Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter Eleven


The stupid party was over and school began. Everyone including the teachers love that stupid girl. She stood in front of the class explaining the difficult math to us, how can someone so stupid be so smart. I rolled eyes. Her really flat tommy added beauty to her tiny waist, she even wore a diamond belly ring and silver waist chain; she’s just too pretty.

I hate Rinette more than I hate Jade!

Suzy was with Kai. She was looking straight ahead in full concentration as she jotted down the words of Rinette but Kai, urgh!His left elbow was on the desk and it palms on his cheek as he stared at her dreamily. She glanced at him and returned it back. He winked at her and she looked back at Rinette blushingly.

You wanna know the worst part? Rinette was wearing the necklace Lyon never takes off, he gave it to her! I stood up and ran out of class. This is too much for me, My two love stolen. I won’t take this!I will do anything to make sure Lyon hates her, if I can’t have Kai then I must have Lyon or no one else ever will.


I was trying to concentrate but I couldn’t, why? Cena Kang sat close to me. He suddenly switched to my sit today and my brain won’t work. My heart was beating very fast. I’ve always liked him but he never looked at me once, am I not pretty?

‘Er excuse me,‘ he whispered. My heartbeat took another drive. ‘Can I borrow your pen? Mine is out of ink,‘ I quickly gave him my pen. ‘Thank you.‘ He turned back to his book. I have a spare pen but I’ll make sure I take mine back so I can hug it. I stretched my neck and saw what he was doing. He was drawing a picture of Lyon and Rinette looking into each others eyes with love as they embraced and himself standing far away looking at them.

Oh. He loves her?

‘Heartbreak is a b***h’, I muttered. His head snapped to mine. I laughed nervously and looked away in embarrassment. ‘Sorry.‘ He returned to his drawing.

Why won’t he like her? Almost every boy in school is talking about her and her beauty. Every corner you see students gather and talking, Marinette is the name on their lips. Her semi long hair –which was always dyed – glowed with gorgeous silkiness. Her lips, her beautiful green eyes to her amazing curves. One look at her and you will think of snow; a delicate snowflake.

Her mother should have named her Snowflake.

‘Excuse me,‘ I raised my hand. Her sparkly eyes averted to me. ‘Can I use the restroom for a while?’ She offered me a warm smile, she’s teacher for a day.

‘Ten minutes,‘ I nodded and stood up before hurrying out. I walked to the restroom thinking about her. Jeez! She’s a basket of talent; her singing voice was as amazing as her talking voice., there is always this enthusiastic and musical tone to it. I pushed the door open only to be greeted by Topaz‘s and Jade’s argument.

‘I do not agree with your plans. That’s inhumane!!!’ Topaz shouted.

‘Didn’t you see the necklace on her neck? I ought to be the one wearing that!!!‘ Jade yelled maniacally.

‘For heavens sake! What are you turning into Jade? Stop this madness!‘ Topaz shouted back, tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘You are hurting Dylan. How could you break up with him just to chase a guy that is in love with another. Your envy is destroying you,‘ she sobbed. Jade scoffed.

‘If you care so much, why not go date him then or give him your body so he can look your way,‘ Jade said scornfully. ‘Isn’t that what you are good at, sleeping around and not loving.‘

I cringed. Topaz gave her a slap followed by three more. I forgot to buy popcorn ‘How dare you!!! How dare you insult me with the secret of my past I intrusted to you! After all I did for you, after everything I sacrificed, you ungrateful b***h!’ She punched Jade and Jade fell. Topaz kicked her stomach as she laid on the floor. Beryl held her immediately. ‘Leave me!!! Let me kill her! I loved him first! I spent three months summoning my courage to talk to him, I spent nights writing the speech I’ll use. I befriended him first, he was my life!!!’ She screamed and kicked Jade’s head. Beryl pulled her back.

‘Topaz, it’s enough,‘ she pleaded.

‘No! She liked him even though she knew I was madly in love with him. She went behind my back and stole his heart with her charms and trash but I said nothing, I let him go because he loved her, I let him go because they were happy with each other and that was what mattered. I sacrificed my happiness for you! What did you do to repay me? You break his heart all the time running after who will never be yours. Do you know how much I’ve suffered inwardly and emotionally watching you kiss, hug, hold hands and talk about your love. Do you know how hurt I felt when you boast about his strength in bed!!! You knew it was hurting me yet you didn’t care but I also said nothing. I loved you too much to let a guy come between us. There is no difference between you and Rena,‘ Topaz dropped on her knees and cried bitterly. ‘Why don’t you care? I’ve always done so much. I made you the leader of our group even though I was the original owner of the contract. I write songs and make it seem like you wrote it. I make everyone believe you are better than me. Isn’t that enough for you A-yeong?’ She stood up. ‘We are no longer friends, I’ll quit this group and leave it for you so we won’t have to cross path in the future.‘ She turned and her face paled out at seeing me? I turned and saw Dylan behind me

‘It’s so funny how I keep chasing a girl who is obsess with another guy,‘ he said scoffingly. Topaz ran out. I followed her to the roof.

‘Hey,‘ I said softly. She wiped her tears and gave me a toothy smile.


‘I know how it feels,‘

‘With Cena, right?’

‘Is it that obvious?’ I asked nervously.

‘Not really. I just have the gift of observance,’ she said turning her head to the sky. The wind blew against her face and hair, making it sway in the air. ‘He respects you,‘ she said breaking the silence. ‘Cena respects you a lot. He have literally slept with almost all the girls in this school, beside me, Rinette and her friends and maybe some few others. He never looked your way because he respects and don’t want to hurt you.‘

‘Or he doesn’t think I’m worth his time. I’m not beautiful and people say I have a bad aura.‘ I said sadly, I know my aura is bad but still.

‘Mia, you are a girl with cute beauty, you shouldn’t feel that way, and beside! Cena is not a person to care about faces, all he cares about is the puss he will f**k and nothing more. You are cute Mia, know that.‘

‘Then why don’t he just try me out! I’m ready to give him my body if that will make him stay!‘ I said exasperatedly. She chuckled.

‘As much as this will hurt, I’ll advice you to stay away from him. He wants you now but I’m hundred percent sure he will break your heart,‘ she turned and looked at me. ‘Mia, do not sell yourself to aguy that will never love you. Cena and you are both different peopleand you know that more than I do, move on or get hurt. Trust me, a better guy will come your way.‘

I sighed ‘But I want Cena.‘

‘Mia, you know who you are. I won’t say it but I will say this; go after Cena and face the consequences or move away and have peace with your future love. The choice is yours.‘ With that said, she walked off to only her knows where.

Should I listen to her? I don’t think so. Getting close to him is my priority.


I sat alone on my next class, lost in thought and sighing at interval. ‘Hey,‘ I looked up quickly and gaped at the beauty standing there in it full glory. ‘Can I sit?’ I nodded and gulped. He sat down. ‘Thanks for the pen,‘ he gave me back my pen. ‘Mia, right?’ I nodded nervously. He knows my name! ‘I don’t know, talking to you is hard.‘

‘I’m cursed.‘ I blunted out.

‘Pardon?’ He said in English.

‘I’m cursed. People seem to hate me a lot, they find it difficult to say hi to me. Director J and Rachel are the only ones who don’t hate or snob me.‘ I added slouching back on the chair.

‘Not hate, hust a negative aura.‘

‘Have you seen my social media pages?! It’s like I don’t exist at all. I’m the fifth member of the Lock Stars but it seems I’m a commoner to everyone. No one appreciate me anymore. I hate my life.‘ I sobbed. I rested my head on the desk and cried because I just embarrassed myself in front of my crush. Thankfully, no one was in class yet. He lifted my face up and mopped it with his hanky. He dropped the hanky on my laps and grinned.

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‘Let me see if I can help,‘

‘You can’t, I’m hopeless. I mean look at Marinette, she only arrived weeks ago and she is already pulling the whole of Korea to her; the cynosure of all eyes. Her friends have more fans than I do and yet neither three of them are idols or any celebrity in anyway.’

‘You can’t compare yourself to Sn…Rinette, she’s exceptional, divine in her own way. For a girl who pays attention to nothing, she’s quite prodigy but that is what she was raised to be; the perfect prodigy lassie. Aside from that, she has the shiniest aura I have ever seen, like stars and flowers…I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.‘

‘I know what you mean, even I love her just by looking at her bright contagious smile. It would take everything in you to hate an angel like that.’

‘Definitely, there are haters, one much have haters…’

‘But her fans and well wishers are much, and not just because she is dating Lyon Oppa, because she is her.’ I sighed.

‘The point here is that your aura and grace is different from hers, one can wish to have something like hers but everyone is different and born to do different things. There was a time I wanted to do basketball, I was playing it right but it just wasn’t clicking because it was not my calling, my vibe was off. There are some that can still nail anything even though they don’t like it, but it is not always so for everyone. My question here is, do you really love what you are doing? Music?’

‘Not exactly,’

‘There you have it, you should focus on what you really love, what makes you happy.’

‘Believe it or not,’ I looked out of the window. ‘I was made for just one thing and to achieve that, i must be here and love music.’

‘In that case, you can still level up your popularity in some ways,’ I turned my head to him and arched a brow.


‘Take five photos with me but first, wipe off all your makeup,‘ he said with a grin. I did as he said and after I was done he brought out his phone and typed on it. While he was busy, I sneaked the hanky into my bra. ‘Ready?’

I nodded. We took the first one, we both made silly faces. The next, I puckered my lips and winked. The next he kissed my cheek and for the rest, I just stared at him dazedly. He stood up. ‘See ya later.‘ He walked out. Few minutes later of calming my heart, my phone beeped. I checked it. Cena uploaded three photos. I’m dead.

I tapped it and viewed the post.

“It feels like magic to be crushing on someone. For me it’s strange in an exciting way. I’m lost for words and my brain blank. Time after time I pinch myself hoping to wake up from this dream but I have to face the reality that you are not a dream.

Ten shout out to the new girl that is making my heart beat in a way I don’t like but have no choice than to take it. Kisses to you Mia Byeon. My new crush


Cena have finished me!


I stared at Cena’s upload, this boy won’t ever change. The comments were positive and funny. I dropped my phone and looked at Jesse who was talking to Snow. She sat on the teacher’s table and he stood between her legs, his hands caging her as she played with his hair.

He’s so beautiful. The most handsome of all the Alphas. Nay! Kai is more handsome than him…no wait… Jesse is gorgeous, Kai is cute in a sexy way. Cena is good looking, Tye is goddamn cute and Lyon is sexily handsome. Wait what am I saying?

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‘Appa,‘ Snow giggled. Most times, I wish to have what she has; love and care from so many important people.

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Dennis came to my desk and sat down, he suddenly irritates me. I don’t like him anymore but I don’t know how to get rid of him. I want Jesse, he’s my new dream guy but he’s too much of a skirt person. I’m going to torture him until he falls head over heels for me. That’s my promise for you Jesse Mac, you must fall in love with me because you are mine.

Ria gave me a hateful look, she confronted me earlier about him and warned me to back off or die. I slapped her and gave her my middle finger, let me see what she can do.




I danced around as I chanted the incantation loudly, the big gray pot in the middle of the grotto bubbling and it black smoke rising higher. The mirror wall behind the pot pulled up and I bowed to them. The demons of the night were once powerful before the company of light chained them down. That f**ked up queens Evangeline and Araminta chained them down with the other lights.

Their bodies were as black as the night, seven inches horns on heir heads, one at each sides of their heads including the back and the front. Their claws were as long and sharp as a samurai’s blade, each four fingernails dripping with deadly poison and blood. Big spikes protruded out of their backs and legs, standing out like a monster stonefish‘s. Two long fangs stretched from their wide mouth to their collarbones and fungus pulse were all over their ugly scaly body.

‘Hana,‘ they chorused. They always talk in unison, their voice deeper than a trombone.

‘Yes, my Lords.‘ I said kneeing down.

‘Do you feel her? We can feel her light radiating and burning us from where she stands. Her powers are stronger for she now wears the symbol of the divines. She wears Araminta’s magic pendant, the seek item of the priestesses. That way you can find her,‘ they chorused. ‘Now rise and find her.‘

I walked to the pot and chanted spells to find Araminta’s pendant. I feared that if she really had it, then there was only one person that could hand it over to her. My heartbeat palpitated as the image came to view; a beautiful younger version of Evangeline swaying slowly to a song and laughing, her eyes and hair glowing along with the pendant on her neck. My heart sank at who was holding her, if I dared cross his path, was nothing but pending corpse.

‘My Lords,‘ I cried. ‘She’s under the protection of him, the son of Araminta. If I dare him, I will never live to see another day,‘ I said with fright. The pot displayed the rest watching and clapping for her. ‘They are all there surrounding her. I can’t.‘ I said my heart beating and beads of sweat forming on my head. Then I saw her; Aisha. She was staring back at me with a frown, she could see me watching.

I stared back at her devilish eyes unable to breathe. She tilted her head and smirked, warning flashing in her eyes before she snapped her fingers. The hot pot of liquid erupted. I jumped back immediately before it burned me. My present look was done by her, I don’t want another one.

‘She has gotten stronger and her hatred for you bigger,‘ they said chucklingly.

‘That is not the point. What do I do about them? I can never reach her with them watching her like a hawk.‘

‘Don’t worry. We will tell you what to do.‘


We walked out of the studio, our guards keeping the sea of reporters away from us. Well, Kai don’t need guards, no one daredtouch him, same with Lyon.

Lyon who is that girl?

Cena are you really dating Mia Byeon?

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Kai who is the girl you used as your Instagram profile?

Who is Marinette?

Lyon a word please.

Jesse who is the girl you were referring to

Jesse please a word

Cena please spare me a minute

When did you and Mia start dating?

Are you dating Mia?

Oppa why!

They are all taken now!

We got into the silver land cruiser with our managers and the door was shut. They glared at us.

‘You all had to start a scandal, didn’t you?‘ Nicholson, my manager said frowningly. I chuckled and shrugged.

‘Mine was under permission by Director J. That’s his daughter,remember?‘ Lyon said smugly.

‘How come I never knew you were dating Mia?’ Nichol asked upsettingly.

‘I don’t know, you never asked.‘ I said slyly. Jesse chuckled.

‘I don’t know about you guys but whoever that girl is that is driving my Kai crazy, I owe her a big hug, kiss and million thank you‘s. Can’t you see his face!‘ Noemi, Kai’s manager said happily. He smiled and winked at her. ‘See! He’s slowly running mad with excitement and he’s nicer now.‘

‘I agree,‘ Verma, Jesse’s manager said agreeably. ‘At least Jesse is not involve in this scandal.‘ She said proudly.

‘Are you kidding me! Didn’t you see his last upload? “I’m starting to know what love is and I don’t like it but I’ve got no choice than to accept it. The crazy girl won’t get out of my head,“ who the hell was he talking about? And why will he post that?’ Tye’s manager, So So huffed angrily. Jesse grinned.

‘You are all so insufferable!’ Lyon’s manger. I don’t know his name because I like calling him Baldie, get it?

‘I’m innocent,‘ Tye said cutely. He smiled and bit his lip. ‘For now.‘

‘Even you!’ So So exclaimed. ‘I forbade you from having a girlfriend.‘

‘I don’t remember you being my dad or older brother,‘ Tye said churlishly. He kept shut immediately knowing Tye was switching to no nonsense mode. My phone rang.

‘Awwwn, it’s my babe,‘ I awned. I picked it ‘hey baby Bae.‘ I said winking at Nichol. He rolled his eyes away.

‘Cena why did you have to post that? My gate is heaving with reporters.‘

‘You complained that yesterday and the day before that and the day before t….’

‘Cena,‘ she snapped. ‘This is a serious situation here. We are not dating, you don’t like me so why ruin my happiness like this.‘ She nagged.

‘So if I give you a kiss babe, you won’t be happy?’ I said flirtatiously.

‘You seeing this as a joke is the biggest issue! You mean so much to me Cena, but you don’t wanna know or understand that!‘ she yelled out. Oh great, she loves me. I already won her heart, am I cool or what! ‘I’m sorry’ she said lowly and hung up. I guess this is where I stop because I can’t seem to go further with her. My spirit won’t let me hurt her so I’m gonna ditch her.

I’m bored. Time to annoy someone.

I looked around, Kai was grinning to his reflection on the window why flexing his muscles, Lyon was probably chatting with Snow. Tye was reading and Jesse was chatting. Our managers doing their own things. Kai will always ignore me, Lyon don’t have my time, Tye will kill me so Jesse it is!

‘Oh Jesse, my sweet Jesse,‘ I said in a dramatic sing song. He groaned knowing what I wanted.

‘Leave me alone Cena. Why always me.‘ He cried exasperatedly.

‘Because I love you,‘ I grinned. Noemi chuckled. ‘I also love a girl, she’s so honorable and pretty. I’ve gotten myself a nice girl, have you?’ I said tauntingly. He glared at me. ‘Blair and Dennis are such lovely couples, don’t you think so mate?’

‘They are not! Blair belongs to me.‘ He said possessively. I snorted.

‘Yet Dennis is the one making her scream his name and you sulking behind.‘

‘I’m not sulking. Dennis is only using her and they only started dating two days ago. She won’t let him touch her, I know it.‘ He said assuredly to himself.

‘Tsk tsk tsk, poor poor Jesse. He doesn’t know he’s losing his love to a kid. He’s going to touch her eventually and she’s going to love him with all of her heart.‘ I mocked.

‘Shut up Cena,‘ he growled with red eyes. ‘I mean it.‘ Good thing Tye was between us. I shifted back well and grinned.

‘Dennis is going to impregnate and dump her.‘

‘Cena!!!’ He roared jumping to strangle me. Tye waved him off and he crashed on Lyon who pushed him and he fell on the car floor, then Kai stepped on his head.

I love myself



I walked into the school holding Snow’s hand as she skipped and sang merrily. Lyon had to make a stop somewhere and Tye was preparing to pick Bitna up from the airport. Kai was busy dragging poor Suzy who he cuffed again. She escaped yesterday and he found her talking to a guy with a disturbing proximity. Her ex or something.

The guy is in a coma as it seems..

She was angry and yelling at him but he didn’t care.

‘Blair please take Snow, I need to meet someone.‘

‘And I don’t have to? I have a hot boyfriend to find,‘ she said smilingly. She kissed Snow’s cheek and hurried away not without slapping my head. This girl have guts.

‘Don’t worry Appa, I’ll stay with Puppy Face and Panda Op…hey Oppa! Get your hands of my puppy face and remove that cuff this instance!‘ She yelled at Kai. she’ll be fine. I kissed her cheek and hurried out to find Dylan. ‘Instead of forcing her, have you ever heard of the word “confession” you knucklehead’ I heard her yell again. Kai is in for it today. I heard a loud slap sound.

sh*t! Where is Lyon.

Anyways, I rushed to the garden and found Dylan there sitting on the swing with headphone on.

‘You okay?’ I asked calmly sitting beside him.

‘I recently found out that my girlfriend broke up with me because she’s obsess with Lyon and that my female best of the best have been in love with me for years but still sacrificed that to make a ungrateful girl happy so no, I’m not okay.‘ He said sadly. He pulled down his headphone and bowed in respect.

‘Don’t do that please,‘ I said nervously. He smiled teasingly..

‘So I’m thinking you knew since you are good at observing this kind of thing.‘

‘It wasn’t obvious but I knew.‘

‘Jade cheated on me with Lyon,‘ he complained

‘But Lyon told and apologized to you, didn’t he?’

‘I know. He’s not that type of guy but I still feel bad. All this time I’ve being hurting the girl who really loves me. She was always smiling, laughing and making silly remarks like she didn’t care about our relationship.‘ He sighed.

‘Have you thought about it this way that maybe, just maybe you like her but don’t want to accept it?’ I asked knowingly.

‘Are you kidding me! I only dated Jade because Topaz said to. I remember that day. I bought a big rose teddy and took it to her hoping to confess my feelings but I said it all wrong and she mistook it for Jade and was happy and begged me to tell her. I thought she didn’t love me one bit so why not try someone else to take the pain away. It didn’t really help though, I only loved her more. Now I don’t know if it’s right to ask her out.‘

‘The Topaz I know will never accept because she will still feel like she’s betraying her friend. Her love for Jade is too strong. Plus she will see it as strange that you found out she loves you and bam! You ask her out. It will look like you want to use her to get back at Jade and that will only complicate things more’ I said unwrapping a pack of gum.

‘I know. What do I do now? I want her.‘

‘I’ll advice you stabilize things with her and Jade and agree on being friends for the meantime. Then give let a month or two pass before you tell her the truth.‘

‘You are really cool Jes! Thanks for the advise. I owe you one, big time.‘ I smirked.

‘Nope,‘ I popped. ‘You owe me ten.‘

‘Okay, how do I pay back?’ He asked eagerly.

‘I want Dennis and Blair apart before school ends today. We both know he really don’t like her.‘

‘All for the skirt,‘ he said laughingly.

‘And to annoy me. Dylan you know what I can do so save me the stress.‘

‘It will cost you two IOUs.‘

‘I’m okay with it but are you?’ I asked with arched brow.

‘Dennis is a D*** that we all need to get rid of. Donald and Daniel will gladly help to pay him back for snatching their babes. Consider it done.‘ I stood up and shoved my hands into my pockets.

‘Thanks bro.‘

‘Do you like her?’ He asked teasingly. I smiled at him and left. Now that is done.

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