Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



Lyon was still crying. It has been hours. I don’t blame him, losing someone is a sensitive part to him. Cena was calm now, he stared at his feet thoughtfully. Tye was searching for Snow with Helene. Their eyes closed.

‘How lame for you all to think I’ll let her be on her own,’ Suzy’s voice said bored. She walked Into the living room from the stairs cracking her knuckles.

‘How come you are coming from up there?’ Cena asked dumbly. She smirked at him. Her glasses were off and hair loose. She didn’t look like the cute little Suzy anymore.

‘She’s Helene’s descendant, use your brain,’ Kai sniggered. ‘Please tell me you know where Snow is…?’ He said pleadingly. She tilted her head, pointing to the stairs. Lyon ran upstairs immediately. Lock came out, that stupid fox. He hid before.

‘What happened to her?’

‘Something no longer important,’ Kai said coldly. She smacked her lips and sneered.

‘That thing just gave out her location to those who seek her and you say it’s not important? My mother almost got her and you say it’s not important!’ Kai flinched the shocked expression on his face was priceless. She was definitely not Suzy anymore. ‘Kim Dong-Jun. It’s my duty to protect her and I almost failed because of that thing and you call it not important.’ She hissed standing in front of him now. Her eyes eerily yellow.

Cena laughed mockingly pointing at him. Suzy’s eyes averted to him and he choked gasping for air. Is she strangling him!

Kai grinned.

‘Aisha,’ Helene called warningly. She let him go.

‘Next time, don’t laugh at him when I’m talking. Is that understood?’ Cena nodded quickly. Tye laughed mockingly for the first time.

‘I love this version of her. It’s cool.’

‘Wait! Where’s Blair. Please tell me you didn’t leave her alone? Tell me Snow was just fooling around.’ I panicked.

‘I’m right here idiot,’ she said walking in. ‘Lyon chased me out,’ she pouted. ‘What did he do to break her heart like that?’

‘Nothing,’ I said lowly.

‘So you care,’ she said smirkingly

‘I was only making sure you don’t die since you can’t protect yourself. You’re a tiny little human after all.’ She glared at me.

‘Ignore him,’ Suzy rolled her eyes to Kai who was still staring at her.

‘Have anyone ever told you without your glasses you look like a old woman’s butt?’ He asked suddenly. Helene laughed first. Her laugh is the sort of laugh that silent others and make the victim feel like sh*t.

Suzy touched her face and pouted. ‘I do not look like a butt,’ she whined stomping her feet childishly. ‘Blair do I look like a butt?’

‘No you look like ass.’

‘Ugly ass,’ Kai added. I see what he’s doing. He’s trying to bring his girlfriend out.

‘Aish! Where’s my glasses!’


I opened my eyes, Oppa was the first person I saw. He was sleeping so cutely and crying too, hee doesn’t love me. I sat up and wiped my tears. It was falling again.

‘Stars don’t cry,’ I heard a voice. I gasped and turned to her. She was pretty and looked like Oppa. Her hair was gold and eyes emerald. She smiled. ‘Hello Angeline.’

‘My name is Snowflake and Appa said not to talk to weird strangers,’ I folded my arms.

‘I am not a stranger. I was there when you first breathe air, I was there when you formed in your mother’s womb. I was there to give you your first blessed kiss.’


‘Eva couldn’t suppress your wisdom fully. I see.’ she smiled.

‘Who’s Eva?’

‘Your mom.’

‘If you are Araminta, then you are dead.’

‘True. But…nevertheless, my spirit can’t bear the pains of my son. He’s very dear to me sweetie. He made you cry.’

‘He don’t love me.’

‘You know, when I gave birth to him, he didn’t cry or laugh or did anything. It was like he was gloomy at birth but the moment you were born, he cried. He didn’t stop until you were in his arms.’

‘I don’t understand,’ I said scratching my head. She walked elegantly to me and squatted beside the bed.

‘What have Eva done to you, you weren’t suppose to be like this,’ she touched my cheek but her cold hand pass through me. ‘You’ll be fine but always remember that he loves you more than anyone in his life. Don’t let anyone tear you apart again, is that okay flower?’ I nodded smilingly. ‘Don’t let the pendant break again. It won’t break anyways.’

‘That wicked unnie.’

‘Taken care of, he careful Snow.’ she stared at Oppa with a smile before she disappeared. I laid back on the bed. I met my fairy go mother! I can’t wait to tell my Oppas and Faces!

‘Oppa,’ I whispered caressing his cheek. ‘Wake up,’ he sniffed. ‘It’s me.’

‘I know,” he sobbed. ‘That was my mom, right?’

‘My fairy god mother,’ I smiled. He chuckled and opened his eyes, tears running out.

‘I’m very sorry Snow, for making you cry, for breaking your heart. I didn’t do anything with her, I didn’t even know she was there. Oppa would never do anything to hurt you. I’m sorry I yelled at you, I’m sorry I scared you, I’m s…’

‘You talk to much,’ I smiled pressing my finger on his lips. ‘I believe you, Snow wasn’t thinking well, she ran because her legs told her to. I don’t like the way my heart ripped I don’t like this new pain so I won’t feel it again.’

‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered.

‘It’s okay Oppa. Stop crying, that’s Snow’s job,’ I smiled. Oppa looks cute when he cries. I wonder if Panda cries too. Should I test him?

‘Snow, you won’t leave me right? I lost my families, people, friends. I don’t want to…’

‘I won’t. Instead I’ll kill or hurt anyone that tries to take oppa away from me. Snow won’t run again, she’ll teach them a lesson,’ I frowned. ‘If Oppa do that again, I’ll pour him acid.’

I heard that from Puppy Face

‘Are you serious?’

‘Try me and see,’ he smiled.

‘Aigoo, my Snow is becoming strong and possessive,’ he said teasingly pinching my cheek. I giggled. I’ve learnt a lot so now I’m a woman like mom. ‘Come,’ he scoohed closer and wiped his tears on my shirt!


‘Shhh, I’ll wash it,’ he sat up. ‘Your clothes are wet, come let me help you with mine.’

‘I’ll change it myself,’ I sat up too and rubbed my palms together. ‘Eomma taught me this to use in emergency but I wanna show Oppa.’

‘Show me what?’ I separated my hands, that white shiny light sparkled again like it always use to. I clapped it together and it transferred to my body, running up my fingers to my body and changing my wet dress to a long T-shirt and short. ‘What the…’

‘Tada! Oppa do you like it?’ He stared at me weirdly. ‘What?’

He smiled.

‘Nothing, it was pretty. Where did your other clothes go?’

We heard a scream; Tweeny Oppa.

‘Who the hell dropped Snow’s wet and slippery shirt on the stairs!!! I can’t feel my legs!!!’ I covered my mouth and laughed.

‘Ya!!! What is Snow’s bra doing on my head!!!’ Teeny Oppa shouted. ‘Cena!!!’

‘I didn’t do anything!!! I’m crippled here. Can someone help me find my legs!!!’

‘Cena!!! How dare you put pants in my pot of soup!!! Who owns this!!!’ Eomeonim shouted.

‘Why me!’ Tweeny Oppa cried.

‘I swear Cena I’ll kill you when I get down there!!!’ Appa roared from his room. Oppa and I fell on the bed laughing.

‘I didn’t do any… Ow! My ear! Somebody save me!’ Tweeny cried. ‘Aaaah! Helene please!’

‘So you think messing with my food is right? Am I your age mate,’ Helene scolded angrily.

‘Snow must have done it, no Suzy or Blair.’

‘Don’t call my name you nitwit!!!’ Baby Face shouted.

‘How dare you commit a crime and blame my daughters!’

‘Lyon!!!’ Cena cried.

‘High five,’ Oppa whispered and high fived me. We laughed and Oppa put his head on my chest. ‘Hold still let me sleep well.’

‘On my chest, I don’t understand. Will you remove this watermelon you call a head!’

‘I’m sick,’ he pouted. ‘Oppa cried so much and now his head hurts. This is the medicine.’ He wiggled his head on my boobs. I let out a weird sound. He chuckled. What he did reminded me of what Baby Face said.

‘Oppa you are making me uncomfortable,’

‘Manage it,’ he whispered pushing his face into my breast. Humph! He wants to okay with fire huh? I’ll teach him a lesson.

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Snow was asleep but tormenting me unknowingly. She kept rolling and touching me on my sensitive spot. I was hard and she wasn’t helping with her rolling and grinding. I yanked my hair in frustration and stood up. I need to get out of here. I went to Kai’s room. He was jogging around.

‘Er Kai?’

‘Oh hey Lyon, what’s up?’ He asked doing claps.

‘You okay?’

‘Nope,’ he popped. ‘I’m reckless.’


‘Why are you here?’ He asked back.

‘Snow is torturing me. I needed to leave before I raped someone’s daughter.’ I sighed sitting on his bed.

‘Then I’ll rape you instead if you sleep here because that’s what I want.’

‘You are insane,’ I chuckled falling on his bed. He stopped.

‘You think I’m joking?’

‘I know you are joking.’

He scoffed and jumped on me pinning my hands to the bed ‘Come on baby, let’s get wild,’ he hoarsed.

‘Are you mad! Kai, get off me!’

‘I warned you… Have anyone ever told you your eyes are pretty?’ I kicked him off with my legs. He laughed laying face up. We were silent for a while. He turned and looked at me. ‘Seriously Lyon, will you let me make love to you?’

‘Aish!’ I punched him.

‘Aaah! I was kidding! Why you break my nose!’

‘Do I look like Suzy?’

‘Do I look like Snow? Now get out of my room you bubble buster,’ I laughed and punched his side. ‘I want my Suzy to forgive me.’ He cried.

‘Go to her,’

‘So she can shave me, nay!’

‘You are sick.’

‘Not like you. Snow is right there Lyon, all you have to do is tell her and she will do it. She loves you and making you happy is her number one priority.’

‘Wouldn’t it be wrong?’ I asked nervously.

‘Not when she’s your bae. Trust me, Snow is no longer naïve, you keep underestimating Blair. Now stop torturing yourself and get out,’ I stood up and rolled my eyes. ‘Although I would have made a better sex partner…’ He said with a flirtatious wink. I slammed my barefoot on his cock. ‘Aaaah! You have destroyed my generation!’ He stood up. ‘I must destroy yours!’

I ran out laughing. He can act like a psychopath sometimes.

I went back to my room. Suzy and co were sleeping in Snow’s.

‘Who put me in the same room with this pig!’ I heard Suzy yelled exasperatedly. Blair snorted more. I laughed and opened my room door. Snow was standing there swaying like a drunkard.

‘Oppa, you left me,’

‘I’m sorry, let’s go back,’ I smiled. I stepped in and locked the door. I don’t know if it was my eyes but I saw her smirked mischievously. Probably seeing things. She cuddled me once we were under the duvet, putting her leg there again. I groaned.

‘Is everything alright?’ She asked drowsily.


‘Okay, goooooodnight,’ she drawled in a way I don’t understand. Why do I have a feeling that she’s up to something?


I bit my lip to suppress my laugh. Oppa kept fidgeting and groaning, he started it, I’m only helping to finish it. Those videos won’t stop playing in my head and I want to try what Baby Face said, I want to try what I’ve learnt with Oppa. If Eomma comes back eventually, I won’t tell her anything. You won’t tell her right?

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He pushed me. I almost fell out of the bed. This person! Torment level four on.


I sighed with relief, I succeeded in getting her far away from me. She has never slept like this before, what is her problem? She rolled back and hugged me. Here we go again.

‘Kitty,’ I whispered tapping her cheek. She murmured and turned, dragging my hand along with her. She slept sideway, my arm on her waist and palms inside her shirt. How did it get… My hand moved up on it own, feeling her velvety skin to her breast. I removed my hand immediately. Geez! I’m sweating. Who turned down the AC.

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She pressed her butt there again wiggling slightly and grinding against me. Ah yai! This the worst night of my life and the stupid rain isn’t helping. I grabbed her hip grinding her well. I moaned and hoist her shirt up.


I moved away from her holding my hot forehead. I refused to be seduced, I refuse to be tempted by the pleasure of the flesh. How can you resist when the unintentionally seductress won’t go away. She came again.

‘I won’t be seduced. I refuse to be seduced,’ I fortunately was motivating myself but my hands were doing something else. Being a man is hard.

I turned her around and hover over her. My mind was chanting the motivation but my hands were removing her shirt. I shook my head because I imagined her smirking. I kept the shirt aside and bit my lip, staring at her small boobs. She don’t have to know I did anything. I won’t let it go that far.

She won’t know. No one will.

I nipped her gently so she won’t wake up. She moaned in her sleep and the sound of that turned me on more. I sucked on her boob while fondling with the other. She grasp my hair moaningly squirming a little. Don’t wake up Snow, hold still. I trailed up to her neck after I finished with her bosom, foolishly leaving love bites along the way. I should stop.

Maybe a little longer.

I unbuckled the steel button of her short and slipped it out, she wasn’t wearing any other obstacle. Her body was cold and trembling. Don’t worry, I’ll stop. I kissed her clit and she screamed. I covered her mouth.

Does this girl want to expose me? Kai’s door’s not that far and stupid Tye.

I spraddled her legs and continued eating her. She squirm and moaned crazily to my delight squeezing the bedsheets firmly.

‘Oppa stop,’ she moaned. I didn’t really pay attention. I brought my lips to hers, dipping my finger gently into her. She moaned into my mouth kissing me back. Okay, maybe she’ll know but I will figure something out. She brought the kiss and smirked. ‘I got you.’

‘Huh?’ She didn’t give me any time to question her as I found myself falling on the bed and she straddling me seductively. She teased my chest with her fingers and tongue at the same time grinding herself against my bulge and honestly I forgot that it wasn’t suppose to get too far. I couldn’t control my moaning and as I held her hips tight so she won’t leave.

‘Should I stop? It’s not suppose to get too far,’ she whispered into my ear huskily in a taunting way and biting my earlobe seductively. Her hand slid into my short, going to another dimension. ‘Tell me Oppa, should I stop?’

‘Oh sh*t!’ I moaned as her hand stroked my cock inside my short.

‘I’m asking for the last time, should I not let it get too far?’ Her husky voice and breath teased my ear. I shook my head negatively like an obedient boy. She cackled evilly and licked my ear.

I’m dead


She licked all the way from my ear to my waistline and tug my short down. I was unclad like her. She hissed and stroked it again making me moan. I sincerely thought I hit my head somewhere because the girl teasing me was nowhere close to my Snow. She was no longer Snow!

When did she learn all of this?

She gave me a blowjob. Licking and sucking on my tarse like she had done it a thousand time. I cum in her mouth, she knelt straight and spat it out before wiping her lips.

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‘You are disturbing me Oppa. I’m going to sleep with Eomeonim. Goodnight.’ My eyes bulged out as she got off the bed.

‘Are you being serious!’ I whispered yelled sitting up.

‘Do I look like I’m joking,’ she said calmly slipping her shirt back on.

‘There is no way you are going to turn me on like this and leave me hanging.’

‘You turned yourself on,’ she said casually. I blinked.

‘Are you f****ng kidding me!’

‘You can f**k yourself if you wanna sweetie but Snow-is-out,’ she said cheesily cocking her hips. ‘Bye boyfriend.’ She said winkingly, blew me a kiss and cat walked out.

Wait! Am I f****ng dreaming!

‘Snow come back here and finish what you started!!!’ I shouted jumping out of the bed. I found my short, wore it and went to the door. Locked! She locked me in! Not a problem. ‘Dans encombre,’ I said putting my hand on the door. The spell didn’t work. ‘Urgh! I said, sans encombre!’ It still didn’t work. ‘Sans entrave!’ Nothing. ‘You stupid door! I said sans entrave!!! Dischiuso!!!’

She enchanted the door! How is it possible she can do magic? Isn’t she suppose to be a gumiho! Gumiho don’t do magic!


I sighed for the umpteenth time. I couldn’t sleep. First it was Blair pestering me to tell her what Snow really is, then me thinking of Kai and now Snow and Blair laughing and chattering about the wicked and heartless stunt she pulled on poor Lyon. I’m proud of her.

I’m sure you are wondering what Snow is. First. Blair knew from day one about my powers but nothing about Snow because it wasn’t her business, well not until she met Snow. After her crazy Android theory, I told her about the Fifth Alphas being paranormals and Director J being a thousand year gumiho, a powerful one with special healing powers. I also told her that Pearl, Snow’s mom is a huntress, one with vision and strength but that was the part truth. The Fifth Alphas think Snow is a half baked Gumiho, one that some bunch of idiots want to use as sacrifice, they are right but that’s half of the story.

Pearl, or rather, Evangeline is a star like her name says. Her mother, goddess of the stars sent her to destroy the three rising darkness on earth. The demons of sins/of the night, the three priestesses of black magic and Avexis, queen of the wicked witches. I don’t understand the story fully but all I know is that Director J found her when she fell on earth. They fell in love and she let him defile her which was never suppose to happen. It weakened her powers so she could not stop them on her own. They wanted to get her powers but she met Lyon’s mother, the most powerful female elf in existence. Her light was almost as bright as the moon goddess, Araminta helped Eva create the company of light. Tye’s dad, (a wizard) Jesse’s mother (powerful queen of Vampires) Cena’s father, (a dangerous hunter) and his mother, (a shapeshifter) Kai’s father (a Alpha King werewolf) the healer twins Natalya , (Lyon’s adopted mother and Natalia (Bitna’s biological mother) and Director J and themselves.

They hunted down the dark things. Eva chained down the demons with help of Director J. Lyon’s mother killed Avexis and banished the witches and also weakened the powers of the priestesses with Eva’s help. That was how it ended there. Eva got pregnant but the child was disturbing her so that was how they came to seek Helene, a sorceress. She healed and help till the day the baby was born. Araminta really used all of her powers to bring Snow out.

She was originally the keeper of the demons but after she depleted herself of energy while helping Eva to bear Snow, she gave it to Helene and went home to rule her kingdom. Grandma wasn’t that strong again so we knew she would pass it on to mother, five years after Snow’s birth. The priestesses launch a surprise attack on Elflandia, Araminta’s kingdom. She was still weak so she couldn’t fight them off and the company of light didn’t arrive on time. They wanted Lyon because he was tied to Snow and they couldn’t find Snow. Lyon escaped and director J found and gave him to Natalya, Bitna was young then and unconscious. Her powers were too strong for her.

Now to what Snow is. Snow is partly a gumiho but more of a star too, the last and strongest daughter of the Star goddess. She was sent to correct the mistake Eva made and that’s why Eva is so protective, that is why she removed Snow’s senses so she could control her and make sure she don’t get defile too but that was a mistake. Snow is different from her, she’s tied to Lyon for a reason but Eva would never listen to reasoning or words. Snow’s pureness is what will kill her, if the witches catches her, they will trade her immortal and pure soul for Avexis and then they will become unstoppable. If it’s the priestesses, they will use her heart to return their full and supreme powers and the demons just want her under their control so she can free them. The priestesses have Eva but they want nothing from her, just the location of Snow which they already have.

Eva did right by protecting Snow but she overdid it. She should have told her who she was and taught her how to control her powers, to defend herself. I guess that’s why we are watching her but I know nothing will end well.

I left the room and went to get a glass of water. Blair is stubborn. Eva put a spell up so no one will ever be able to guess what Snow really is or even think about it, but the spell doesn’t work on Blair. Her spirit is violent and stubborn and that’s one of the reason I like her.

I closed the fridge and saw Kai there feigning sleepwalking. He swayed like an idiot, bumping into things until he got to me. He hugged me. ‘Mom, I want to sleep with you.’ He said childishly.

‘Really baby?’ I played along.

‘Don’t leave me,’

‘Come, let’s go to your room,’ I said motherly. He smiled but quickly hid it. I drank water first and followed him. I opened his room door, his sweet scent hitting me in a rush of wind. I grinned and pulled him in before locking the door and dragging him to the bed. His room was black and red, looking like a coven. I helped him get under the duvet before I joined him. I straddled him letting the duvet cover me up to my waist.

I leaned forward and kissed him. He reciprocated immediately, I’ve being dying to taste his lips and get rid of this crazy heat. He grappled my waist moaning into my mouth as I grind him wildly.

‘Suzy you are killing me,’ he moaned. I smiled. Don’t get me wrong, he’s stubborn. I’m his mate, _ case you don’t know – he put the Alpha in the Alphas. He marked me a long time ago without my permission but won’t say he loves me. That was why I said we weren’t dating. We aren’t but I don’t care anymore, we are. I just want to get the mating thing over with. ‘I’m sorry.’ He whispered on my lip. I smiled.

‘Forgiven,’ the heat was driving me crazy. I pushed his pyjama down and slipped out my pant. I didn’t remove my night gown.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

‘This heat is killing me! I can’t take it anymore Kai! I’ll die before morning if I don’t get rid of it…’

‘But are you sure?’

‘Just shut up,’ I hoarsed. I lift myself up and after a little struggle, I drove his length into me, hissing at the pain. He didn’t dare move but enjoyed the motion. I let the pain settle down before I humped on him, moaning and rocking with my head back. He held me to support me. After minutes of pleasurable pain. I rolled off him to the bed, smiling to myself. I mentally pat myself on the back for losing my virginity my own way. He hugged me.

‘You are crazy Suz but I still love you,’ he whispered. I grinned tearily and turned.

‘Say it again,’ I pestered.

‘I love you Suz,’ I covered my mouth and squealed, rolling joyfully on the bed like a fool.

Well, I’m his fool.

Kai loves me!!!

In your face Rena!

Ha! Best night ever!

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