Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]



I walked to the D-Longue thinking of the best way to get rid of Dennis. He’s just a bas***d who wants to find his way into my skirt and run off. I don’t only want to dump him, but I also want to ruin him good. Next time when he comes into existence, he wouldn’t try playing with Blair Choi’s heart.

‘Hey Blair,‘ someone shouted. I turned around and saw Donald jogging to me. I don’t like him, he feels strange. ‘What’s up?’ He asked smilingly. He doesn’t ever talk to me so why all of a sudden? Something is up.

‘What do you want?’ I asked suspiciously

‘Where are you going to?’ He asked with my exact tone.

‘To find Dennis. I haven’t seen him all day.‘ True. School was almost over but he was yet to come to class. He chuckled nervously.

‘Dennis didn’t come to school today. He was sick.‘ He wasobviously lying.

‘Right…‘ I drawled incredulously.

‘Really. He didn’t come to school today,‘ he added sharply. ‘So I’ll advise you go back to class,‘ he said hurriedly pushing me away. It only rose my suspicion. I twisted his arm and slammed his face on a wall pinning him there. ‘Wow! Dennis got a feisty one.‘ He said chucklingly.

‘Where’s Dennis? Start talking.‘

‘Or?’ He dared.

‘You lose your arm,‘ I threatened. He shrugged.

‘Sure you wanna know what your boyfriend is up to?’ He asked smirkingly. I twisted his arm further.

‘I won’t ask again, where’s Dennis?’ I snapped. He cackled

‘Your pretty little D*** is in there with a nice and hotter chick, f****ng the life out of her,‘ he said mockingly. I let go of his arm angrily.

‘What?’ I asked in a furious whisper.

‘Told you not to ask,‘ I turned and walked to the door. ‘What are you gonna do?’ I turned back to him with a menacing smirk.

‘No one messes with Blair and get away with it.‘

Dennis you are dead meat.


I leaned on a wall in the hallway as I waited for Blair. She ought to be running out crying now. I really hate this impatient feeling. Finally! She came out using her phone as a toss and catch ball. She stopped abruptly at seeing me and rolled her eyes. She continued walking and past me.

Isn’t she suppose to be heartbroken? What did Donald do?

‘Blair,‘ I called running after her.

‘He knows my name,‘ she said sarcastically, not bothering to stop. I walked beside her and watched her nonchalant face carefully. She didn’t seem sad at all. I sighed and brought out my phone to text Donald.

‘Didn’t you do what Dylan said?’

I did. She didn’t even act like a girl who caught her boyfriend cheating. I don’t think she liked him at all, Dennis replied. My guess is that she was using him to get fame. He added.

That’s not possible. Blair is a girl that tend to get whatever she wants when she wants it. If she needed fame so badly, she wouldn’t have glued to him. He’s the least of the popular idol. She is already close to the firth Alpha and that is enough fame and if she badly wanted it, she would have gone for me, Cena, Dylan or Any of the EC BOYZ.. She’s also not the kind of person that like too much attention and I’m sure she really liked him at first.

‘Oomph!’ I groaned as my head collided with something. I looked at the thing. A wall. Blair laughed from behind me.

‘Sorry I forgot to say “Jesse look out!” I’ve said it now,‘ I turned and frowned at her beautiful smirking face. ‘What? I’m not the one who told you to hit a wall.‘

‘You should have warned me,‘ I argued.

‘I just did,‘ she said innocently.

‘After I collided with it.‘ she gave me a toothy smile.

‘Don’t blame me. My heart was broken few minutes ago,‘ she said dramatically touching her forehead. ‘I can feel my temperature rising.‘

‘Really? What happened?’ I asked expectedly.

‘Shut up. I’m not done with my dramatic explanation,‘ she snapped. I zipped my lips with my fingers. ‘Good boy,‘ I rolled my eyes. ‘Dennis cheated on me,‘ she continued with her dramatic rubbish. ‘He broke my spirit and tore my soul. Wherever shall I find love again? How would I cope? How would I ever let go of him. He was my life, the reason I breathed… Oh! My poor heart…’ She trailed off and fell on the floor like she fainted. I laughed at her little display. ‘You were suppose to catch me you chucklehead ‘ she said upsettingly.

‘Was I part of the drama?’ I asked confusedly.

‘Gosh! You suck. Come and help me up.‘

‘Help yourself. You ain’t paralyze,‘ I said scoffingly. She glared at me and folded her arms, pushing her breasts up. My eyes stayed on that spot. Her cleavage showing through her loose button. My mind went wild with imagination.

‘Jesse!!!’ She shouted. She was in front of me? When did she stand up? ‘Geez! What are you so lost thinking about?’

‘Trust me, you don’t wanna know.‘ I said sheepishly. She sighed and leaned on the wall I crashed in.

‘Boys sucks.‘

‘Did Dennis really hurt you?’

‘No, but I will hurt him,‘ she smiled evilly waving her phone. ‘Take a look,‘ she unlocked it and played a video. I scoffed amusedly.

‘You little devil,‘

‘You can say that again. I don’t really care what will happen after I give this to a reporter or blogger. I just want to hurt him.‘

‘I won’t argue. Let me see.‘ I snatched her phone and ran away. She yelled my name behind me unable to keep up with my speed.


Lord, I’m finished! Jesse took my phone and it was unlocked. He’s my phone wallpaper and I have a specially created album for only his photos. I have every single one of his pictures online along with the ones I took. I also have his fan app and I’m his number one fan. He will see everything and know I like him and then I will never hear the end of it.

I felt like crying. In fact I cried while sitting on the floor. I’m a confuse person. One minute I don’t want him anymore and the other I’m dying to have him. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

‘Hey,‘ he said calmly. I wiped my tears immediately, stood up and took my phone.

‘What did you see?’ I asked sheepishly.

‘I only went through your gallery to delete all of Dennis’ photos but surprisingly found none so I went around and insulted all the boys in your WhatsApp chat that you’re flirting with. You can thank me later.‘ He said proudly. Wave of relief wash my system. I remembered Suzy changed the nam and locked the album and used her face as the front.

I owe her a kiss.

‘Why did you read my chats?’

‘Because from now on, you are my babe.‘

‘Not in your next life.‘ I said defiantly though I was celebrating inward. He smirked and I moved back and pressed the wall I was resting on before.


He cage me with a devious smile and suddenly I forgot my name. He pressed his nose on my hair above my ear and sniffed it. I stood there with no memory, not knowing what to do.

‘Tell me Blair, do you like me?’ Who’s Blair again? Oh! Yes! Me.

What to do. Can’t let him know he can affect me this way. I smiled and pushed him away.

‘I want you hung upside down to a tree.‘

He frowned and cursed under his breath.

Yes! I survived!


I followed Rinette secretly as she skipped to the restroom. She pushed the door open and walked in. I followed. She went to the sink and stared at herself in the mirror with a grin.

‘Snow,‘ she touched the mirror with her slender fingers. ‘Oppa says you are beautiful and his pricesless jewel. He loves you a lot. What can you do to make him happy and stay with you forever? Should you do what Baby Face said to do? Oppa won’t cheat if I don’t do it, right?’

This girl is weird.

She sighed sadly and touched the necklace then smiled again. I smirked evilly and walked to her. She turned sharply and frowned.

‘What do you want meanie Unnie?’ She asked with a childish annoyed pout.

‘I wanted to apologize to you for hurting and trying to take Lyon away from you. I now see that he really loves you,‘ I said smilingly stepping closer to her. ‘Lyon really really really really really loves you but do you know how much he will hate you if you lose the one thing he cares about with his life?’ I said eyeing the necklace.

‘I won’t…’ I snapped it out of her neck with all my strength and threw it hard on a far away wall. It smashed to pieces and I ran out. I could hear her screaming in fright. Now Lyon will hate her.


Suzy won’t talk to me and I know I did wrong. Snow is right, I’m taking this too far. She was reading a book with anger clearly concealing her beautiful smile. I didn’t mean to beat up the boy to that extent, he was so close to her and she didn’t notice he wanted to steal a kiss. I only acted out of anger, possessiveness and jealousy.

School was over and we were in Alpha room waiting for Snow to return so we could go home. Blair and Jesse were in a heated argument at the bar. Cena was admiring himself in the mirror and Lyon was arranging Snow’s books. I sighed and tapped her. She ignored me.

‘Suzy, are you still mad?’ Still silence. ‘Okay, I’m sorry. I was only angry,‘ she averted her eyes from her book to me in a dagger glare. ‘Please forgive me.‘

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‘Sorry won’t wake up Young-So from the coma you put him. Sorry won’t make his mother ever stop seeing me as the witch who made her boyfriend beat up her ex!‘ She raised her voice. ‘We are not even really dating Kai and this is the last time I will tell you that. I swear on my father’s grave Kai, If I ever repeat myself again, you will see another side of me you don’t and will never love!‘ She said angrily, stood up and walked to another cushion. Cena laughed. If I answer him, he will die by my hands.

The door pushed open and Snow dragged her feet in looking like a lost and soaked puppy. What did she do?

‘Kitty, are you okay?’ Lyon asked with concern standing up from his squatting position. She bit her lip quaverly. This is bad. ‘Snow what is…where’s my necklace?’ He asked anxiously rushing to her. I stood up just in case. He checked her neck. ‘Snow, where is my mother’s necklace?!!!’ He shouted. She flinched and jumped back in fear.

‘Lyon, calm down first…‘ Cena said walking to him.

‘Don’t come close,‘ he snapped. ‘What’s behind your back?’ She kept mute shivering with fear. I’ve never seen her scared before. ‘Jeon Eun-Kyung what is behind your back!!!’

‘Lyon don’t raise your voice at herz‘ I said coolly. Yelling at him won’t help. She brought out her hands. sh*t! Lyon’s mother’s necklace was in pieces, the glass pierce into the skin of her palms, making them bleed badly. She dropped a hanky on the floor and opened it. The remaining pieces.

Lyon was breathing heavily. I walked to Snow and pulled her out of his sight before he murdered her. His eyes were glued to the pieces on the floor.

‘It’s not my fault. That unnie snapped and smashed it and ran away,‘ Snow said with a small voice, her body still trembling with fear. I hugged her.

‘I can fix it,‘ Blair said quickly. Lyon’s eyes averted to me and then to Snow. His murderous eyes lingering on her. I hugged her tightly and buried her face in my chest as her body shook than before. He stomped out, slamming and destroying the door aggressively.

Blair gathered the pieces and Suzy took the ones from her hands.

‘I’ll take her home with me Kai, she needs some breathing space.‘

‘And I have a girl to murder.‘ Cena growled and stomped out. Jesse ran after him to stop him from killing the President’s last daughter.

She’s leaving this school.



I sighed for the umpteenth time. I was at the waterfall I took Snow to. I spent the first hour fuming and cursing then the rest two wallowing and regretting. I know Snow will never lose or destroy something I gave to her. She sees everything I give to her and do as perfect. I was angry and for the first time, I let my anger control me and I really broke her heart. What if she sees me as a monster now because of how I reacted?

‘Andreous,‘ my head quickly scanned for the familiar voice. I stood up and looked around more. No one knows my real name so what the hell. ‘Andre,‘ the voice came from behind this time. I turned and saw no one. ‘Andre!‘ The voice called in a sing song and giggled. My breathing tensed.

‘Who are you? Show yourself.‘ I commanded.

‘You know, commanding is rude. I’ve told you this before.‘ I turned sharply to my side. She sat on the cliff swaying her legs. My breathing seize.d

‘Andrea? What are you doing here?’

‘Looking for you.‘

‘You are dead,‘ I said terrified stepping back.

‘One more step and you’ll fall,‘ she sang. I looked behind me. She turned and looked at me, her golden eyes glowing as she smiled. ‘What’s with the golden hair? Tryna look like mom?’

‘Andrea, what do you want?’

‘I want you to change your hair back to white isn’t that the original color?’

‘It’s weird having white hair here,‘ I said feeling calm. I went to and sat beside her. ‘What do you want Ann?’ You can easily guess who she is because of our similar names. She’s my older twin sister. When she was alive that is.

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‘For you to find me,‘ she sang ‘I’m not dead. Mom locked my spirit in the pendant and gave it to you and now it is broken. My spirit is free and seek her body. If she had opened it herself, I would have found me but it was broken. When everything is done, find me.‘ She sang and disappeared with a laugh.


This is only my imagination.


I stepped into the house and stopped at who was sitting in the living room. Her ears were plugged and legs crossed. I smiled at my little sister, Bitna. The reason I really act overprotective over her is because she’s sick; Bitna was born blind. Don’t be surprise.

Dad made an app for her, one that reads out everything in her phone. That is why are ears were always plugged, to hear it and not rise suspicion. Everything around her is customized to help her with directions and sight. That’s why I’m worried. It’s not everyday you see a guy love a blind girl like that, it’s suspicious

‘Standing there and smiling at me isn’t very nice. A hug would have been better,‘ she said not sparing me a glance. Aside from the help she gets, she’s naturally sensitive and not normal. I smiled and went to her, enfolding her in a bear hug. ‘Oppa, what’s wrong?’ She asked with concern.

‘Nothing, why?’

‘You don’t feel the same. You are worried, you are scared,‘ she touched my face. ‘And you yearn to weep. Does this have anything to do with Snow?’

‘Yes. I might have messed up.‘

‘Might or did?‘ Tye scoffed joining us. I ignored him. ‘Sitting down here isn’t helping Lyon. Go find her at Suzy’s and apologize to her. Kai said you scared the daylight out of her and it took them two hours to calm her down.‘

‘I was…’

‘Don’t need your excuse. No one asked you to give her in the first place so stop playing with the girl that sees you as a god,‘ I really hate him when he gets all bossy. ‘Now get your ass off that couch and go find her.‘

I stood up as his Majesty ordered and went to my room. My diamond phone rang on the way. Mi Ja what does she want this time? Mi Ja was my ex, a dirty and annoying girl. I switched off the phone and unlocked the door. I’m going to take a long time in the bathroom, I need to think.


I paced in Puppy Face’s room impatiently, Baby Face still haven’t fix it. It takes a lot of time you know. I sighed again.

‘Snow, calm down,‘ Puppy Face said calmly. I glared at her. Maybe she don’t understand the fact that Oppa is going to break up with me if I don’t fix it. What does she know? Panda Oppa will never leave her for anything. I hissed remembering that girl, I’ll deal with her later. ‘Angeline.‘

‘Please don’t. You won’t understand my feelings.‘

‘Lyon will never dump you girl. He loves you. He was angry and that’s all.‘

‘But he yelled at me!‘ I cried.

‘And will apologize, trust me.‘ she smiled first then sighed sadly.

‘Are you still fighting with Panda?’

‘I just need to teach him a lesson a little, he needs to understand that I need space. He don’t need to be around all the time and control my life. I’ll forgive him soon but it’s hurting me,‘ she said poutingly. ‘I miss him.‘

I smiled.

‘Oh Snow,‘ Blair sang. I turned and gasped. The pendant hung from her hand as she smiled. ‘Fixed like it never happened.‘ I squealed excitedly and took it jumping around.

‘Oppa will love me again!‘ I shouted.

‘Blair!!!’ Puppy Face shouted running to Baby Face, she passed out! I hurried to her.

‘I’m fine, just dizzy. That pendant sucked the life out of me. I’ll be fine.‘ She said assuredly. She’s okay.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked worriedly. She nodded.

‘Just take her to him and when you get there, tell Jesse I fell off a balcony and went for treatment but is now in my room,‘ she said weakly. Puppy Face chuckled. ‘Tell him I’m dying.‘ She whispered

‘Aish! You are crazy,‘ I said pushing her face. I stood up and jumped ready to go.


I wanna cry! The traffic won’t let us move. I won’t get there on time. Kai Oppa gave Puppy one of his car, isn’t he nice.

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‘Snow, he’s going to be there anyways. Just calm down and don’t run out of patient.‘

Run! Yes! That’s it.

I got out of the car and ran away, letting my feet lead the way.

‘Snowflake stop!!!’ Puppy face shouted. I finally got there and pushed the gate open.

‘Halt! Who are y…Ms,‘ he bowed. I ran in and went to the big house. A girl sat in the living room, on Teeny Oppa’s laps as she laughed. Appa was tying Tweeny Oppa to a chair.

‘Jesse leave me alone!‘ He shouted

‘Just calm down first!‘

‘I’m calm! If I wasn’t calm, she’ll be dead by now!‘ He shouted again.

‘Appa,‘ I called sharply. They all turned their heads to me. ‘Baby Face is dead.‘ I said and ran to Oppa’s room. I heard Appa shouting.

Cena where did you hide my key!!!

I laughed and opened Oppa’s door after calming my breath. I froze. Who’s the girl on his bed and why is she naked? I don’t understand. Oppa walked out of the en-suite with a tired sigh. He was tying a towel.

My heart felt weird. It felt like I was dying. Why can’t I breathe again? Oppa cheated… He doesn’t love me. My eyes were leaking again and I sobbed.

‘Snow?’ He looked from her to me and me to her. He kept oscillating his gaze. ‘It’s not what you think ‘

What do I think?

What do I know?

Why did I think he would love me? I’m not beautiful, I’m ugly. Eomma said so but Oppa lied. I turned and ran. I don’t know where, just ran.


I ran out of the house and I could hear them calling my name. It started raining heavily but I still ran like that. I kept running as I cried. I stopped running in a place I don’t know and sat down in the rain hugging my knees. Where is Eomma? I want to go back, I don’t want to stay here anymore, I don’t want this pain again, I don’t feel like Snow. Oppa don’t even care. My tears ran into the pendant and many were washed away by the rain. I felt dizzy, really dizzy but I couldn’t stop crying.

What did I do wrong? I tried to fix it, I tried..

I lifted my head. A woman was staring at me. She had brown hair and scary red eyes and burnt scars all over her face. Her skin was scaly and wrinkled and her nails long but blunt. She was dressed like a gypsy and she looks familiar. My vision blurred out as I stared into her eyes.


The poor little thing glowed brightly in the night. Her pain could be sensed from Tartarus itself. I sighed and walked to her but a force stopped me from going near. I tried to force my way through but I flew back and fell ten feet away. I first saw her legs, her heels clicking on the ground as she strutted to me.

‘Still alive I see,‘ she said hatefully. ‘Really thought my last warning steamed you.‘


‘Humph,‘ she raised her hand in disapproval. ‘You are not worthy to call that name. Don’t ever call me that’ she huffed. ‘It’s Suzy to you.‘

‘Suzy, do not interfere in what is not your concern,‘ I said calmly.

‘Her mother placed her under me and grandmother’s care so she is my concern. If you want her, you gotta go through me first.‘

‘I am your mother. I know the limit of your powers, your weaknesses and flaws.‘

‘You were my mother seven years ago and you know nothing. I am not the girl you raised, I’m no longer the weak little Suzy your f****ng and bas***d husband tortured mentally because she couldn’t lift a stone!‘ She yelled, her eyes turning yellow. ‘If I was so weakmother, why is your face so scared and body maimed for life? Where is your darling husband mother dearie? Oh yes, six feet under with no head, no hands and no legs. You should be glad I didn’t kill you too because you were nice and caring then but I won’t think twice before I strike you with lightning.‘

I was calculating where I could catch her off balance but I found none. She had really become stronger since mother marked her as her heiress. I lift my hand but got flung to the wall close by.

‘Do you think I’m stupid,‘ she hissed. Her hands blazed with fire. ‘Maybe you need a little reminder of our last conversation!‘ She shouted. I screamed in pain as she burnt my back mercilessly. The glowing girl moaned in her sleepz making Suzy stop. She smirked. ‘To be continued.‘ She lifted her hands to the sky as lightning sparked in her eyes and a devilish smile crawled up her lips. I disappeared before she struck me.

Now I know why Evangeline chose her instead of me. She’s a girl that can never be corrupted, that knows when to be heartless and when not to. My beautiful daughter. I tapped the girl that works for me gently. She was created by the demons to keep an eye on him, the son of Araminta.

‘Get up. You have a job to do ‘ I groaned in pain.


The portal took me to my room. I dropped Snow on the bed and cracked my fingers. Blair was still ther waiting for Jesse to come in so she could seduce him. She claims to be in the mode for sex. Foolish girl.

‘What happened?’ She asked quizzically.

‘We ran into some few issue. I really don’t know why she was running but I found her on time.‘ I said calmly.

‘She’s glowing and we both know she will never glow like this except if in pain,‘ Blair pointed out. I shrugged and sat on the bed beside her. ‘Who did you see?’

‘My mother,‘ I said casually. My grandmother was the keeper of the demons. Like the protector of the cave Evangeline chained the three sins in. She was becoming weak so Eva chose me as the next Keeper and that angered mom. She wanted the powers that came with the job, she was greedy and that way, the demon poisoned her mind.

I hate my father more. That godforsaken bas***d, don’t know or care what he is but all I know is that I’m a sorceress.

‘No way!’

‘Yes way.‘

‘We need to get out of here before she finds us.‘ Blair panicked.

‘She wouldn’t dare.‘

‘Suzy, I now have enough knowledge to know that when Snow glows it gives away her location and she is vulnerable. What if the witches find us? What if the soul shadows come? You can’t handle them yourselves! I’m powerless right now!!!’ She shouted. I hummed and touched Snow’s head. I would have said a spell to find out what her problem is but no magic except her mother’s, Araminta’s and her son could work on her.

‘She’s broken. I can feel it.‘

‘We need to get her to them, we need help here. She also needs to be healed and only one person is around to do that, we need her now. Suzy please let’s…’ A eerie sound came from downstairs. I stood up alerted. ‘Suzy.‘ She whispered.

‘Take my hand,‘ I whispered and she did. I held Snow’s and muttered the teleportation spell and let the wind take us to somewhere safe.


‘Let me kill her!!!’ Cena roared in Jesse’s hold. Jesse held him down effortlessly. ‘First Rena, and now you. I need to kill her!‘

‘Wait,‘ Jesse said angrily too glaring at terrified Mi ja. How she gotinto my room and stripped herself, I don’t know but Snow saw it. How will I explain to her? How will I find her? I cried because I broke her heart twice in a day when I promised not to. It was raining because she was crying somewhere and there was nothing I could do to find her.

‘Kai, any luck?’ Jesse asked expectedly at Kai who walked in soaked.

‘If there was any, wouldn’t she be here with me,‘ he snapped. ‘The rain concealed her scent. I can’t find her.‘ Tye appeared in a wind.

‘Sorry Lyon, nothing.‘

I’m screwed!

I cried more as Bitna hugged me. ‘She’ll be fine,‘ she whispered.

‘I messed up.‘

‘It’s not your fault,‘

‘I broke her heart.‘

‘Still not your fault.‘ she insisted. Kai huffed.

‘What do we do with this idiot?’ He huffed again.

‘Let me kill her already.‘ Cena growled.

‘Jesse, she’s your kind, you have to decide,‘ Kai said. Mi Ja is a dhampir but Jesse was the only son of the vampire king. He looked at her with hate and smirked devilishly looking at Tye.

Tye might be the most innocent looking among us but he’s completely heartless. Tye lifted his hand as he tilted his head. Her body blazes with fire and he twisted her neck to her back. He’ll torture her till she dies but that’s not my business. How do I find Snow?


I admired myself in the mirror happily. Dad was taking me out for the first time. He would always go with my sisters because they were prettier and more elegant but today he chose me. I get to destroy Lyon’s and Marinette’s relationship and go with dad. Can this day get any better!

Next I’ll get Kai.

My heart sank to my stomach as I caught the bloody gaze of a woman behind me. I turned and pressed my panic button quickly. Her hair was gold and eyes emerald, ahe looked like Lyon. I clutched my throat as I could breathe no more.

I fell on my knees gasping for air. Something came out of my mouth and I saw no more.

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