Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter Nine


I pulled back immediately. God! Why did I do that! I didn’t know when I did that. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and laughed nervously. I will add the pictures to the collection of Snow I look at every night before going to bed.

What? Is it bad to be addicted to someone?

‘Mianhae,’ I apologized nervously. The look on her face was awkward. Geez Lyon! She sighed.

‘Oppa why does my heart always beat strangely when you are close?’ She asked sadly. Mine skipped. ‘When I see you, it flips in a way I can’t understand. Sometimes I find it hard to breathe and I get sweaty palms. I feel tingles when you touch my hand and my stomach churn and something keeps running inside when you kiss my cheeks or head and now my lips. Right now it feels like my heart is going to explode and I can see fire works.

When you hug me, I wish it’s not just a hug even though I don’t know what else to ask for. I feel bad when you yell and happy when you smile and laugh. I always want to make you happy and when I see you with any girl, I get this stupid heat in my chest and my head feels hot. I want to be with you and I don’t understand why,’ she ended her heart ripping confession. ‘Nobody wants Snow to know the answer. Is she alright? Is she going to die?’ Okay she’s not done.

I couldn’t reply. My brain malfunctioned. She’s in love with….how will I tell her this? Lie, that’s the best option.

‘Snow is in love with Oppa. Baby Face said that.’

‘Er…we…erm…the thing is…aye! You’re not in love with Oppa. You just love him a lot.’

‘But I love all my Oppas but yours doesn’t feel the same. Why did it hurt when Oppa told Snow that she’s not his Cinderella? Why does it still hurt? Why does her eyes want to leak? Why is her heart changing beat again? Why is she not like Snow again? Why does she always disobey Eomma to please you? Why? So many questions but no one will answer Snow. Everyone keeps lying to Snow, ignoring her feelings, Why? Is it because she’s ugly? Is it because she’s abnormal? Is it because she’s weird? Why did her parents leave her? Why?’ She sobbed a single tear rolling down her cheek. She touched it and wiped it off shockingly. She forced a smile. ‘Biane Oppa. Snow is crazy. She’s doesn’t know what she’s saying.’

She grinned and went to sit with Lock at the edge of the cliff. I exhaled and brought out my biological mother’s necklace. It’s all I have left of her, all I have left of my family. The last symbol of their existence in me. I took it off and walked to her. She was singing and swaying her legs.

‘The moon is big just like Snow’s smile
The star is bright just like Snow’s heart
The night is…’ I crouched behind her. ‘Oppa is nice and dear to Snow
She don’t know why but she won’t…’

‘Mianhae,’ I said softly moving her hair aside. She looked at me over her shoulder and from underneath her eyelashes. Making her look so cute and sexy.

‘Sorry for what?’ She asked in English.

‘For making you have this feeling and lying to you about it. Oppa is just confuse and don’t want to accept the truth.’

‘So what is wrong with Snow?’

‘Snow’s heart beat for Oppa, she loves him.’

‘Like in love?’

‘Yes, in love with Oppa.’

‘And Oppa thinks she’s too ugly and stupid for him,’ she sighed sadly. Where is this coming from?

‘Snow, you’re not ugly. Who told you that?’

‘Eomma. She said Snow is ugly and if she falls in love or let any guy touch her, she’ll turn to a monkey.’ She said poutingly looking away. I chuckled.

‘Snow is the most beautiful girl in the whole of planet earth to Oppa. No one can be more prettier than her; she’s cute, gorgeous and adorable.’ I smiled locking the necklace around her neck. I pushed her hair aside more and kissed her cheek. I could see her blush through the moonlight and glow of the necklace.

‘My cheeks are burning again.’

‘You’re blushing for Oppa,’ I thought of something. ‘But you will turn to a big monkey if you let anyone touch you the way Oppa would. Only I can touch you because my touch won’t make you turn to a monkey.’ I lied grinningly

Don’t look at me like that; I have to protect what’s mine.

‘What is this?’ She asked touching the necklace. It glow brightened. That’s unusual.

‘It belongs to my birth mother. I’ve treasured it all my life but now I’m giving it to you as a reminder that Oppa loves you too.’

‘Oppa is in love with Snow too?’

‘Like crazily and absolutely in love with Snow,’ I whispered in her ear. She laughed and sniffed. ‘Promise you won’t break it?’ The necklace is really delicate. It’s made of diamond glass; a pendant hung from it, a heart with a glowing green stone and butterfly wings around the heart. ‘Oppa never take it off but he did for you.’

‘I won’t lose it,’ she said gleefully, tears rolling down her cheeks. I hugged her from behind, placing my chin on her shoulder.

‘Happy birthday to a darling star…’ She gasped. ‘Happy birthday to my precious gem
There’s no one else I can love but you
Knowing today was the special day
The heavens graced the earth with you
Knowing that today was the blessed day
My beautiful soulmate was born
I can never be less happy
I can never wish for anything more
Seeing you everyday is enough
To make my life keep rolling
Seeing you is enough
To get me going
Happy birthday to my Kitty like no other
Know this, Oppa loves you with his all,’ she was crying tears of joy seriously. ‘Don’t cry.’

‘Oppa, I can’t stop it,’ she cried wiping her cheeks vigorously. ‘Kamsahaminda Oppa. Gumawo’

‘Come on,’ I pulled her up and carried her in my arms. She rest her head on my chest soaking my shirt. ‘Lock,’ he strutted away waging his tail. I followed behind to the car and dropped her in. I walked over to the driver’s seat, got in and shut the door. ‘Come on, stop crying. I will cry too.’

‘Bia’ne,’ she sobbed. I gave her my hanky and she wiped her cheeks. She sniffed. ‘Gumawo Oppa for loving Snow back and making her happy but…’ She bit her nail shyly. I smiled.

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‘Do you want me to kiss you?’ She nodded sheepishly. ‘Can you even kiss?’ She shook her head negatively. Snow is a easy person to teach. Just give her a clear example and she will do it perfectly.

‘Snow can copy what she saw in that weird film and synchronize,’ see what I mean? I hoist her up to straddle on my laps. She’s as light as a feather. ‘Are you going to defile me?’


‘Eomma said to beat anyone that tries to defile me. If Oppa tries, I’ll beat him up too.’ She said seriously. I smirked.

‘Trust me Bae, when I’m ready for you, you won’t remember the definition of defile but for now, your lips are okay.’ I hoarse. She closed one eye thoughtfully and shrug.

‘Don’t touch me,’ she ordered. I smiled, we’ll see. I pulled her head closer to mine and kissed her. The necklace glowed brightly, blinding my eyes.


Pitch darkness!

The whole place was a tunnel of piercing darkness and death fogs. The only lights seen was that from the big boiling green pot in the middle of the dark unknown place and that from the woman whose hands and legs were chained apart. Her white hair fell down in a curtain, covering her face and torso since it stopped at her waist. Her purple lips curled up into a sneer as she felt it, her powers being recharged by the light. What could have awaken it?

Why will it shine so brightly?

‘At last! She awakened!’ A voice echoed. Three women stepped in front of her. Their black gown flowed on the ground in a graceful fog. Their masked faces covered by a hood but there was no face there, just space. Their hands held no flesh nor skin; they were darkness.

‘Isn’t it funny how she suddenly awakens? Who or why did her light shine all of a sudden?’ The woman with a gray mask pointed out.

‘No one cares! The time to take back what’s ours has come!’ The remaining two shouted. ‘Darkness is born, light is gone. rise souls of our will and bring me the cleanser in which we seek.’ They all chanted loudly. Cries and horrible screams filled the place. They laughed maniacally. The woman tied up sighed.

‘Listen to my voice Aisha. They know she’s alive, be watchful now cause they will all come, be watchful.’ She whispered. A girl carrying a bowl of punch slipped and fell. Her head swelled as she received the message.

‘Mother,’ she said lowly.


After my short make out with Snow in the car, I drove home feeling on top of the world. She sat at the back hugging Lock sheepishly with her face buried deep in his fur. Director J will certainly kill me by the time he returns because I plan on doing more to her as time goes and that includes sex.

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I parked the car gingerly and she ran out with Lock shouting Appa and Panda Oppa! She ran into the house while I tried to keep up with her. God she’s fast!

She screamed. ‘What happened to the lights! Oppa!’ I flicked the lights switch on gasping for breath.

‘Happy birthday!!!’ Everyone shouted. She screamed and fell.

‘Ya! Do you all want to give me a heart attack!!! I almo…it’s my birthday!!!’ She screamed excitedly.

‘Happy birthday Princess,’ Jesse said smilingly helping her up. Cena went for the toys in her hands.

‘Mine!’ She snatched them and stuck her tongue out to him. The people present were just us but we wanted to make her feel special, like a real birthday. ‘For you!’ She squealed giving the panda to Kai. He arched a brow at me. I shrugged.

‘Happy birthday my baby,’ he kissed her forehead and took the panda. ‘Why?’

‘Give it to her,’ she instructed pointing at Suzy. Kai smirked as she went crimson. He bowed.

‘For you milady,’

‘Oh brother,’ Tye scoffed. Suzy took it blushing seriously.

‘With a kiss.’ Snow said seriously.

‘Snow is corrupted! Lyon what have you done to her?!’ Tye exclaimed. I grinned sheepishly.

‘It’s just gonna be a harmless kiss.’ Suzy blunted out and gasped. Kai laughed.

‘So you want me to kiss you, huh?’ He asked smirkingly.

‘Snow why did you involve me!’ She cried. Snow grinned and gave the unicorn to Jesse.

‘I hate stuff animals.’ Jesse said frostily.

‘How come he gets a toy and I don’t.’ Cena whined.

‘Not for you gidiot, her!’ Snow snapped pointing at Blair. Jesse and Blair exchanged awkward looks.

‘No.’ Jesse deadpanned.

‘Give her or I’ll scream.’

‘If he gives it to me sweetly, I’ll shave and shove it in bleach,’ Blair said seethingly. Jesse smirked and threw it at her. The big unicorn hit her face and she fell with a squeak. ‘What the hell!’

‘You said not to give it to you sweetly,’ he said with a innocent smile. I laughed and she glared at me. I laughed more. These two will never stop fighting. ‘So the birthday song.’

‘Oh yea…’ Cena trailed off and the next thing he did was scream girlishly shocking the life out of us. ‘That’s my song. You’re welcome.’ He sang. Tye hissed and pulled his ear.

‘Repeat after me using I instead of you,’ Tye is younger, two months older than Snow but his brain and attitude makes him seem older than Cena and Jesse. ‘You are a idiotical psychopathic moron.’

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‘You are a….ow! My ear! Hyung help me…’ Cena cried as Tye yanked harder. I shrugged. ‘Okay, I am a idiotical psychopathic handsome and absolutely hot genius…’ Tye yanked his other ear. ‘I am a moron… Amen! Amen!’ Tye let go and pushed him. He fell on his butt and fake cried. We only laughed at him.

‘Appa! Oppa said he loves me a lot and I’m he’s Cinderella!’ Snow shrieked. My heart sank. I thought she promised to keep it a secret for now.

‘What!’ They exclaimed. I laughed humorlessly as they all stared at me. Helene sat at a corner with a big smile.

‘Wait so you can date her just like that?’ Tye asked angrily. ‘I will report you to director!’

‘What did I do? I love her, is it a crime?’

‘Not when you are a barrier to my happiness. You can date and sleep with any girl of your choice but the only girl I want, you won’t let me have her.’ He cried his eyes watering. ‘You’re wicked Min-jun.’

‘Fine, you can ask her out.’ I sighed. He shrieked louder than Cena, jumping with an excitement I never knew he had.

‘Thank you so much Hyung!’ He kissed my nose. Gross! And ran upstairs.

‘Wait! I have a hundred rules to lay down first!!!’ I shouted. He was gone.

‘I’ll get him,’ Jesse smiled. ‘Oh! And in-law, if you dump or break my baby’s heart, I’ll break yours.’ He patted my head. I rolled my eyes as he walked away laughing. Cena was still on the floor crying.

‘My love is gone,’ I chuckled.


‘Leave me alone Hyung, you stole my love from me.’ Note. He’s serious. I squat in front of him.

‘Bia’ne. You know she would never really have loved you back.’

‘Oh I know!’ He said cheerfully like he wasn’t just fake crying. ‘It was fun loving someone and getting my heart broken. I didn’t love her though, I think it was just a crush so I’ll get a new crush, A pretty and cute one that won’t break my arm anytime I touch her,’ he said the last part glaring dagger at Snow who was swaying slowly to the music. She winked at him. He rolled his eyes. ‘Blair, be my new sweetheart.’

‘Not in your life.’

‘She dumped me too,’ I chuckled and stood up.

‘So? How was your first kiss? Give me the juicy details.’ Suzy chirped holding Snow’s hand. Blair shrieked and joined her.


They can squeal over unnecessary things.

Jesse dragged Tye in ‘Tye I haven’t laid down the rules yet. One, stand three feet away from my sister. Two, don’t touch her. Three, don’t kiss her. Four, don’t sniff her….’

‘Lyon, stop being overprotective. Bitna is not a kid.’ Helene said scoldingly.

‘She’s fifteen and my kid. I need to make sure she’s protected.’

‘Lyon, you are dating my daughter, should I lay down some rules too?’ Jesse asked smirkingly. I scoffed.

‘You’re not her father, sick head.’

‘But I’m her mother.’ Helene smiled. I frowned.

‘And I’m her brother.’ Kai added folding his arms.

‘Oppa leave him alone or I will leave you,’ Snow threatened. Everyone ganged up against me!

‘Fine! Whatever but if you sleep with my sister, I will murder you.’

‘It’s not like you won’t do the same to your girlfriend,’ he murmured. My eyes darkened. He indirectly said he would.

‘Don’t you d…’

‘Shut up Lyon!’ Everyone yelled. I kept quiet. Okay breathe. I walked to the guitar to play her the first song. I struck it and jerked with a scream.

‘Who electrified the guitar!!!’ I yelled.


‘That’s it! We’re playing pin the pin on the Cena!’ Snow shouted

Awwwn! She loves me.


“Today was so fun diary!

At first it wasn’t because Appa didn’t call to wish Snow happy birthday and then Oppa said she wasn’t going to school today. He surprised her by telling her to get ready, that he’s taking her out. Snow went out! Isn’t that great! Oppa took her to dream place number three. It’s called an amusement park and she ate that pink pillow…. What did Oppa call it? Erm… Carbon candy! Yes! No. That’s not it…whatever

They rode a lot of things and she almost died because of the death machine. Oppa then took her to toy paradise and she bought a panda for Puppy Face and a unicorn for Baby face. He got her a silver and pink mini Lyon. So cute! Then she watched two movies and listen to songs Eomma said not to. He took her to a waterfall and called her cute and beautiful. He said to him Snow is the most beautiful. Snow is so happy! I’m Snow so I’m so happy!

Oppa said he’s in love with Snow and she loves him too. He gave her a priceless necklace, sang her a song and wished her a happy birthday before he kissed her in his car for long. Oppa is nice, he didn’t try to defile Snow but he kept touching her breasts when they were kissing and it made her uncomfortable but she likes it, I love it. Eomma said don’t do it but I wanna do it. We went home and everyone wished her well then gave her a lot of presents. They sang, she ate lot of cakes, sweets and all her favourite sugary things eomma said not to eat. Tweeny Oppa cried himself to sleep because we played pin the pin on the Cena. Eomeonim had to pet him.

Aye! Diary! Oppa is spoiling Snow! He’s doing what Eomma said she should not do. He’s going to defile her but she likes the way she’s feeling, it’s sweet. His hand is in her skirt, doing something that is making her body shiver and she’s peeing on herself or something. I love it! My vocabulary bank said it’s called sexual desire, hormones… Eomma said never to go that side, never to read those words but Snow did. Snow needs to understand what is wrong with her body, I need to understand what is going on with me. I need to know why my body is on fire, what Oppa is doing to me. Maybe I will ask him or Puppy face! Yes! No. Baby face! She always tell me the truth.

Appa and Eomma weren’t here for my birthday and I’m happy. They would have made me stay inside but Oppa being my guardian took me out. Today is the happiest day of Snow’s life and Snow is me so we are both glad.

So I guess it’s goodnight for now. Bye diary “

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