Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 5

# Lyon ‘s POV

Nine days, that’s how long it took to finally get Snow to behave a little bit normal and not suspiciously. She’s still crazy and I fear the worst but my desire to make her happy was stronger. It was time and I was anxious as hell, she had been in there dressing up for hours…maybe not hours but it felt like hours

‘How long will it take to get dressed! Girls are so annoying!’ Kai yelled. ‘I swear, when I get married, I’ll shave my wife’s face if she dares delay me’

‘Then you will be the husband of a no face’ Jesse snorted

‘Where is she anyways? I’m dying to see my wife’ Cena said happily. He was hell serious about the love thing. It was stressful keeping him away from hr or her from him. ‘Hyung, why can’t she be my girlfriend instead? I will treat her nice’

‘Because you are a maniac’ Jesse said scornfully

‘I wasn’t talking to you pretty boy, I was talking to the dude with brains and bones’ he fired. Jesse stuck his tongue out childishly. ‘We are both maniacs’

‘Agreed’ Jesse said grinningly. ‘You will never get her and she will never love you’

‘You butt hole!!!’ Cena yelled dashing to him. Tye who was beside me, pinned him down. ‘Let go you little wimp!!!!’

‘Easy dragon’ Tye whispered

‘She’s ready!’ Helene chirped dragging Snow in. My phone dropped from my hand as I stared at her dazedly. ‘She’s shy’ Helene cooed at blushing Snow. I made her uniform more pronounced and expensive than everyone else’s in the school

The school had five set, according to your wealth and class. The sapphire and white uniform for the lowest. The bronze and white, the silver and white, the third highest. The gold and white and the silver and gold. Most idols wear would wear what they like but in the school, gold must be present no matter if you are the president or not. I’m a lover of gold and emerald, my signature color so that settles mine. Kai listens to no one and he practically owns the school so he dresses like a demon all time. Jesse love blood red and black but for the school, he replaces the black with gold

Cena is a all white person and he’s too stubborn to listen so he dresses the way he wants. Just white. Tye being a good student wears silver and gold even tho his favourite is royal blue and yellow

Back to the main point

Her skirt was a flare pleated golden skirt with diamonds grabble to it. The hem of her golden long sleeve jacket also had diamonds encircling it and her silver short sleeve shirt had sapphire and onyx stones fastened around the neckline and the buttons were diamonds. I shouldn’t make her look so expensive but I couldn’t help it.

Helene packed her hair I to a weird ponytail style, I’m not a girl so I won’t know what style that it. She looked really uncomfortable. I walked to her and kissed her forehead, a crazy habit I’ve gotten used to. Cena scoffed and muttered
‘What’s wrong? You don’t want to go anymore?’ I asked softly
‘The skirt is too short. Emma said not to wear something that will make idiots stare but I never went out so it didn’t matter’

‘It’s not’ I said with a smile.

‘Oh yea, see’ she hiked it up but I quickly pulled it down, she giggled. ‘I win, oppa’ she said talking to Kai. What did he bet on this time? He always made her bet to do something to me. Not that I don’t enjoy it but it’s creepy ‘Carry me’ she ran to him and jumped on his back but her skirt fold up exposing her fresh laps. Kai covered it with her skirt.

‘Too short’ she jumped down and ran upstairs.

‘Not again! We are late!’ Tye yelled. We ignored him, she returned wearing a silver hose. Nice

‘Let’s go’ I took her hand and walked out with her skipping beside me and singing something about her going to school and meeting puppy face

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‘Snow’ Helene shouted. She halted making me stop too. ‘Remember, you will meet Suzy in school. Lyon already transferred her to the VIP section so you can be friends again’ she nodded

‘Hope she’s pretty’ Jesse said with his “I will get her” look

‘Touch my granddaughter and I will fry you’ Helene threatened seriously. Jesse raised his hands

‘Yes ma’.

‘Bye Eomeonim!’ She yelled waving.

‘Appa Oppas, let’s go already’ she whined stomping her feet. Guess who is her new dad, Jesse


The van drove into the school vicinity slowly. She was jumping and clapping her hands excitedly. As if my body j ew what she would do next, my legs pinned her down before she jumped out of the moving van. She struggled and cry babyishly

‘Oppa let go’ she cried

‘Wait a little’ i said calmly. She folded her arms and waited impatiently. People were already lining up screaming and waving things I don’t care to know. ‘Remember, you are Marinette Anloine, age seventeen and nothing else’

‘Mariette Anthony, got it’ she said impatiently. I chuckled

‘Just say Rinette, okay?’ Kai said chucklingly. She nodded and whimpered
‘Open the door already’

‘No crazy act’ I warned. She crossed her heart. Kai slid the door open and the screams increased. She clutched my bicep frightened. ‘Relax, they’re just fans’ I laughed. They all walked out, we were last to step out. She let go of me and looked around the confused and shocked faces

‘Panda Oppa, my camera’ she said stretching her hand to Kai. He gave her the camera encircled on his neck. She smiled and took photos of the squealing students

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She’s so beautiful!

Who’s she?

Is she Lyon Oppa’s girlfriend?

Why is she with them?

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‘Oppa, I will go look for Puppy face’ she chirped and ran off so fast that I barely saw her leave. I face palmed myself

‘Go after her and bring her to class’ I said to five of my guards. They nodded and ran after her.

‘Lyon, who was that?’ Dylan asked walking to us

‘His girlfriend’ Kai answered sharply
The next mournful scream that followed, almost made me lose consciousness

# Suzy ‘s POV

‘I can’t believe Lyon oppa changed our uniforms and class, I can’t believe it!’ She squealed. I rolled my eyes. Good thing the hall was empty. ‘From sapphire to gold and silver. I knee becoming your friend will favour me one day’

‘We are only going there to control his girlfriend, remember who she is. I told you and begged that you’re brought along because I trust you so behave’

‘I know but I’m just excited. I’m going to meet my crush today’ she wiped her joyful tears and sighed dreamily. ‘He has to love me back’

‘Good to know Blair’

‘Don’t you want to meet him too?’ She whispered. I slammed my Emory locker shut and sighed

‘There’s no point’

‘Even rho I look dark, the one thing I know is that being optimistic and positive about everything pays off’ she smiled.

Blair is always thinking positive even when the bitter truth slap her hard on the face. A little bit like Snow as grandmother would say

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‘My puppy face!’ I heard someone yell. ‘Are you here puppy face?’ I looked to the entrance of the hall, a beautiful girl with mango and emerald dyed hair packed into a chic ponytail stood there searching for me. I know that because in the videos I watched, puppy face is the nickname Snow gave me so that must be Snow
‘Angeline, over here!!!’ I shouted waving my free hand. She averted her eyes to me and smiler. She was wearing glasses that made her look professional and adorable.

She ran to me and we embraced

‘You remember me!’ She squealed

‘Something like that’ I muttered

‘We both wear glasses. Friends for life!’ She squealed and hugged me again.

She’s funny. ‘I’m in school now!’

‘I see that’ I smiled

‘Annyeonghaseyo’ Blair greeted waving her hand

‘Baby face’ she chirped and hugged her.

‘My baby face’

‘That’s a first, I’m usually meanie face’ Blair said astoundingly. ‘That’s sweet of you. Squealer’

‘You suck at pet names’ I said rolling my eyes

‘I will get there’

‘Ma’am, time to go’ the guards behind her said calmly.

‘Who are you?’ She asked poking his face. He chuckled

‘Sir Lyon sent me to get you to class’

‘Show me your certificate to verify your claim’ she said seriously… Is she serious? He stared at her nonplussed.

‘ERM…here’ he handed her nothing but a piece of paper. She scrutinized it and squealed

‘Accepted’ she put it in his pocket as Blair laughed. ‘Carry me!’ She jumped into his arms. ‘Follow me besties’

Another Blair reformed

# Lyon ‘s POV

Kai drummed his fingers thoughtfully with eyes closed. He gasped and opened his eyes with shock


‘Nothing’ he said shakily and inhaled
‘It’s here, right?’ I asked smirkingly

‘Shut up’ he snapped and stood up. ‘I need to get out of here’ he stood up and ran out if class. He’ll be back, he won’t miss class

‘What’s with him?’ Cena asked confusedly
‘It’s THE problem’ I smiled

‘Not Kai, him’ he pointed to Jesse who had a pale face


‘I need to get out of here’ he panicked and ran out too. Are they sh*tting me!
Jesse is so damn screwed. They will be back

Few minutes after they left, Rena came to sit beside me. The guards I sent after her came carrying her bridal style as played with his nose gigglingly. She saw me
‘Oppa!!!’ She shrieked and flew out of his arms and ran to me. She sat on my laps and showed me pictures she took. ‘Is it good?’

‘Yes, you tried’

‘Who’s this b***h! Get off my boyfriend!!!’ Rena yelled standing up. Snow ignored her and dropped the camera. She smoothed my hair

I don’t know why, she can touch my hair and I won’t yell

‘Oppa your hair is rough’ she giggled ruffling my hair. I laughed and held her hands. ‘Let me arrange it well’ she said gigglingly trying to ruffle it more

‘Stop it Rinette’ I chuckled

‘I will braid it later, promise?’

‘Promise’ I smiled totally ignoring Rena
‘Are you kidding me! I thought no one can touch your hair’ she yelled

‘Unnie stop yelling, you will get more ugly’ Snow whispered and slipped into the empty chair

‘I was sitting here’ Rena said angrily pulling her up. I pushed her aside gently so she won’t get hurt

‘Never in your life touch my girlfriend again’ I snapped

‘Your what!’ Rena exclaimed

‘Girl…friend’ I pronounced slowly for her. She stared at me with mouth opened

‘No, never!’ She yelled manically. ‘No one will take you away from me you are mine!!!!’

‘Stop yelling at him you maniac and get lost before I snap your neck’ Snow yelled shocking the life out of me. Jesse’s jaw dropped. ‘I won’t warn you again, back off’ she yelled and pushed Rena. Rena staggered back and crashed on a chair in three seat away

I stood up in. Did Snow just do that?
She smiled and sat down playing with her hair and talking to herself like nothing ever happened

What the…..!
Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel

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