Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter Eight


Oppa pulled over at a big place. That place I always see in cartoons! I’ve always dreamt of coming here but Eomma won’t let me. Snow is not allowed outside.

Oppa brought me!

That’s why I always want to be with him, he’s always making me happy.

Today is my birthday. Appa told me sometime ago. Every morning on my birthday, he would call me secretly and wish me a happy birthday. He also sings and I like his voice. He didn’t call this year. They have both abandoned me…they don’t want a ugly psycho like Snow. Mom said I’m ugly and that is why I should never fall in love or feel negative emotions so I won’t get more ugly.

Do Oppa think I’m ugly?

‘Kitty, you okay?’ He asked softly. He cares about me so much and he never says words that hurt me. I smiled and nodded. ‘You sure?’ I nodded again. ‘Don’t you like this place? I can take you somewh….’

‘No!!!’ I bit my lip. ‘No,’ I said softly. ‘Eomma never brought me out so I want to enjoy everywhere well. Kamsamnida Oppa, for caring fif me and looking towards my happiness.’ I bowed and smiled at him. He sighed with relief and smiled back.

‘Your happiness matters to me Kitty, you are my number one priority,’

‘Snow is very honored Oppa, thank you, for putting me before you.’

‘Tain!’ He exclaimed nonsense, making a cute face. I giggled. ‘Let’s go shall we?’ He asked unbuckling his seatbelt. I sucked my lip nervously. I like it when Oppa gets close to me. The way he smells, the weird shunning in my tummy and the racing of my heart, I want him to always be close. ‘You can’t remove the belt?’ I nodded. Lie! He moved close to me and removed the belt.

I like the concert my whole body throws when he comes close. His hand brushed against my arm and my boob. I like the weird tingles in my veins. It happens only when he touches me. Eomma said not to let a boy touch me or I will get more ugly. I will gladly become a monkey if Oppa could touch me everytime, if he could accept my likeness. Eomma said boys aside from Appa are bad. They will try to beat me at the game and defile me and if they succeed I will turn faceless and lose my voice but all my Oppas are nice. Panda Oppa is like a big brother I never had, always there to help and support me. Tweeny Oppa is funny and makes me laugh a lot. Teeny Oppa even tho he doesn’t talk to me much, I know he loves me too and Appa, he’s the best!

Oppa touch me a lot but never had it in mind to defile me. I know that because I can feel it.

‘There,’ he moved back and opened the door. I opened mine and ran out. ‘Kitty don’t run!!!’ I stopped and waited patiently for him. He reached me with Baby Lyon and entwined our hands. My cheeks burnt, it always did that when Oppa holds my hands.

‘Oppa, why are you wearing this black hair, eye lens and hood?’

‘So no one will recognize me,’ he said smilingly. Why is my hair black now? Why is my eyes black too? Is it so I won’t be recon….pink pillow!

‘Oppa!!! Look! That pink pillow in cartoons!!!’ I shrieked excitedly pointing to it. He shushed me glancingly. Everyone was looking at us because of Baby Lock, he was orange now. What’s with the color change? Is it because he’s a cute puppy?

‘He’s a fox,’ my mind said calmly. Nay! Puppy!

‘Oppa, please buy it for me,’ I pleaded. He smiled and pulled us to the stand.

‘Two cotton candies please,’ he said politely to the man that looks like a pirate. The man smiled and dished out two cotton candies! Yes! I know it name now. I was busy staring at the candy mixer. So mesmerizing.

‘Oh thank you so much sir. Thank you,’ the pirate man said gratefully. I turned and saw him smiling at some notes of money. That looks much. ‘You are blessed.’ I smiled at Oppa, he’s so kind. He pulled my hand and we walked away. He hand me the candy but Baby Lock knocked it off my hand with a leap.

‘I didn’t get to taste it,’ I said quaverly. Oppa kissed my cheek. I giggled.

‘Here, have mine,’ he gave me his. I happily took and finished it up. I want more. I gave him my best puppy eyes. He groaned. ‘No, Kitty, no more sugar.’

‘I will die of diabetes,’ I whined. He chuckled.

‘Like the cups of ice cream and bars of chocolates you consume everyday isn’t enough.’ He said chucklingly.

‘But Oppa…’

‘Say! Why don’t we go for a ride?’

I squealed happily. So much to choose from.

‘Oppa I’m confuse,’ I cried. He laughed and ruffled my hair.

‘You’re undeniably cute. Come on, let’s start with the ferris wheel, then the carousel and roller coaster….’

‘And that thing that looks like it gonna throw people to the moon. I want to go there and see the moon monkeys.’

‘Uh huh, right,’ he laughed and pulled me to the wheelly thingy. I like it when Oppa laughs.

Oppa called me cute!

Oppa called me cute!!!

Oppa called me cute!!!!!!!




Oppa and I rode a lot of things but he won’t let me ride the train with a dragon head, said I will wet my pants if I do. Insult! I have to prove to Oppa that I’m not a baby again. I’m a big girl now.

‘Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please…’

‘Snow please stop, you can’t take it. Stop saying please, it’s been an hour now since you’ve been saying that. You will drive me nuts.’ He said exasperatedly.

I clicked my tongue and shrugged.

‘Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please…’

‘No no no no and ten thousand more f****ng NO!!!!!’ He yelled at me. Oppa yelled at me…my heart hurts. Oppa yelled at me. My eyes sting with something as my lips quavered. ‘Okay I’m sorry, please don’t cry,’ I removed my hand and ran off. ‘Snow please I’m sorry,’ Baby Lock blocked my way. ‘Come on Kitty please forgive me… Okay you can ride it.’


‘Your funeral,’ he shrugged. I ran to the dragon train. “Dragon’s nest” was written on it. I smiled and jumped in as Oppa paid. ‘Please hold my fox for me.’

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‘Won’t it eat me?’ The ticket seller asked fearfully.

‘Have I been eaten?’ Oppa asked rolling his eyes. ‘Lock, behave,’ he got in with me and brought the iron bar down. The ride started and I was filled with expectation. It got to a high place.

‘I can see the whole place from up here,’ I squealed. ‘What’s this place called?’

‘Amusement park.’

‘It’s not that scary.’ I said happily.

‘Wait for it.’ The train moved and fell down. We’re going to die! Oppa folded his arms with eyes closed his hair flying up since the hood was blown off. If he’s not scared then I won’t be either.

Who am I kidding?

I screamed with fright, my heart wanted to run away from me and my brain was telling me it want to go watch TV. My breath was stiff and my eyes were twirling in a ball room. I hugged Oppa screaming with the other people, he kept laughing. The train went to, fro, side, up, over and under. Even spiral. Weird things kept jumping out at interval, scaring my life away.

‘Oppa!’ I sobbed my eyes threatening to leak. He pressed my head against his chest and caressed my back. The wind and his heart beat was all I heard next. I could hear him crooning for me and my fear slowly faded away. The evil DEATH MACHINE finally stopped. I stood up with shaking legs as he chuckled. He helped me out. I gagged. ‘Oppa, I think I’m gonna throw up,’ I said queasily. He laughed and pushed my head back before holding my nose and throat until it died down.

‘Let’s go for another ride!’ He squealed.

‘Are you insane!’ I shouted. He laughed and Baby Lyon laughed me too. Stupid Lyons.

‘Aren’t you a strong lady anymore?’ He teased.

‘Oppa is evil, he wants me to die of heart attack.’


After about an hour of laughing at me while playing other games, he stopped. I gave all the gifts he won for me to the little bottles running around. Panda Oppa calls children little bottles.

‘Bear!!!’ I shouted pointing to a big white bear. It is as big as I am. ‘Oppa!’

‘Fine,’ he said tiredly and we walked to the place. He dropped some money. ‘How do I get that bear?’

‘Simple. Kill as many zombies as you can with the ten bullets in each guns. You must kill at least seventeen to move on to the next level. Level two, The cheetah will run faster than flash, your job is to shoot it with only three tries and finally, knock over the tiny space ship.’

This is wickedness!

Oppa picked the gun and opened it.

‘You said ten bullets but there is only five here,’ he said emotionlessly. The man that looks like a Viking gulped.

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‘My bad,’ he refilled the gun as Oppa tied his eyes with a scarf. I’ve lost it! ‘Here.’ Oppa took the two guns.

‘Oppa you will fail.’

‘I never miss my shot,’ he said with a weird look. Is that smirking? ‘Ready to see your boyfriend do something extraordinary?’

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‘Yes,’ I closed my eyes and listened as he shot all twenty bullets.

Whoa! He didn’t miss one!

His eyes were closed.

That was so cool!

Oppa why aren’t you as cool as that person?

He’s so cute.

Cute boy be my boyfriend for today!

Okay who said that one? Who wants to take Oppa from me?

I opened my eyes and gasped. Oppa shot everything and was getting ready to shot the cheetah with his eyes still blindfolded. The cheetah started moving so fast I got dizzy. Oppa shot it and bam! My cool boyfriend won!

He played the last one and hit the ship effortlessly. Is my Oppa cool or what!

‘No! You must have cheated!!!’ The man yelled.

Cheated! The boy won

That’s unfair

This is how he always do

What the hell is his problem?

‘I didn’t cheat,’

‘You did. I’m closed,’ he said angrily. I tapped my feet upset.

‘Oppa won and you’re saying not? Are you sick?’ I asked walking closer to him.

‘Take this psychopathic girlfriend out of my sight!!! Just look at the way she’s dressed!’ I felt that thing again as my nut loosed. I hissed and leaped to him pinning him down on the ground inside his stand.

‘Snow stop!’ Oppa yelled.

‘Let me teach him a lesson nobody insult or hurt the people I care about as long as I’m around,’ I yelled hitting his head continuously on the floor.

‘Kitty please. for Oppa,’ he begged. I stood up and climbed out. He took my hand and dragged me away. ‘You are strong. You keep surprising me Snowflake, what exactly are you?’

I pouted sadly. Is that good or bad?

‘My teddy,’ I said shakily

‘Don’t worry, I will get you a better one,’ he said without a smile dialing a number. Oppa is mad at me. ‘Yes Chun…no…just listen! The man at stand 53 in Park 2 is here by banned reasons assault, fraud aggressiveness…. Of course I know what I’m saying! He did it to me unknowingly… Don’t tell me what to do, I am your boss not the other way around. If I see him here again, YOU ARE FIRED!’ He hung up and smiled at me. ‘What?’

‘You are mad at me?’

‘Of course not! I’m only upset because you fought him.’

‘That wasn’t me fighting that was me beating up. He couldn’t even throw one punch,’ I said with an eye roll. He stared at me amusedly and shockingly. ‘What?’ I touched my face. Is he irritated by my ugliness. ‘What?’ I whined.

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‘Do you own this place?’

‘Sort of,’ he said lowly

‘I didn’t get the teddy,’

‘I will get yo….’ His emerald phone rang. Oppa has five phones. One emerald, gold, white, one with diamond cover and onyx back. He answered it. ‘Yea Kai…we are on our way b….stall her more?…oi! What do you expect me t….okay,’ he hung up and clicked his tongue. ‘What do you say we visit my aquarium and then my toy factory?’


‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!’ Snow shrieked for the umpteenth time. After visiting the aquarium, I took her to my dad’s toy factory and she was yet to pick a toy because you know. ‘I want this one…no, that one…hey! That one… No, that one….’ She was so excited and confused.

‘Sir, we need to start packaging the toys for it delivery to Con Corp,’ the manager said through gritted teeth. I won’t blame him, she has been like that for half an hour.

‘Get me one of the special.’ I said smilingly looking at her.


‘One of the special.’ I repeated.

‘But the special haven’t been released yet. Your father said to put it on halt until the product is launched next week,’ he said defiantly. I really hate the way he acts like he owns the place.

‘You talk too much, just get it for me.’

‘I can’t disobey your father’s order.’

‘And there you have it, MY father so get your ass in there or…that’s it. You’re fired. Where’s Mrs Krishna?’ I shouted.

‘Over here sir,’ she was showing Snow the toys with a huge smile.

‘Come!’ I shouted. She kissed her cheek and ran to me.

‘Sir?’ She bowed.

‘Get me one of the special.’

‘Which one?’

‘Surprise me.’ I smiled.

‘Velma, don’t you dare or you are fired!’ The manager said furiously. I stared at him amusedly. Dad have given him too much power.

‘Do you know that I just fired you?’

‘No one can fire me except your dad,’ he said stubbornly. I laughed and shook my head.

‘If this man remains in this building for the next two minutes, you’re all fired!!!’ I screamed. They gasped.

‘Mr Choi leave please, I love my job,’ I glanced at Snow as she looked at me weirdly. Did I acted too mean? The workers pulled him out shouting and screaming curses. Snow was still staring at me. We were both just staring. She sighed and walked to me with a big panda.

‘Is this what you picked?’ I asked nervously. Why is she looking at me like that?

‘So Puppy Face can remember Panda Oppa’, she said plainly still giving me the look. She smiled and shook her head before running back to get more.

What was that?

Did I scare her?

My gold phone rang again.

‘Hey dad,’

‘I know you don’t make decisions rashly so I will let you explain,’ he said calmly.

‘I fired him and I don’t regret it. I came here with a friend to buy her a toy….’

‘Did you just say her?’ He asked excitedly. Uh oh.

‘Dad don’t go there.’

‘So it’s true! You have a girlfriend and you didn’t tell us. Ouch!’

‘She’s just a friend,’ I said staring at her.

‘Friend, right,’ he said teasingly. ‘Don’t impregnate anyone yet. I’m too young to be a grandfather.’ He said jestingly.


‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom the rumor is true….Natalya! Your son really has a girlfriend!!!’

‘What!!!’ I hurriedly hung up and switched off all my phones. Mom will kill me for not telling her.

‘Sir,’ Mrs Krishna said calmly. I turned to her, she carried a cute little silver and pink teddy bear. ‘This one is the newest. She is programmed to sing, teach anything and have access to the internet. She can do anything if I must say.’ She smiled.

‘She can live stream any video?’

‘Yup!’ She popped. I took it.

‘Perfect,’ I said smilingly. ‘Kitty!’ I shouted. She turned and gasped dropping the panda in her hands.

‘Mini Lyon!!!’ She shrieked. She ran to me and grabbed the bear, shrieking and calling it Mini Lyon.

My name have suffered.

‘You’re the new manager,’ I whispered. She gasped.


Oppa bought me a cute teddy bear with a panda and unicorn for my two faces bestie. My Mini Lyon. ‘So what should we do now Kitty?’ It asked chirpily.

‘Play me a song. The weird one I danced to that day.’

‘You mean the one you twerked to,’ Oppa muttered.

‘I wasn’t there so I don’t know,’ Mini Lyon said calmly.

‘Oppa help me out?’

‘Just listen to me too by Trainor,’ he said calmly.

‘Play me me too by what he said,’ I said happily. It played a nice song. I love it! ‘Oppa you sing right?’


‘Download all songs from big Lyon.’ I said cheerfully.

‘Big Lyon? Do you mean Lyon Lynn of Fifth Alphas?’


‘Yes,’ Oppa said softly.

‘Yes. Lyon Ink,’ I said jokingly. Oppa laughed and ruffled my hair. ‘Also download any foreign song sang by group girls.’ I said swinging my legs. Mini Lyon beeped.

‘Live stream Titanic,’ Oppa said smirkingly.

‘What’s that?’ I asked curiously.

‘A movie,’

‘But Eomma said no…’

‘No buts Snow or I will be mad,’ he said frowningly. I nodded.

‘Do whatever he wants,’ I ordered Mini Lyon lowly. I’m disobeying Eomma again to please Oppa, I will get more ugly.

‘Okey dokey! What else should I download?’ Mini Lyon said cheerfully. Soon a movie started playing.

Eomma will be so mad.



Oppa pulled over at a forest. I finished that horrible movie. The guy died and they kept doing weird things that made me uncomfortable. I felt really weird and my body was doing somehow. I was watching the other movie he asked Mini Lyon to play and it was worst than the other one.

‘Oppa, I don’t like the way my body is,’ I cried poutingly. He chuckled.

‘So naïve,’ he murmured. ‘Stop live streaming Mini me and let’s go. Lock stay in the car and don’t eat the teddy,’ he instructed as I stepped out. The wind here was keen and soothing. Oppa walked to me and took my hands. Baby Lyon jumped out. ‘I told you to s…’

‘Just leave him. Where are we?’ I asked looking around. He smiled and simply pulled me. I heard splashes of water and chirping of birds and flapping of wings. I gasped and squealed my voice echoing everywhere making birds fly away. ‘Waterfall! Like in cartoons!’

‘You like it huh?’

‘I love it,’ I chirped taking photos to add to my album. ‘Oppa take a picture with me,’ he was already with his phone. He pulled me close to him by my waist and put his phone up.

‘One, two, three…’ I made a silly face. He laughed as the camera flashed. ‘Again. One, two, three…’ Before the camera light went off, Oppa turned my face and put his lips on mine.


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