Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 2

#Lyon’s POV

I woke up with a annoyed groan. Cena was hugging me again, why do I always have to suffer? He sleep-walks sometimes and always end up in my bed hugging me. I peeled off his hands and opened my eyes. I screamed when I saw who was actually hugging me…she woke up too screaming too

Honestly, I don’t know why I couldn’t stop screaming. she was screaming and I was screaming until she gave me a slap my future generation must hear about and pity me. The slap turned my brain upside down and inside out

‘Why were you screaming appa? You woke me up’ she huffed. From ahjussi to appa, ah Lyon! You will soon be a butt

I couldn’t reply, in case you don’t remember. My brain was inside out

‘Good morning Appa, since my parents aren’t here, you guys will be my family. You my Appa, Kai oppa my protective panda bear, Jesse oppa my eomma, cute teeny oppa my little brother and Cena oppa my twin’ she squealed. ‘Baby Lyon, good morning’ she said waving at Lock. He nodded and continued sleeping. ‘Bye appa’ she shrieked and got out of the bed. She walked out dancing like a moron

I fell back on the bed trying to return my brain to it default setting…what a slap

‘Hey family, wake up’ she shouted and I think she was kicking their doors. Then she started screaming like a Amazon going out for battle

‘Lyon!!!!!’ They shouted

😭😭😭😭😭😭 Why!


Breakfast was indeed “breakfast” 😒 Kai was staring at her, mouth open in shock and chopsticks four inches away from his lips. The ramen in his chopsticks dangled freely, celebrating it freedom. Jesse stared at her dreamily with his hand on his cheek and elbow in the table. Cena had his chopsticks in his mouth as he stared at his empty bowl which used to have kimchi in it. Tye was staring tearily at all the empty plates… Me? I was frowning


She ate all the f****ng food leaving us to starve. All we could do was stare in shock because she was God damn fast

How best can you describe someone that eats like a mucky pig? She ate so childishly and dirty. I hate dirt. I had to wipe her mouth at interval as she downed the foods in five minutes

‘Ahjumma! Bring more food please’ she shouted at our chief maid

‘Coming princess’ she shouted back. Snow swallowed

‘Panda won’t you eat that?’ She asked eyeing the dangling ramen. He blinked awkwardly and gave it to her. She ate it and spat it out on Jesse’s hand, snapping him out of dreamtopia. ‘Cold’

‘Hey!’ He shouted

‘Mmmmm’ she moaned. Helene walked in carrying two trays. She dropped it with a smile

Director J sent the other maids away because of Snow

‘Enjoy’ she smiled on and left

‘Gumawo Ahjumma’ she shouted

‘Sure thing love’ Helene was a easy going person. A woman in her late seventies but still looked like a fourty years woman with all her beauty still glowing. She had black pixie cut hair and bright brown eyes.

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We should call her Ahjumma but she hates it. She always hit us when we call her that because she believes it reminds her of her age. Snow would eventually stop calling her that or not. She’s crazy so she might not listen

Back to the main point

Cena quickly grabbed a plate of fish or rather tried to grab it. She was goddamn fast. She took it and started picking out the bone at the same time protecting the rest food from us

‘You greedy witch’ Cena shouted. She ignored him and kept humming nonchalantly. She put all the bones in another plate and pushed the fish back to Cena

‘Eomma said not to eat the bones, you can choke’ she said smilingly

‘Whoa’ Kai and I breathed

‘Teeny here’ she smiled pushing the swallows’ nest soup to him. ‘It’s cold enough now’ Tye smiled widely at her. Indeed be didn’t like hot food. ‘Appa wants bibimbap’ she sang and gave it to me. ‘Panda wants Kimchi, Eomma wants vegetable salad’ she pushed it to Jesse

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We broke into a peal of laughter as Jesse burst into tears. Vegetables is his worst nightmare. According to him, he was almost eaten by a broccoli and carrot when he was four

‘Eomma, why are you crying?’ She asked worriedly

‘I hate vegetables’ she rolled her eyes

‘Baby Lyon wants meats…’ She continued

‘I want meat!’ Jesse yelled slamming his fist on the table

‘Eomma never raise her voice at Snow, says it’s good for her health’ she said poutingly

‘I’m not your mother’ he yelled on. ‘I’m a dude with beard and a massive d…’ I quickly passed my hand behind Snow and reached out for his head. I gave him a hard knock before he finished his sentence. Cena laughed mockingly

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Snow sat between Jesse and I while the rest faced us

‘Beard my ass’ Kai scoffed causing us to break into another peal of laughter

‘Shut up!!!!! All of you!!!’ He shouted. Snow kept laughing even tho we stopped. ‘Be quiet you brainless chicken’

She wiped her tears and cleaned it in his trousers

‘Why were we even laughing?’ She asked seriously looking around questioningly. Cena laughed again but choked because of the fish in his mouth

‘My final goodbye to peace and quiet’ Tye said mourningly

‘Oi!’ Kai exclaimed not being able to control his laugh

Indeed, peace and quiet, goodbye


After “breakfast” we head to our cars. We were late for school. Luckily, I was able to find a way to cover the bruise. Snow held my bicep tightly as she begged me to let her follow but I couldn’t let her even tho she looked so cute and irresistible with her big puppy eyes

Is it so bad that I want to kiss her puckered lips

‘Appa please, let me go to school. I never go out, I don’t know the world, please’ she pleaded. She turned to Jesse who was still upset. ‘Eomma please’

‘Snow, your dad said you can’t leave for your own safety’ Kai said calmly. She stomped her feet childishly

‘But I’m seven’ she yelled. ‘I can take care of myself’

Did she just say seven?

‘Seven?’ Cena asked chucklingly

‘I think am seven and a teen’ she said with a shrug

‘You indeed are’ Jesse chuckled

‘So can I go?’

‘No’ we said sternly. She pouted

‘Eomma would say “My beautiful Snowflake, go inside and wait for me, I will be back soon. The maids will take care of your needs” Snow is a good girl so she will stay and wait but eomma didn’t return that day’ she said sadly. Just like that, her eyes glimmered with enthusiasm and joy again. ‘Drive well Appa’ she said and kissed my cheek and nose


Jesses and Cena coughed teasingly

‘Eomma, drive well’ she kissed Jesse too. ‘Tweeny drive well’ she kissed him. Tye and Kai sprinted to their cars but since Tye was closer, she got him and pinned him down with a kiss on his cheek

Kai drove off like a mad man

‘You will return to me Panda’ she shouted. ‘Appa I love you, eomma I love you, family I love you. Bye’ she skipped away, her bobbing flare skirt bouncing along with her. Jesse sank down his car door while Cena held his heart grinningly

‘I thought Cena was crazy but I was only being a fool. This is the real definition of stylish madness’ Jesse sighed massaging his temples. I chuckled as I stared at her beautiful slender figure skipping out of sight


What are you?

‘Oppa I’m in love’ Cena squealed and hugged me.

Urgh! What is it with people and hugging me!!!!!! Is there a hug me sign on my forehead!!!!!!


Describe Snow

What do you think will happen next?

Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel

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