat but because a serious Suzy is a no fun Suzy.

I sighed with boredom.

‘Oppa, I told you not to move.’

‘I’m bored,’ she hit my head and continued brushing my lashes up with that weird black thingy. She licked her lips and exhaled.

‘What if this one isn’t right?’ She mused and scattered her hair. ‘I’ll change it.’

‘Oh come on! This is the tenth time!’

‘I need it to be perfect so he will love it and see I’m good,’ she said calmly picking up a wiper. I whimpered..

‘Suzy.’ I cried.

‘I love you too,’ she wiped everything and from the beginning she started. I slipped my hand into her skirt and she smacked it off. ‘I need to concentrate.’

‘But I want you, let’s go to my car.’

‘Don’t make me freeze you,’ she said frowningly. I sighed and let her work. She finally finished and was going to change it but I refused so she took two pictures and sent them to the person. ‘Now I wait… What if…’

‘Please, please, please, no doubting or if’s please. I don’t have the energy to motivate anyone,’ I said grumpily. She hissed and rolled her eyes. I took the mirror and screamed at my face. ‘Suzy! What have you done to my beautiful face!!!’

‘Is it bad?’ She asked anxiously.

‘I look like a f****ng zombie!’ She swat my head.

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‘That was the idea idiot,’ does she know who she’s talking to? Does she even care. Mtcheeew. ‘So I did well? Be a boyfriend.’

‘You did great. I’m terrified of my own face.’

‘Thank you Oppa,’ she said shyly. Her phone rang, she picked it immediately with a nervous smile. ‘Yes? I sent it…uhm I did it myself…’ She said nervously gnawing at her nails. ‘Huh?…but I…’ Tears ran down her cheeks. Hey! What’s he saying to my girlfriend!!!

I took the phone and put it on loud speaker.

‘I’ll advice you focus on your education because you are terrible at this. Work like this are not for kids especially untalented ones. I need a talented apprentice, not a horrible kid…’ Suzy burst into tears. ‘You don’t need to cry…’

‘Hey you! Do yo know whose girlfriend’s heart you just broke?!’ I asked angrily.

‘Who’s this kid?’


‘Kid! You dare call Kim Dong-Jung a kid!!! Just listen here you bas***d, by the time I’m done with you and your useless life, there will be nothing left of your career to gather. Mark my words,’ I hung up and brought out my phone. ‘What’s his name?’ I asked her, she was crying bitterly. ‘Suzy I asked a question.’ I snapped.

‘Yi Yeong-un…’ I called my dad’s PA.

‘Good morning Alpha…’

‘Just shut up and listen. Yi Yeong-Un, make up artist, find and wreck his career to the ground or you are dead.’

‘But sir…’


‘Nothing sir, anything else?’ He asked shakily.

‘Tell Miyazaki that I’m sending my girlfriend to him and he should treat her with respect or I’ll have him feed to vultures, Kapish?’

‘Yes sir,’ I hung up and faced Suzy with a smile.

‘Don’t cry, Oppa don’t like it when you cry,’ I whispered wiping her tears. ‘Remember who I am, I’ll get you into a much better firm. Is that okay?’

‘He was my idol.’

‘He is an as***ole, come on smile,’ she pouted. ‘I’ll strip you if you don’t,’ she grinned widely. I chuckled and pulled her in for a hug. ‘He’s jealous of your cool talent.’ She hummed.

She stood up sharply, her eyes turned yellow. Not this Suzy again.

‘What is it?’

‘Did you feel that?’

‘No, what I..’ I paused when I saw something flash pass. ‘Ur Suzy…’ She stepped in front of me. Five shadows jumped out and entered my guards, turning them to soul shadows too, they charged at us.

‘Sol brennen,’ she shouted. Fire surrounded us. ‘sh*t! They are here for Snow!’



Snow stood in front of me mocking me with arms akimbo. I couldn’t concentrate so I went to rest in the room but she showed up and stole my peace. My elbow rested on my knees and my hands on my ears, trying to shut her out.

‘I mean you could have done a better job but you suck at it…’

‘Snowflake, I beg you in the name of your mother, shut that thing you call a mouth.’ I finally snapped. She scoffed and folded her arms.


‘One more words from you again and I’ll show you how pleasurable rape feels like.’

‘Bah! You can’t do anything. Appa and Oppas will kill you and Eomeonim.’

‘Is that so?’ I asked smirkingly. She nodded confidently. I stood up from the bed. She didn’t move until I walked closer to her. She stepped back.

‘Oppa, what are you doing?’ She asked eyeing the exit door.

‘What do you think?’

‘Bye bye,’ she ran to the door. I locked it and pulled her back telepathically. She whimpered. ‘Oppa, I was just joking, you know how I blab. You see I was possess, I didn’t know what I was doing so you can forgive me…’ She kept blabbing until I whipped her on the bed. ‘Hold on hold on, do you know that rape is a serious crime against the law? Those who rape go to jail and some die. I read in a African country that…Oppa wait I’m not done explaining how the devil possess me…’

I hovered over her laughing as she continued prattling.

‘And that is the full story. Now as my boyfriend, you will help me overcome the demons and fight them off. Raping is never the answer. We need to fight,’ I tied her hands to the bar at the headboard. ‘Oppa you are not listening.’

I hummed and trailed my finger on her chest to her knees, her dress disappearing to the floor.

‘Oppa can do magic. We can fight it you see.. Er Oppa that skirt should be on my body not the floor. It is a sin for unmarried people to do this. We are both good children, we should stick to that,’ she continued as I worked on her body. ‘Oppa listen first. Remove your mouth from what belongs to my future children and let’s discuss like adults. You are not listening…’ She trailed off moaningly. ‘Wait! You are corrupting me. Oppa I’m too much of an innocent girl for this, seven years old shouldn’t be doing this. This is child abuse and must b…oh gosh! Go I mean stop this unholiness and let’s focus on aah…oppa…’ She ended her blabbering with moans, shouting my name. I smiled and moved to her poon. ‘Oh sh*t!’ She moaned. I loved the way she wiggled and screamed. I knelt up straight when I was done with her and unbuckled my belt. She gulped. ‘Me and my big mouth.’

I chuckled.

‘Oppa give me another chance to prove that I’ve changed. Please just wait first and listen to my preaching,’ she ranted. I covered her mouth with mine. She kissed me back while struggling to set herself free. Mianhae Snow. I thrust into her ripping her hymen open. She screamed into my mouth, her eyes turning white. Something waved through my body bringing out my crown and true hair color. ‘Oppa stop!’ She cried. I kissed her tears away.

‘I love you,’ I whispered in her ear.

‘Did I ask you to love me? Get off me!!!’ She yelled. I let the pain settled down first before starting off with gentle thrust, she hissed and moaned.

Director J will kill me. I just deflowered his daughter.


I dragged my feet to the restroom to clean myself up. Jesse is a hard rocker. I washed my face and hands. He appeared behind me. I rolled my eyes. ‘Chanson what do you want?’ I asked with a sigh.

‘Do you know you are the only princess of…’

‘I am not,’ I snapped. ‘Your f**ked up father disowned me.’

‘You act like a human. You do not act with grace and dignity like a fairy princess should.’

‘So you were watching me have sex with my boyfriend? Are you crazy? Didn’t I warn you to stop prying? Because you know where I am doesn’t mean you can control me. Now get out before I forget you are my brother and kill you!’ I yelled furiously.

‘Dad wants you back home,’

‘Then tell him to f**k off. I don’t have a father,’ I brought out my wand and whipped him away. I sighed and scattered my hair. Rubbish.

Ria came behind me, stepping out of her shadow.

‘You again!’

‘I warned you, didn’t I?’ She asked smirkingly. I scoffed. I don’t have time for this. I turned and appeared my wand behind my back. ‘Jesse will pay for what he did to me and you will die for being his mate.’

‘Ria, have you ever been fried before?’ I asked sweetly. She stared at me confusedly. ‘Tch! Enjoy,’ I zapped her with my wands burning her with flames. She screamed and rolled on the floor in pain. ‘Jesse’s mate is not a human, b***h. Next time find out well before you try and attack.’ I scoffed and burnt her to ashes. I’ll make everyone think she committed suicide or something.

Jesse is lucky I’m not human.

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