Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 3

#Lyon’s POV

Dragging my hood over my head properly as the students screamed after us. I walked into the school building with the guys. Since Kai arrived before us, he waited outside until we got there…we always walk in together

We all did out thing. Jesse and Cena waving and sending flirtatious winks at girls, sometimes they even choose which girl to mess with for a day and the stupid living creatures called females, would happily give their bodies to them even tho they know they will get dumped. Out of the two of them, I pity Jesse most, the time for him to swim in his own pool of blood tears because of his way of living is near

Tye as usual, had a book in his hands. Always reading, he’s the smartest boy in the school so I won’t blame him. Kai, Mr shade on, hands in pockets and look straight with lips pressed into a thin line. That’s his thing

My thing is headphones, I always have one on or placed around my neck. I don’t fancy hoods but caps so it was strange for me to wear one. The purple mark on my cheek was more important

Finally! We arrived at the last floor, Idols and celebrities hall. Only a few rich kids can get in here, it’s like a VIP section of the school. We can’t study with normal students because they scream too much and will be watching our every move. Jesse went on to find any model to woo, Cena decided that a early morning sex will better his life. Tye went to get more books from the library and Kai stayed with me as usual

We sat at our spot in the back of English class, Kai was my seatmate.

‘So what do you think about her?’ He asked taking off his shade


‘No, Cone’ he said sarcastically. I shrugged

‘You should be worried about the big hug she will give you later’ I said calmly

‘She’s too stupid to remember’ he said confidently. ‘I mean I can’t believe she’s the daughter of a freaking smart man like Director J, it’s unbelievable’ he whispered. ‘I never knew Director J’s wife but the news tagged her as an intelligent and observant woman…did she fall at birth or something?’

‘Maybe she was adopted’ I shrugged getting irrigated by his words

‘No, I don’t think so. She has Director J’s eyes, complexion and nose and she is the exact replica of her mother. Have you seen Pearl Sheing?’

‘I knew her as a kid and you are right’ I said coldly

‘She also have that mark Director J has at the back of his neck, I saw it yesterday when she ran out in her towel. Hers is on her back’

‘Then it might be an illness or just her’ isn’t he getting my tone? I don’t like the way he’s talking about her

‘If that is her, then she need a brain surgery’ he went on

‘Kim Dong-Jung!’ I yelled. I didn’t know why I did that. He stared at me with shock, I don’t ever call him that. He smiled and looked away with a funny look. ‘Mianhae but please let’s not talk about her’

He hummed smiling wider like he just achieved something


‘Oppa’ oh no! Not today again. I frowned ana averted my eyes to her. Rena Yoo, leader of Korean best teenage female idols…Lock stars. She’s obsess with me in a way I never knew obsession could be. She sat on my desk and tried to kiss my lips but I moved away, she kissed my cheek instead. She believes we are dating and Kai believes her brain was traded for peanuts. ‘You didn’t call me back yesterday like you promised’

‘I don’t remember even picking the call’ I said with an eye roll, she smiled and tried to touch my hair. I held her wrist tightly

‘Oppa you are hurting me’ she cried. I whipped her hand away

‘I’ve made it clear over and over again, no one..absolutely NO ONE! Have the right to touch my hair, not even my own mother so don’t you dare. The next time you try to touch it, I will cut off your wrist’ I said upsettingly. I don’t do anger

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‘Mianhabnida oppa but you should let me touch it, I’m your girlfriend’

What is wrong with her!

‘How many times will I tell you that we aren’t dating’ I sighed

‘I love you too oppa, did you sleep well? I know you missed having me sleep beside you’ she grinned. She never listens. Snow is abnormal but this girl is extravagantly and extraordinarily stupid

‘Rena, take your lalaloopsies and go to your class’ Kai said sternly. She eyed him defiantly. ‘One…two.. Three…’ She stood up angrily and stomped out with her dolls. I smiled gratefully at him. He winked awkwardly making me laugh

‘Don’t do that again please before you scare your future bride away’ he rolled his eyes away but I could see the small smile on his lips

Kai will always be free around me, my best friend. He’s small but his face is stoic and his voice and aura authoritative. He carried himself with a strong “you must respect me” vibe and he smiles to no one, except me all the time and tiny times to the guys. Maybe it’s because of my commanding but friendly aura or he just like me

Oh yes. His dad owns the school…Golden High

‘Good morning class’ Prof smiled dropping his book

‘Morning Prof’ we greeted

‘Where’s Tye?’ He asked looking around

‘Here’ Tye said walking in dragging Cena. ‘Sorry I’m late, went to get something new to read’

‘Haven’t you read every single book in the library already?’ Prof asked chucklingly

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‘Unfortunately’ Tye murmured

‘Can someone tell this boy to let go of my ear’ Cena shouted. We laughed

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‘Go sit’ Tye ordered. He doesn’t joke with his study and he makes sure to drag us all along, especially Cena, he’s a dumb ass. Jesse might be stupid but just like Kai, he never misses class. I don’t care, when I come I come, if it suits me, I sleep all through….that’s if Tye doesn’t throw a tantrum about it

‘You’re not my dad. I’m older than you’ Cena said stubbornly. Tye sighed and dragged him to the seat they share by his ear. Cena kept howling. Jesse ran in and went to sit at his seat which he shared with one of the Lock stars girl

Don’t know her name but she’s the youngest, cutest and nicest

My mind trailed off to Snow, I wonder what she’s doing

#Helene’s POV

I smiled as I braided Snow’s hair, she was brushing Lock’s fur and singing nursery rhymes. Her beautiful hair glowed in it silky glory, feeling like wool strands in my fingers. The sweet smell of honey and mush mellow coming from her hair was delicious and she smelt like a beautiful garden. She’s just beautiful

Pearl really took care of her, making sure her daughter rock off the beauty world like her. Like mother, like daughter. I just hope she’s okay wherever she is. The last time I saw Snow, she was just a baby

‘Ahjumma, can’t I go to school? I don’t like being indoors’ she sang. I sighed. For your safety my dear, you can’t. One day you will understand. ‘I remember how you used to take me out whenever mommy was away’ she sang

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I stopped braiding in shock

‘You remember?’

‘I also remember my puppy’ she sang. ‘Puppy face, we played together’ she sang on. Puppy face is what she called my granddaughter, Suzy

‘Weren’t you like one year old then?’

‘One year, five months, three weeks four days, nine hours, thirty minutes and fourteen seconds’ she said. ‘That was when I saw you last. I breathed. She have always been a smart child and that was one of the reason for her abnormality

Suzy don’t even remember a thing anymore. Only the videos I shoot that helped her know they was someone like Snow in her life before

‘Ahjumma, where is my mother?’

‘She travelled’ I lied

‘No’ she shook her head. ‘Eomma always say “Snowy I’m going on a journey and won’t be back for five biscuits days so be a good girl for mommy and don’t go out. Stay put and don’t misbehave. I’ll buy you something new when coming. I love you” then she will kiss my nose, cheeks, lips, forehead and temples but she didn’t that day. Eomma will never do that to me’

‘It came unexpected’

‘And Appa?’

‘He went to find your mo…..nkey’ I changed my words quick

‘I have a monkey?’

‘ERM no but…mmm…er…he wants to get you one’

‘Everybody is lying to Snow’ she murmured and shrugged. ‘Ahjumma, I want to meet Puppy Face’

‘I will invite her over with permission so you can meet her’ I said sadly

‘Jonny Jonny, yes papa…’ She started singing. I wonder why Yong-Sun can’t see that keeping her indoors isn’t good for her. How long will they hide her? How long will they lie to her? Very soon she will start thinking it through and they will be in serious trouble

I just hope Lyon falls in love with her because he’s her only hope. Yong-Sun trust in his words like he trust himself. If he can fall for her, he would do anything to make her happy which includes convincing Yong-Sun to let her be free, that is the only way she can ever find through happiness.

‘Done’ I smiled. She stood up and ran to the mirror

‘Ahjumma! I look pretty’ she squealed touching the corn roll braid. She spun around and starred dancing to an imaginary ball song

‘Can you not call me ahjumma? It make me feel old’

‘You’re my mom now. She always made pretty braids for me and you just did. Kamsahamnida eomeonim’

‘Welcome dear’

‘Eomeonim, do you think Appa will like it?’ She asked shyly

‘Your dad always love whatever you wear or do’ I smiled

‘No, not that appa, I mean….I look cute’ she squealed clapping her hands


I’m confuse

She stopped swaying and pouted


‘I hit daddy Lyon’

‘Daddy Lyon?’ I asked confusedly

‘Appa Appa!’


She puffed

‘Appa, handsome oppa with gold hair and bright emerald eye like an enchanted prince and carried me to bed last night’. I burst into laughter, finally understanding her. So he is the appa?

Is she blushing?


‘You hit him?’

‘He was screaming’ she pouted. ‘He hates me now, Appa hates me’ her eyes watered

‘No no now, no tears. Let’s make an apology dinner for him and he will be fine’ I smiled at an idea. ‘You feed him and kiss his cheek then hug him’

‘I feed appa?’

‘Uhm’ she tilted her head sideway

‘And he will love me again?’ She asked with big eager eyes

‘With all his heart’ she jumped and clapped her hands

‘Cooking!!!!!’ She screamed. ‘Come on Baby Lyon, let’s go cook ourselves’ she squealed and ran out. I will help her make Lyon fall for her but the problem is will she fall for him too? She’s not that kind of person

Oh my God! She said to cook the……

‘Snow!!!!’ I shouted running after them


Helene has a plan. Will it work? I think it already is before it even began

Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel

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