Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter Ten


I walked out of the bathroom drying my hair. Where’s Snow? I shrugged and smiled to myself. I’m confusing her like the idiot I am. I need to stop doing things like that to her.

‘Achoo!’ She sneezed cutely. Where did that come from?

‘Snow, are you in here? It’s Oppa.’

‘Achoo!’ It was coming from the bed. I bent and looked under the bed. I chuckled.

‘Found you.’

‘I wasn’t hiding, my eyes saw something scary,’ she sobbed. She’s crying.

‘What did you see?’ I asked anxiously. She only cried more. I pulled her out and sat on the bed before making her sit on my laps. ‘Come on Kitty, tell Oppa what you saw.’

‘Oppa is going to die and leave me too, he’s going to leave Snow.’

‘Why will I die? I’m right here and healthy.’ I said confusedly. Did she have a nightmare?

‘No, I saw it!’ she yelled distraughtly.

‘Okay calm down and tell me what will kill me first,’ I said coolly. She sniffed and wiped her tears.

‘I woke up, Oppa wasn’t there so I followed the sound coming from the bathroom. I walked in, Oppa was bathing and something was growing out of him like a snake. It will eat you.’ She cried again. I itched my head in total confusion. Snake? Where did a s…oh! I burst into laughter falling back on the bed.

I laughed convulsively. What have her mother done to her.

‘Gosh Snow. You’d be the death of me.’ I laughed sitting up back and wiping my tears. I burst into laughter again falling back.

‘Oppa, you’re mocking me.’

‘I’m…so…sor…sor…ha ha ha ha ha ha…’ She slapped me. ‘Ow! Okay I’m sorry…’

Don’t laugh

Don’t laugh

‘What was that?’

‘Mini Me.’ I called the teddy. I call it mini me.

‘How may I help you giant me?’ I chuckled, funny teddy.

‘See this seven years old madam of yours, Educate her on the private body parts of every human and how they work. Use video method because that sticks to her faster and please on no account should you play porn videos for her. Kai will kill me if she ends up blabbing it out. Make it quick.’

‘Okey dokey! Come sit with me Kitty.’ it said. I smiled and walked to my vanity laughing to myself.


‘Sorry,’ I said chucklingly. I dropped my towel on the vanity and picked up my dryer.

Blah Blah after twenty minutes, I walked out of my room wearing my rings and still laughing. I want straight to the kitchen. Helene was cooking and Suzy washing the dishes and singing softly. Nice voice.

‘Good morning Helene,’ I greeted. She nodded. She never talks while cooking; her rules.

‘Morning Oppa,’ Suzy greeted looking at me over her shoulder. ‘How’s Snow?’

‘Being Snow.’

Blair was dancing around with her phone. ‘Stop humiliating yourself Blair.’

‘Mind your biz Suz,’ she said nonchalantly. Suzy turned and rested her back on the dish washer.

‘How was your night?’ She asked suspiciously.

‘Fine,’ I smiled. ‘Yours?’

‘Couldn’t sleep a wink because SOMEBODY wouldn’t stop snoring,’ she said glaring at Blair who giggled. ‘Hope you didn’t do anything to my Angeline be…you can’t try, she’ll kick your ass.’

I smirked and walked to her caging her with my hands. ‘I enjoyed fingering her.’ I whispered into her ear. She gasped.

‘You’re kidding, right?’

‘Dead serious.’

‘I guess you can easily have your way with her. She loves and trust you too much.’ She said sadly.

‘Oh come on Suz, I will never take advantage of her love, trust and naivety. I love Snow and I’m ready to wait until she becomes a normal teenager.’ she snorted incredulously.

‘You think I’ll believe that? You have full access to her body and you won’t do it. You already started.’

I scratched my head nervously. ‘I know my limits Suz.’

‘So if she wants it, will you?’

‘Depends.’ I admitted honestly.

‘Lyon…’ She drawled.

‘Just trust me when I say I won’t hurt her. I plan on educating her first and removing the childish mind set her parents installed in her.’

‘That’s good. Thanks Lyon.’ she’s a good friend

‘You’ll he…’

‘Ahem!’ Kai cleared his throat. I moved away from Suzy with a sheepish grin. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ He asked frowningly.

‘We were just talking.’ She said calmly.

‘Just talking? With such proximity!’ He snarled.

‘Kai, stop being possessive over what is not yours.’ She huffed folding her arms. He glared dagger at me.

‘I thought you were dating my sister and I thought she was your best friend.’ He said with a deeper frown.

‘Geez Kai! We were just talking! Stop with the frown!’ I exclaimed throwing my hands up. Kai is awfully possessive and straightforward. He barely claims or care about things or people but once he does, there is no going back. He will get that thing or person whether by will or force. He’s marked Suzy so be it will or not, they are dating. He’s just too…too…too…Kai!

‘Even at that, what is it to you? Can’t you just leave me alone!’ She yelled exasperatingly. Kai smirked and moved closer to her while I move out of the way before I receive a punch. He caged her like I did. ‘Leave me alone.’ She said with a small voice.

‘Like I told you, I don’t share what’s mine so be careful.’

‘Oh wow! I’m not here, continue.’ Helene said sarcastically. Kai and I laughed.

‘Helene, I’ve marked your daughter as mine. You know what that means.’

Helene wiped off imaginary tears. ‘Suzy, you have finally made me proud. Look at the handsome rich man you brought home.’

‘Seriously grandm…I mean mom. What is this! You agree?!’

We laughed at the distraught girl ‘Stop acting like you don’t like being claimed by him.’ Blair said rolling her eyes but not at her, at Jesse who was drink flirting with her.

‘I’m not his.’

‘I guess I’ll find someone else,’ Kai said feigning sadness. He moved away from her.

‘Someone else? What is that suppose to mean? Am I not pretty enough for you?’ She asked jealously. Ha! Girls!

‘Aaah!’ Jesse screamed and Blair ran out. She locked his head in the fridge. How did that even happen! ‘Lyon!!!’

‘Coming,’ I went to him and opened the door. He came out.

‘Where is she?! Blair!!!’ He stomped out.

What happened to our lives? Oh yes, three crazy girls came in.

‘Lyon, I need to get Snow ready for school.’ Helene said covering the pot gingerly.

‘I’ll handle that.’


‘What? It’s not my first time dressing up a girl. I dress my mom and Bitna up all the time. I’m a pro.’ I said proudly.

‘You know that’s not what I’m talking about.’

‘Do you really think I’ll do that yet?’

‘You added yet,’ she pointed out. I clicked my tongue and winked at her. ‘Yong-sun will be back soon, in less than a week or two, I’m sure you don’t want trouble.’

‘The least he will do is yell or punch me. Bye Helene.’ I smiled at her.

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‘Lyon get this maniac friend of yours away from me.’

‘OYO!’ I shouted walking out of the kitchen. (OYO-on your own) I walked back to the room, she was still listening attentively to what she was being taught.

Where did she get the popcorn from?

I walked to the vanity and removed my rings, I pulled up the sleeves of my shirt and went to the bathroom. I turned on the water to fill up the big tub. I hummed and walked out to her room to get her what to wear. I bought her gold trousers to wear sometimes. It’s not allowed in school but do I care? No. I want my babe to always look her best. I picked the things and walked back to my room.

‘Kitty, you need to get ready for school. You’ll continue this later.’

‘Three more minutes,’ Mini me said. I nodded and went to check on the water. I waited for four minutes before it filled up, then I made a bubble bath for her.

‘Snow!!! Come here please!’ I shouted fuming up the bubble with my hand for fun. She dragged herself in with a yawn. ‘Are you too tired to go to school?’

‘Anyieo, I’ll be fine,’ she yawned again. ‘Oppa I want to take my clothes off, close your eyes.’


‘Don’t you understand Korea? I said close your eyes. It’s not right for you to stare, it might turn your hormones on.’

Oi! She learnt well.

I turned my back and closed my eyes

‘Good boy’. What?

I tapped my feet impatiently, except for when I sleep, I hate closing my eyes. The water splashed and I knew she was in. I opened my eyes and turned.

‘Aaaaaaah! My eyes!’ I screamed. She poured the soapy water in my eyes.

‘I said not to stare,’ she snapped. ‘Now turn around,’ I found my way to the tap and washed my eyes. ‘Oh oh oh…yeah!
That moment when I heard you sing
The joy your voice bring
Your hair was graceful
Your smile was blissful
Your eyes were gleeful
My heart delightful…’ She sang one of Kai’s song while I struggled to find the towel with eyes closed. ‘The grace in your steps
I’ve seen no other do well
I’ll trade my soul for just a kiss
Don’t look at it like a stupid wish
Don’t ask me how long
I’ve been like this
It’s obvious, you should know….’

‘Snow where’s the towel?’

‘Find it yourself.’

‘Why! Just direct me to where it is.’ I cried.

‘The beat of my heart goes like this
Whenever I see you…’ She sang on ignoring me. ‘Bam bam bam bam…’

‘Snow! What did I do to you!’ I don’t think this is ordinary soap. There must be acid involved. I’m going blind!

‘Turn left, head straight and then right,’ she instructed and continued singing while I did as told. I screamed girlishly and slipped hitting my head on the floor. I groaned painfully. ‘Oops! Forgot to tell you to look out for the soap.’ She said gigglingly. She did it on purpose.

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‘Kitty, what did Oppa do to deserve this’ I cried sitting up.

‘Simple, Oppa touched me without my permission last night and it’s bad. Next time you touch me without my permission again, I’ll chop off your fingers. Is that understood?’ She asked seriously. My jaw was kissing the floor. ‘I repeat, am I understood?’

‘Yes ma’am.’

‘Good boy.’ She chirped and squealed. I think she stood up. The next thing I felt was a towel smack landing on my face.

‘What did you pour into my eyes?’

‘My secret,’ she sang. ‘Now get out.’

‘Yes ma’am,’ I found my way out as she sang louder behind me.

‘I’m left to dance all night
Because you took my call….’

Yikes! What have I done to myself


I dyed her hair gold later after receiving two merciless slaps and waited for her to come out. She skipped out singing with my emerald towel on. Another white towel spun circularly as she swung it and danced.

‘Why didn’t you dry your skin?’ I asked frowningly. My cheeks still hurts. She shrugged. I will die of blue balls if she don’t learn to control herself around me. I’m a living being, not a plywood. ‘Here’s what you’ll wear. You can use the wardrobe over there,’ she nodded still singing and skipped to the walk-in wardrobe. Damn it Snow!

I dragged my feet to Helene’s room to take the makeup kit Jesse bought for Snow. I took it and returned to the room. She was laying on the bed fulling dressed and playing with my phone. ‘Oppa, who’s Marian?’ Is she going through my chat! ‘I’m asking a question.’ She said calmly not sparing me a glance.

‘She’s a friend.’

‘Are you sure? Because she sent this,’ she showed me the phone. I frowned. She sent me her nude pictures again. ‘Oppa…’ She drawled.

‘She’s just some silly girl that wants me to date her.’

‘And leave me!’

‘Uhm…?’ I said nervously. Snow’s eyes darkened. Once it darkens, she acts like a real but devilish teenage girl. She sat up.

‘Oppa, come here,’ she said sweetly but without a smile. Is she going to slap me again? ‘Oppa,’ she snapped. I went to her immediately. ‘Sit,’ I sat and put the makeup aside. She sat on my laps and kissed me, camera light flashed and she got off me. ‘You can help me with my makeup now, I don’t know how to do that.’ I nodded obediently terrified that she might slap me again. Aigoo! I’m scared of my own girlfriend.

I did her make-up for her while she typed on my phone. She wore the gold palazzo trousers I bought her, a white short sleeves shirt with gold buttons and white sneakers. My question is where the hell did she get a belly ring from? She even tied her shirt up leaving her stomach open for other eyes to see and I dare not complain.

She’s in a mood this morning. The phone in her hand rang. She picked it with a devious smirk.

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‘Tell her to get lost,’ she ordered in a whisper. I took the phone.


‘Did you have to send me the picture of you and your babe making out? You insulted me on top too. How could you do this to me Lyon! After everything I did for you!’ Snow tapped her foot impatiently.

‘You did nothing for me.’

‘I gave you my body!’

‘I never asked you to.’

‘I can’t believe you are saying this!!! How can you be so heartless?!!!’

‘I told you before, nonexclusive. You did yourself wrong by falling in love with me. I love someone else now, my beautiful and priceless Kitty,’ I winked at her and she giggled, her eyes returning to it beautiful green color.


‘Please don’t call or chat me up again, I don’t want any complications with my baby,’ Snow blushed. This is the Snow I love. ‘If you do otherwise, I’ll publish your nude photos. Don’t dare me.’ I hung up and gave her back the phone. What? Did you really think I’m a totally nice guy?

‘Oppa did great,’ she chirped giving me a thumbs up. ‘Now I’ll reward you. Ask me of anything.’

I stroked my chin thoughtfully. ‘How about you don’t hit or snap at me again. Oppa’s heart got broken by Snow today.’ She grinned and crossed her heart with her fingers.

‘Cross my heart. I won’t to it again.’ I sighed with relief.

‘Let’s go?’

‘One thing first,’ she squealed and pulled me to the bed. I fell on top of her, carefully pressing my weight on my hands. She encircled my waist with her legs. ‘Snow?’

‘Shhh, just kiss me,’ she whispered. Did she just f****ng use a seductive tone!


Making out with Snow wasn’t my problem but how she kissed. It was almost…what am I saying! It was completely sexual and I fear that she might have seen something she wasn’t suppose to see. I need to get rid of Mini me and warn dad to destroy it before it spoils people’s children. I fed her slowly as she played games with my phone. Tye was chatting, Cena was going through the list of girls he was yet to touch, Jesse and Blair were arguing about who was hotter between them or whatever they were arguing about and Kai was doing something to Suzy under the table because her face was completely flushed.

‘Suzy, are you okay?’ Helene asked worriedly as she fed Tye. Yea she was feeding him because his eyes and hands wouldn’t leave his phone as he grinned boldly.

‘I’m fine,’ she squeaked and swallowed.

‘Are you sure? You look pallid.’ Helene said with concern. Suzy gasped.

‘Kai, what are you doing to my granddaughter?’ She asked upsettingly looking under the table. Kai already removed his hand. He shrugged innocently.

‘Suzy, am I doing anything to you?’ He asked with a devilish smile. She shook her head negatively completely out of breath. ‘See?’ devil! My phone rang. Snow gave it to me. Bitna was video calling me. I shifted it away and answered it. As expected, a loud shriek burst out of the phone. My eardrums still felt the pain of the pitch even tho it was far away.

‘Oh my God! He asked me out!’ She said shriekingly. ‘Oppa you are the best! Thank you so much, thank you so much. I should disown you more often!’

‘Bitna,’ I groaned.

‘Yippie! I’m going to lose my virginity!!!’ She shrieked. Tye choked on the food in his mouth and ran out while Cena did his signature action; laugh mockingly. ‘Wait! Is this on loud speaker?’

‘Your voice is louder than loudspeaker itself.’ I huffed.

‘Sorry Teeny Oppa!’ Snow shouted.

‘Oppa! That is so embarra……aaaaaaaaaah! Oh me God! Oh me God! Is that the legendary Snow!’

‘Erm hi…?’ Snow said nervously. Bitna gasped.

‘My in-law has the must prettiest voice. She’s so beautiful! Hey stupid brother give the phone to her,’ she commanded. I wonder who’s older. ‘Don’t just sit there like an idiot! Give her the phone!!!’ I gave it to Snow.

My ears.

‘Kai, leave me alone!!!!’ Suzy screamed maniacally. Had enough? She stomped to the kitchen.

‘Helene, I’ve married your daughter.’

‘Feel free to take her, she’s all yours.’

‘Yes!’ Kai said excitedly fist pumping the air. He stood up and ran to the kitchen. The next thing I heard was a scream and then he came out with her on his shoulder. ‘Let’s go new wife.’

‘Put me down you maniac! Grandmother!!!’

‘Be gentle with her Kai, she’s still a virgin,’ Helene said smilingly. I laughed with Cena. Suzy’s eyes bulged out with shock.

‘Are you f****ng kidding me!’ She exclaimed.

‘Kai, put the F-word in action,’ she smirked. ‘I need great grandchildren’.

‘Free wife!’ Kai shrieked childishly and ran away with Suzy.

‘Somebody help me!!!’ She shouted from wherever they were.

‘That was epic!’ Cena exclaimed. ‘That’s it, I’m going for Mia Byeon. That girl is too boring for me to love, I’ll use her and fall in love with…’ He tapped his chopstick on his chin thoughtfully. ‘Beryl! Yes!’

‘Beryl is bisexual and hate dating,’ I reminded him. He snorted.

‘It’s not like I haven’t been with her before. Screw love! Fun first.’


‘Insufferable bas***d!’ Blair yelled slamming a bowl of kimchi on Jesse’s face. ‘Try that again and I’ll turn you to a statue,’ she hissed. It’s obvious she didn’t mean it because she was smiling blushingly but kimchi bowl faced Jesse couldn’t see it. She high fived herself and pretended to be stomping out. Cena removed the bowl and proceed to lick the kimchi off.

‘I’ll kill Dennis,’ Jesse sobbed. Soft dude. He’s a Mommy’s pet who acts tough.

‘Ha! She hates you!’ Cena laughed and continued licking.

‘Gross, Cena! Get off!’ Jesse yelled and pushed Cena off. The annoying dude kept laughing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!’ Everyone shouted cheerfully. The big premises heaved with students, both from Golden High and other important schools. I posted it a day before her birthday that it was my baby’s birthday and everyone should show her some love. Our gift house was stocked with presents which I planned to show to her after school. Kai cancelled the first three periods of classes so we could celebrate her birthday.

She stared at me in shock, tears running down her cheeks. I smiled and wiped it off. ‘Happy birthday once again kitty,’ I pecked her lips and she smiled.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Everyone cheered.

‘I hate my life,’ Suzy cried from behind me. Kai cuffed them together, he’s running mad and he’s yet to know it. The chant increased as Snow played with the chain on her waist shyly.

She’s not even pretty.

I heard from the crowd. Snow scoffed and pulled me in for a kiss holding my collar and showing the haters that I’m hers.

Unintentional slay queen.

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