Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter Seven


Everyone cheered as Snow danced to a Indian song on Fifth Alpha’s table, we were at the cafeteria. After our noise in the class, the student insisted Snow repeat it in the cafeteria for others who missed to see so here we were screaming and cheering to the dance. God! She can sway those hips like her momma owns it.

What the hell am I saying?!

I just love her. She’s so full of life and enthusiasm, shhe has all the fifth Alphas wrapped up around her beautiful fingers, even the Almighty Kai and Tye. It was funny and sweet. Everyone already love her, her friendly aura speaks before her.

Never have I seen all the idols in such unison, all because of the beautiful girl dancing on the table and swaying Lyon’s brains off.

‘Oppa, come sing with me!’ She shouted after she finished. Lyon stared on with mouth open in awe again. Cena cracked his knuckles smirking evilly. Here it comes. He smacked Lyon’s head so hard it echoed in the noisy cafeteria. Everyone quiet down as Cena sprinted laughing.

‘I will murder you Cena!!!!’ Lyon yelled furiously. sh*t! He’s angry.

‘Oppa,’ Snow called him softly. He turned to glare dagger at her. She smiled sweetly and his eyes softened. ‘Come sing with me,’ she reverted to her previous words. He took her hand and climbed the table. ‘Let’s sing the song mom loves. Dear future husband.’

We groaned. Probably thinking it was a cartoon or stupid song because one look at her and you will know she’s a cartoon.

‘Dear future husband
Here’s a few things
You’ll need to know if
You wanna be
My one and only
All my life…’ She sang. Everyone went wild with screams and laughter even though they didn’t know the song. Some didn’t tho. I did. She continued singing like a cartoon popstar and demonstrating too, all Lyon did was stare. She nudged him. He smiled and held her waist tightly singing rubbish. She stared at him like he was drunk.

The look was so funny that we all laughed. Someone tap me, I turned and saw Dennis.

‘Come,’ he whispered in my ear. Like a fool I followed him to sneak out of the cafeteria. He held my wrist and took me to DD’s Lounge upstairs. He unlocked the door and I followed in. He locked the door.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked frowningly.

‘Nothing, just wanna talk.’

‘Talk about? I don’t remember having anything to talk about with you.’

‘Easy girl. Just chill and sit down,’ he said chucklingly sitting down. I scoffed.

‘I’ve got two legs.’

‘You’re so fierce, reason why I like you,’ I looked away blushingly. ‘Now will you sit?’ I sat down and crossed my legs shyly. ‘You are beautiful.’

‘Thank you.’

‘What’s your name again?’

‘Blair Choi,’ I said lowly. He nodded and caressed my hair. I tried not to melt.

My crush is touching me!

‘So tell me, who’s that Rinette girl? Where did Lyon get her from? Is she abnormal or just too optimistic?’ Is this about her?

‘If you don’t mind, I will love it if you don’t ask questions that doesn’t concern you. Who Marinette is and where Lyon met her is none of your concern. If you want to know, go ask one of the Fifth Alphas and not me.’ I said harshly. He sucked in air.

‘Jeez! You are strict. My kind of girl,’ he said hoarsely. He leaned closer and sniffed my hair. ‘Delicious’ he whispered biting my earlobe.

Blair you’re not cheap. You f**k with respect.

‘Nice try dude but you gotta hit harder than this,’ I said boastfully pushing him off. He stared at me with a little shock before he adjusted his lips to a lopsided smirk. ‘Try not to smirk it looks awful on you.’

‘How about I prove to you that I can be good enough? A date this Friday?’

‘Hmmm, tempting but not enough,’ I said cheekily. He bit his lip.

‘What about a place of your choice?’

‘Deal,’ I smiled. ‘Now if you will excuse me, I have a friend to cheer on,’ I stood up. ‘Open the door.’

‘Right,’ he stood up and walked to the door and opened it. I smiled and walked out.

I did it!

We were walking back to the cafeteria I think. It was between the cafeteria hallway and the hallway to DD’s lounge. He turned me around unexpectedly with a smirk.


‘Have anyone ever told you your lips are attractive?’ He asked flirtatiously.

‘Have anyone ever told you that your pick up line sucks more than my ex boyfriend’s D***,’ I said mock yawning.

‘You are hard to please,’ he whined.

‘Try harder, you are almost there,’ I said winkingly. He smiled at something behind me. I wanted to turn and see who it was but he pulled me close and slammed his lips on mine, holding my head in place so I won’t see.

It was awesome! But I felt really guilty.



The joyful celebration in the cafeteria was over. I wasn’t happy. Blair left with Dennis that boy is really daring me. He made a stupid bet with himself to get her before me, I don’t really care but if I’m ever to lose a bet to someone it would be to someone worth it. A real challenge, not a little boy trying to grow up. Dennis is too small for me, I snap of my fingers and he will get crushed beyond repairs.

I don’t play games with kids.

‘Where’s Blair?’ Suzy asked sharply shifting away from Kai.

‘Is she lost?’ Kai asked pulling her back. She’s only trying to escape him. I never knew Kai could pester a girl so much. This girl will commit murder soon if he doesn’t let her be.

‘My love, your next class is with me,’ Cena shouted from afar. He’s scared Lyon will forget his fist in his face.

‘Grrrrrr!’ Lyon growled. He’s so possessive over what’s not officially his. Three things kept me away from targeting Snow:

Lyon is in love with her even if he won’t admit it out loud.

She can’t love anyone but him.

Kai will cut off my head, dice it and feed it to my dead body.

Plus, she’s too cute and innocent for a dirty guy like me. I don’t like naive girls.

I think Snow can fight. The way she twisted Cena’s hand earlier that morning when he smacked her ass was suspicious.

‘Oppa, why can’t you go with me?’ Snow whined.

‘Because I have other classes. If he tries to touch you….’

‘Break his arm, ripped out his liver and shove it down his throat.’ She said seriously.

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See what I mean!

‘Who drew in my book!!!’ Tye yelled. Cena grinned and stylishly tiptoed out. ‘Cena!!!’ Cena already ran away. Tye will never chase anyone but if he catches Cena, God help him.

Cena will be a notebook for three days. That will be fun to watch.

‘Baby, Appa is leaving now,’ I said softly. Snow turned sharply and ran to me. She hugged and kissed my cheek as tradition demands.

‘Bye Appa,’ I kissed her hair and walked out to find Blair, there’s no way a kid will take her. I went to class but she wasn’t there so I returned to go check DD’S Lounge. I found them at the hall between the cafeteria and aish! What’s wrong with this boy!

I scoffed when he kissed her to stop her from seeing me. The idiot dared smirk at me, it’s not like I feel anything for h…who am I kidding? I hate emotions! Lyon said the girl I like will hurt me first but I won’t let that happen. I will never let my feeling for a girl get to me. Blair thinks I’m a Playboy and Dennis is not.

Well then Blair Choi, gets ready to get your heart ripped to shred.


‘Kai I need to pee,’ I whispered in geometry class. He ignored me. ‘Please.’

‘Five minutes,’ he said sternly. What type of punishment is this! ‘Hey Mrs McKinley!’ He shouted. She turned and looked at him. ‘She’s going out.’


‘B…what?’ Kai asked snarlingly. She gulped and nodded. Having a powerful boyfriend has it good sides…well we aren’t dating but to me we are. Yes! I have a boyfriend. I stood up and went to her

‘Sorry Mrs McKinley,’ I whispered. She smiled warmly at me. I walked out and broke into a run at the hall. I took the elevator to the third class floor. I just need a breathing space and a “Kailess” class. There were nine girls in the hallway.

Isn’t she the b***h that’s frolicking with Kai Oppa?

Yes, it’s her.

Oh great.

I tried to walk past them but they blocked my path.

‘Get out of my way,’ I snarled. They are the Lollipops but I call them the Lalaloopsies. Mean b***hes of the third class floor.

‘She’s bold now. A little of Oppa’s D*** is giving you courage,’ the leader, Vina said disgustedly.

‘Oh hell yea,’ I said smirkingly cocking my hips. ‘I guess I’m a lucky b***h having access to Kai of all people. Which of The Fifth Alphas do you have access to? Except for Cena and Jesse who used and dumped you?’ I asked sweetly.

They scoffed.

‘What a brat,’

‘She’s not even pretty,’

I laughed. ‘Aren’t I? I’m not pretty yet I have Kai wrapped up my ugly little fingers,’ I said smugly. ‘Piece of advice whores. Dare me and I will get you all expelled.’

‘Oh really,’ Vina yelled and slapped me. I let her slap me. She pulled my hair and slammed my head on a locker. ‘This is just a warning b***h, stay away from him or I will kill you!’

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‘Nonsense,’ another hissed hitting my stomach. I winced. They walked out. I stood up and scattered my hair and uniform. I put my glasses on the floor and smashed it then brought out the pin I stole from her and stabbed my arm and didn’t remove it, I scratched my face with my long nails.

It will all heal before evening. I heal fast.

Now to see if Kai do feel something for me.

I went back to the idols floor and laid in the hallway. I waited patiently for five more minutes clicking my tongue and drumming my fingers. I perceived his heavenly weird but boyish scent. I pretended to be unconscious.

‘Suzy!’ He yelled. I hid my smile. I felt him knee in front of me and carried me up.

Gee! He smelled so sweet!

‘I should have never let you go out on your own. I’m so sorry,’ I could tell he was running. Soon a door was kicked open and I was laid on the soft mattress. The antiseptic said school clinic.

‘What happened to her?’ The doctor asked.

‘One more question and you’re fired!!!’

‘Sorry sir,’

So after an hour of playing pretend unconsciousness, I woke up…actually I slept off from there and I enjoyed my sleep. He was holding me so close through out.

Who wouldn’t enjoy their sleep?

‘Suzy, who did this to you?’

‘Where am I?’

‘Clinic,’ I winced falsely.

‘My head hurts, hold me,’ I cried weakly. He carried me up well and held me. I wrapped my hands around him and moaned silently to the warmth of his hard chest.

‘Who hurt you?’

‘Some girls from third class floor called the Lollipops,’ I sobbed. He growled and stood up dropping me gently on the bed

‘What do you want me to do to them?’

‘Expel them,’ I sobbed more. He wiped my crocodile tears, kissed my forehead and left. TWO SHOUTS FOR ME.


Suzy you rock!

‘Suzy,’ Doctor Kong called chucklingly. He knows me. ‘You want to send another person to a hospital again.’

‘I’m only getting some dolls expelled, nothing serious. I have a rich boyfriend now, Kai of all and those bullies are about to get it from Lee Suzy.’ I said proudly. He smiled and ruffled my hair.

‘Cute girl,’

Musical time!

Kai loves me.

Kai loves me.

Kai loves me.

Kai loves me.

Oh yea!

Oh yea!

‘Suzy,’ Blair called laughingly leaning on the door with crossed arms. I grinned. ‘You are a devil.’

And I’m proud of it.


I should play sick more often. after I got discharged that evening, Kai took me to Fifth Alphas’ mansion. I stayed there in Snow’s room for a night. Can you believe it! Me in Fifth Alphas’ mansion! Gee!!!!! He was so nice, so gentle, so caring.

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Best self claimed boyfriend ever!

Jesse knew I was faking the moment he set his eyes on me. He said I should enjoy the sweetness while it last but be ready for Kai’s ultimate possessiveness. That I officially signed myself to him with what I did. Mtcheeeeew. No one can boss me around.

I was fixing Snow’s makeup and Cena was polishing her nails. Somehow, he knew how to. Blair was on the bed blabbing about her kiss with Dennis the previous day.

Why were we dressing Snow up? Lyon was taking her out on a date.

‘Can someone bring me a sewing machine so I can sew this girl’s lips together,’ Cena said frowningly. She hissed.

‘No one asked you to be here.’

‘This is my house in case you have forgotten pretty face,’ he said still frowning. She rolled her eyes.

‘I’m sure it must feel bad not to have anyone that loves you,’ she mocked.

‘Girl if I want someone to love me, it’s as easy as winking. It will be fun to watch you get miserable after he shatters your ugly little heart.’

‘He’s not like you or that moron Jesse. He won’t hurt me.’

‘Say it louder every night and maybe your wish will come true,’ he said tauntingly. ‘Since you insist, be my guess.’

‘You know you can never be like him,’ she was trying to annoy him but everyone knows he never gets annoyed. He shrugged.

‘Being Cena Kang is enough for me. I don’t need to be anyone else because no one is hotter than I am,’ he said with a flirtatious wink. She snorted.

‘Then why can’t the great Cena get the one girl he likes.’

‘Blair!’ I snapped.

‘Let her be Mrs Kai…’ I frowned. ‘Some hearts are not meant to be won but for yours, I laugh in Chinese.’

Snow laughed shaking her head.

‘Hold still,’ I said softly.

‘It tickles,’ she said gigglingly. Blair hissed and left the room.

‘She’s gonna get really hurt. Can’t you talk to her?’ Cena asked calmly staring at the door. I shrugged.

‘I’ve tried countless of time so my conclusion is live and learn.’

‘Hmm…done!’ He shouted. Snow raised her hands and stared at the black nail polish confusedly. ‘Your dress code today is black so you know.’

‘Eomma don’t like me wearing black.’

‘She’s not here,’ I said rolling my eyes and dropping the black lipstick. I made her makeup light and all black. Men! She looked devilishly hot! I dyed her hair black earlier and styled it to a neat ponytail hybrid. She wore Lyon’s black skinny jeans, his leather jacket, canvas and tank top. Don’t ask me why she dressed like that, she’s Snow.

We walked out to his car, Lyon stood there talking to Kai. He wore a black wig, gray eye lens and a blue hood jacket, for disguise. Kai was wearing glasses. It kinda shocked me. He wears glasses? And why is he dressed like a student?

He smiled at me. I smiled back blushingly.

‘Love love love love…’ Cena sang dancing away. This boy can embarrass someone. Does he have to talk!

‘What’s that word from deep inside
Not even heard
Nor it denied
It’s true love
And that’s what
You’re feeling…’ Snow surprisingly sang. What is this! She took Kai’s hands and swayed with him. The idiot was dancing happily. ‘You’re in love that’s good
And I know it’s true
No more feeling blue
For happiness is now she and you…’ She sang on. Cena returned.


‘Bo bo bo bo bo bo bo bo bo bo…’ He sang.

‘I never knew the day I would see him laugh will come
I never knew that the day I will see him smile is today
Kai have fallen in love
With a crazy cute girl
And now he’s smiling, laughing blushing…’ Jesse sang coming out of nowhere.

‘Eh…’ Kai wanted to protest about the blushing part.

‘It’s too good to be true
How it happened?
We don’t have a clue
It’s here anyways
And to me it’s okay
This is a joyful day for Kai and Suzy
It’s called loveeeeeeeee….’ Three of them sang doing a ridiculous tap dancing like they planned it. I covered my crimson face sheepishly. They can’t even pretend not to see anything.

‘I’m in love
In love with someone…’ Kai’s singing made me brought down my hands.

‘Are you being serious!’ I exclaimed quizzically.

‘It’s fun,’ he said grinningly.

‘You guys should stop teasing my granddaughter!’ Grandma shouted from the balcony.

‘One more time!!!’ Snow shouted. Lyon was laughing. Not at the singing but what she was wearing. It was really big on her but Snow don’t care. I felt six feet was better that moment.

‘Kai! You’re not helping!’ I yelled exasperatedly. My cheeks were tired of blushing.

‘What did I do?’ He asked innocently.

‘You’re encouraging this children,’ Jesse stopped dancing and folded his arms.

‘Young lady respect yourself. I’m old enough to give birth to you,’ say what? ‘Can’t you see my grown up daughter right here,’ he patted Snow’s head. I rolled my eyes.

‘Snow, let’s go.’ Lyon said laughingly. She jumped up celebrating.

‘I’m going out…I’m going out… I’m going out…’ She sang running around. ‘Baby Lyon?’

‘In the car.’


‘Why is she wearing my clothes?’ He asked stiffening his laugh. ‘How did she even get it?’

‘Beats me.’ I shrugged.

‘Snow, the clothes are too big and you can’t wear the canvas, those aren’t your size.’

‘Snowy don’t care,’ she sang cartoonishly. He shrugged knowing he can’t ever win with her. They got into the car and drove off.

‘Phew! She’s gone. Now to activate operation “get the surprise ready” let’s go.’ I turned to walk in but Cena carried me on his shoulder. ‘What the butt Cena! Put me down!’

‘Muah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! I’ve kidnap your girlfriend Kim Dong-Jung, you will pay me for ransom.’ He said maniacally and ran off with me.

‘Kai!!!’ I shouted. He was busy laughing. Aish!


Snow looked so happy. I was too. Seeing her happy gives me a weird blissful delight. She took pictures of everything I drove past. I wonder if she knows what today is, Helene told us yesterday. It’s her birthday but her mother never let her celebrate it knowingly. She would buy something for her but will never let her know it’s her special day. There is a limit to over protectiveness. How could she do this to Snow? Turn her into a a smart idiot. It’s inhumane!

Whatever. I’m going to help turn her into the woman she ought to be whether it’s a good idea or not.

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