Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Chapter six


I stood at Snow’s bedroom door watching her play with her dolls. Suzy told me what happened in school and Blair’s crazy Android theory. She’s not an android, I know that because I was there when her mother brought her into this world…in fact I brought her out with the help of Lyon’s mother, that was how I knew them. She’s just a girl whose life can be compared to one.

She sighed at interval as she played. Her stay here will help her grow up into the woman she ought to be, that is one of the reasons Yong-Sun sent her here. Pearl was always the one forcing this lifestyle on the poor girl, Yong-Sun never liked it but he had no choice than to listen he loves Pearl too much to disagree with her. Snow is so naive that now she’s feeling a new mixture of love, sadness, jealousy and hurt, it’s confusing and slowly tearing her apart.

‘My baby,’ I called smilingly.

‘Eomeonim, please come in,’ I walked in and shut the door. ‘I met puppy face, she’s so cute and nice.’

‘And she told me about your heartbeat thing,’ I said coolly sitting on her soft queen size bed.

‘Will I die?’ She asked calmly.


‘Then what is wrong with me? Baby face said I’m in love with Oppa, am I?’ She asked eagerly with big eyes glimmering with expectation.

‘No, you just love him.’

‘I want to find my Prince so I won’t feel so lonely. Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel…’

‘You will find him with time.’

‘I feel unhappy.’

‘Why are you unhappy?’ I asked even tho I knew why.

‘I don’t know, my heart feels like it’s gonna rip out.’ She said sadly.

‘When did it start?’ I asked calmly.

‘When Oppa kissed her and now he said I’m not his Cinderella. Who am I to him?’ She asked lowly.

‘Suzy said you beat up some dudes and now they are in a hospital?’ I asked changing the topic. Her eyes glimmered with excitement.

‘They deserve it! They tried to beat me at the game but I won!’ She shrieked happily. Her enthusiastic part was still fighting to stay in control.

How long would that last?


I walked into the idols hall with arms folded and my friends behind me. Topaz was nagging about what I did yesterday and Beryl only nodded and hummed in agreement.

‘You should never have gone to sit with him just to make his girlfriend jealous,’ she continued in a low key.

‘I only went to say hi,’ I said irritably.

‘Oh spare me that crap Jade! You didn’t stop downgrading her the momentthe news of her dating Lyon spread. You left your boyfriend to go flirt with him just to annoy her. What is your problem? I thought you were over him? You are with Dylan for God’s sake.’ She naggedn

‘I would have been with him if it wasn’t for Kai who stopped me.’ I muttered. They scoffed and turned me around.

‘Whether you like it or not Jade, you are with Dylan now. You chose him over Lyon so you have no right to ruin his relationship.’ Beryl said for the first time that day.

‘Dylan loves you, stop hurting him!: Topaz whispered yelled.

‘Lyon loved me too! If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have slept with me,’ I whispered yelled back.

‘You were drunk and you seduced him,’ Topaz sniggered. ‘You practically begged him to sleep with you.’

‘He wouldn’t have agreed if he didn’t feel anything for me,’ I argued stubbornly.

‘Lust for sure. If you were a boy and a hot beautiful girl strip in front of you, won’t you go for it.’ Beryl scoffed coldly.

‘You don’t know how it felt, it was true!’ I yelled gaining some weird stares. I inhaled.

‘I will not sit back and watch my best friend turn into another Rena because of a guy that will never love her. Control yourself before you lose the guy who really loves you, who can risk his life for you.’ Topaz seethed angrily.

‘You’re just saying this because you both want him for yourselves, Lyon is mine and no one will take him away from me.’ I said huffily. They snorted.

‘If I want a man Jade you know me, my cute and innocent face can get me that in a snap of a finger, but I choose not to because I know my limits.’ Topaz said scoffingly. True, she’s really beautiful and cute.

‘Even tho I have a crush on him, I will never throw myself at him like that. I have dignity Jade.’

‘So says the bisexual,’ I said irritably. She smiled.

‘I don’t chase people’s boyfriend or girlfriend, that’s what make me better than you Rena Junior,’ Beryl said scornfully. She pushed me by slapping my forehead. ‘They should name him Lyon and the magic D*** since he enslaves any girl he sleeps with,’ she said laughingly. ‘b***h.’ She pushed me again and walked out. Topaz followed pushing me aside. I scoffed.

They are very strong so I can’t fight them.

I walked to the restroom, I was late for class but I needed time to rest. That Marinette was there, playing with the water gushing out of the sink tap. Giggling like the idiot she is. Her hair was styled into a dutch and fish braid combo and she had no makeup on, yet she looked so beautiful. Jealousy hit me hard. Why won’t he drool over her, she’s so beautiful and neat. Something about her face gave her a angelic and enchanting touch.

I hate her more than I hate Rena.

‘Hey,’ I snarled. She turned, looked at me and returned back to what she was doing with a bigger smile. ‘Nice to see you again. How’s you and Lyon?’ I asked walking to the other sink. She shrugged. ‘What’s your name again?’

‘Do I know yours?’ She asked smirkingly.

‘It’s Kim A-Yeong but you can call me Jade.’ I smiled falsely. Maybe if I’m close to her, I can find a way to destroy her relationship with him.

‘Marinette ‘

‘I told you my full name,’

‘That’s what I just did, Rinette for short,’ she said gigglingly.

‘Where did you meet Lyon? How did you meet him?’

‘Once upon a dream,’ she sang dreamily. I scoffed annoyingly.

‘Listen, Lyon and I are very close. He’s just using you, he will dump you the way he dumped me. He said he loved me and then he slept with me, after that, he left me. He will do that to you too.’

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‘He already slept with me. Oppa would say “go to sleep my beautiful Kitty. Be happy and dream well and always remember that Oppa loves you” isn’t that the same thing?’ She asked with a cute confuse face.

Is she mocking me?! So Lyon already slept with her and he won’t dump her. He’s not like that tho.

‘Lyon loves me and not you.’

‘He loves everyone but he’s not in love with any,’ she said sadly. She smiled her eyes flashing with light. ‘He loves me and baby Lyon too.’

‘Baby Lyon?’ I asked bemusedly. ‘You have a baby for him?’

‘Our baby,’ she smiled and skipped out singing. She came back and turned off the tap. Lyon is a dad! I held her arm aggressively. ‘Eonni, you are hurting my arm!’ She cried.

‘Stay away from him or I will hurt you more,’ I growled. Someone pulled me back. I hit the sink. It was that cute girl with glasses.

‘Rule number one, never touch my Angeline, rule number two. Don’t talk to her and three don’t ever threaten her.’ She warned.

‘And who are you to tell me that? You’re just a unfortunate b***h,’ I hissed pushing her. She fell with a scream hitting her head on the tiled floor. Rinette’s eyes darkened, I moved back with fear. She walked close so fast I didn’t see her come. She clutched my throat and lifted me up from the floor.

‘Never, as in NEVER touch me or my friend again or I will make that your last,’ she threw me on the floor while I choked and gasped for air. She shook her head excruciatingly and winced. ‘I don’t want to do that again so don’t make me.’ The other girl stood up and kicked my stomach.

‘Push me again and I will poison you,’ she pulled my hair and slammed it on the sink. I cried out in pain. She smiled. ‘Let’s go.’ she walked out with Rinette leaving me to curl up on the floor in pain.

Marinette is not to mess with, sweet but dangerous. Who the hell are they!


I chuckled to myself as I remembered the incident in the restroom. Snow just unintentionally put Jade in her place, she probably thinks now that Lyon is a dad. How classic. Snow believes that love is for everyone and in love for just one person..deliciously ironic.

We missed first and second class because Snow felt bad for fighting, I had to take her to the garden to cool of and it worked. I’m sure Lyon and the boys would be worried. ‘Baby doll!’ The sound of Kai’s voice made me froze. I couldn’t move again and my heart was driving fast to an unbeatable level. His scent was breathtaking, convincing me that I’ve lost my mind.

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‘Panda Oppa!’ Snow shrieked. I still couldn’t move.

‘Where have you been? We were worried.’

‘I went to pee, you know that.’

‘You peed for an hour? Really baby?’ He asked chucklingly.

‘Puppy face took me to the garden to relax because I beat up that unnie from yesterday.’ Snow reported bitterly. I could feel his stare piercing holes into my back.

‘I see,’ maybe it was my imagination but the way he said it sounded devilish. ‘What unnie?’



‘Jade,’ I corrected. ‘She was claiming she had a thing with Lyon. True or false?’ I asked not turning to look at him.

‘Look at my face when talking to me, you know, like you did yesterday,’ if I didn’t know any better, I would have said he was smirking. ‘Come on tigress, turn around.’ he cooed. I gulped and turned around shaking like a cat who just got out from water.

‘H…h…h…h…h…hi?’ I stammered.

‘H…h…h…h…h…hello tigress,’ he stammered smirkingly. Ah! I’m dead!

‘About yesterday, I’m sorry.’

‘For what? Making me laugh or daring me?’

‘The latter.’

‘It was actually funny and cute but do tigress’s apologize? Let me think…’ He trailed off stroking his chin thoughtfully. Snow oscillated her eyes from me to him thrice. ‘No, they don’t. So tigress…’ He said striding closer to me. I moved back as he kept walking toward me. ‘Why did you beg?’ I hit a locker and gulped.

‘I…I…I…I…I…’ I shuttered. He caged me and moved some loose strands of hair out of my face.

‘Still not a sentence,’ he whispered leaning closer to my face. ‘It was nice having someone to help me control my temper. Different and special, I should get angry more often right?’ I unconsciously glanced at the fortunately empty hall and then his lips.

Kiss kiss kiss! My stupid mind chanted.

You are mad

You are mad

You are mad! I chanted back. God why me! All I did was yell at him and now he won’t let me be. Me and my big mouth.

He was leaning closer to my lips. He’s gonna kiss me! I closed my eyes, wanting him to but instead I felt his wet lips on my earlobe. My body vibrated with shock and pleasure. He bit it gently and my legs turned to jelly. I slumped but he caught me on time.

‘You’re beautiful Suzy, I like that,’ he whispered in my ear. His breath fanned it. My name sounded so right coming from his lips, such a turn on. ‘Try not to flirt with other guys from now on or you won’t like what will happen. Dong-Jung don’t share.’ A camera light flashed. I gasped.

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She screamed like an Amazonian going into battle, throwing her hands up repeatedly and ran away screaming. ‘Panda Oppa found his beauty!!!’

I’m dead! I’m a living dead!

Kai dropped me gently on my knees and ran after her. ‘Snowflake get back here!!!’

I held my ripping chest with one hand and my earlobe with another.

What have he done to me!


Snow missed two classes so Kai went to find her. She was with Suzy so there wasn’t much cause for alarm. Third class, we were waiting for the teacher. Dylan wasn’t in class because he said something like Jade got hurt. Jesse was glaring dagger at Dennis who was flirting with that girl, Blair. Cena was drawing in Tye’s book because he wasn’t around…Tye will throw a tantrum when he finds out and Rena was trying to flirt with me from her seat.

Snow ran in screaming like an Amazonian, Kai followed shortly. ‘Oppa! Panda Oppa f….’ He covered her mouth. I rolled my eyes away from his hand on her waist.

Easy Lyon. Kai is your best friend, he won’t hurt you.

He whispered something to her and she nodded. He let go of her but she continued screaming. ‘Kai’s in l….’ He covered her mouth again. She shrugged and started dancing in his arms, wiggling her butt cartoonishly. I laughed a little with some other people.

‘Please I beg you, be quiet,’ he pleaded desperately. Now I’m curious. She nodded. He let her go and she skipped to me humming a familiar cartoon song. She sat down and picked up my book and pen. Kai went to his seat.

“Oppa, Kai is in love!” She wrote down. I smiled and took the pen.

“Suzy?” I wrote back.

“She will be so happy!”

“I know.”

‘You are unbelievable’ Kai scoffed snatching the book. He shreds it to pieces. I crossed my legs and shook it slowly as I whistled Perfect by Ed Sheeran for him. Snow joined me repeating what I did. ‘Shut up,’ he smacked our heads. His eyes averted to Suzy who was dragging her feet in like she saw a ghost.

‘Baby I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my hands
Barefoot on the grass…’

‘Listening to Lyon’s funeral song,’ he sang completing my song for me.

‘And I will die peacefully yes!
Because I know that you found
An angel in person….’

‘And she is Suzy….’ Snow completed.

‘You don’t deserve her
But she’s your angel oh yeah,’ I finished. He was staring at us with a “what the f**k” look. Blair burst into laughter. I turned and saw her poking Suzy and laughing. Tye walked in interrupting my next musical. He was typing on his phone and smiling.

Another first.

‘Hey guys, there’s no class today because of the chemical explosion saga yesterday. Mr whatever his name is have been fired and the two teachers caught in the restroom are still facing punishment and also the sh*t about Min-ho getting beaten up by the mysterious guy like he claimed. So no classes today. You either go home or stay back and flex the school, thank you.’ His eyes never left his phone. Only Bitna can make him so attached to it.

‘Let’s make some noise!!!’ Snow shouted. When did she get on the teacher’s table?

‘Some of us have important things to do with our lives than make some noise with a brainless rubbish.’ Ria hissed. Suzy’s head snapped to her but before she could answer, Blair beat her to it.

‘When humans are speaking, puppets don’t talk.’ she sassed. Ow!

‘Don’t talk to me you common slut!’ she fire back at Blair.

‘I f**k with class, do you?’ She said smirkingly.

‘Isn’t she the dummy Jesse slammed in the janitor’s closet?’ Suzy said derisively.

Ooooooooooh! The class cheered. Jesse bit his lip.

‘Be quiet you two,’ Rena tried to interfere.

‘Moron from planet stupid, nobody called you.’ Suzy scoffed. Kai sighed dreamily.

‘She’s so stubborn,’ he muttered dreamily.

‘Talk to me like that and I will put you in your place.’ Rena threatened. Suzy hissed.

‘That’s all you know how to do, use your father’s position to elevate yourself and intimated others. Well guess what whore, I don’t give a damn because without your father, you are nothing but a god forsaken….’

‘Yessss?’ The class chanted



‘And annoying selfishly spoilt brat with no dignity left in her life.’

‘Don’t forget that silent Is the best answer for a brainless fool.’ Snow concluded.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’ The class cheered in a joyfully shout. That’s one thing about our class, we can add salt to any injury.

‘b***h alert!’ Blair shouted.

‘Ooh ooh!!’ Everyone shouted and burst into laughter including me. Is this awesome or what! Kai’s and Cena’s laugh was louder. Ria burst into tears while Rena ran out before she could cry.

‘Now who’s ready to make some noise?!!!’ I shouted. They cheered shouting yes!!! Even tho most of us are idols and celebrities, life in Golden High have taught us to live like we are not.

It’s way more fun that way.


‘We’re taking one down…’ Snow sang.

‘We are taking one down!’ The class repeated.

‘We aren’t afraid to rock,’

‘We aren’t afraid to rock,’

‘We’re gonna let the world
Know we’ve come oh oh
We stand to believe,’

‘We stand to believe!’

‘Oh yeah we’ve achieved
We’re gonna light up the world
With just our stars…’ Men! She was making the song up as she goes but it was damn sweet. Her voice was cool! Totally to die for, and the way she swung her body was unique and sexy.

Where did this girl come from?

Kai sat on the table with her hitting it and making music. Everyone was, hitting and making music. It was fun; Snow was fun. And amazing in her own way. Lyon was the only one not singing, he was dazedly staring at her.

You must fall in love with her Lyon or maybe you already are.

To be continued

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