Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

The Sacred PsychoThe Sacred Psycho

The Sacred Psycho

The sacred psycho

{More than just abnormality}

Bunmi B. Gabriel


Jeon Yong-Sun, the wealthiest man in the music industry. His industry which had branches allover Asia was number one. Bringing up young people and making them stars; making them idols.

A man of few words but with a very big heart

Being powerful and respected by all was nothing to him, the only thing in his life neither him or his ex wife dared played with was their priceless and beautiful abnormal daughter, Jeon Eun-Kyung. A crazy and over optimistic girl living in a world of cupcakes and rainbows, a girl whose face no one had ever seen but knew she was Snow, the priceless daughter of Director J as they call him

Something changed when her mother who she spent all her life with went mysteriously missing, no one could tell what happened but Snow had to go live somewhere else, so her father chose to let her stay in the house of his favourite idols, a set of five handsome boys. (Fifth Alphas)

What does life hold for her?

Why will her father choose for her to stay in the midst of FIVE BOYS?!

Who are the Fifth Alphas?

What happened to her mother?

Is she just abnormal or abnormal? 😉


Those are the questions to be asked. Find the answers to them in the exciting adventure of the crazy teenage psycho

Some characters might appear later because I’m not sure. I’m writing the story from my head as it goes but this cast will surely be there


Note I will use their English name instead to avoid confusion

1. Jeon Eun-Kyung. (Snowflake)

2. Lyon Lynn (Min-Jun)

3. Kim Dong-Jung (Kai)

4. Jesse Mac

5. Gu Chung-Hee (Tye)

6. Cena Kang

7. Lee Suzy

8. Blair Choi

9. Jeon Yong-Sun (Director J) and Pearl Sheing. (Snow’s parents)

10. Bitna. (Lyon’s sister)

11. Rena Yoo

12. Choi Bae, Rachel Kim, Ria Ling and Mia Byeon. (Rena’s friends and teammates)

13. Kim A-Yeong. (Jade)

14. Beryl Ki

15. Topaz Lee

16. Hana


Episode 1

#Lyon’s POV

I drummed my pen on my book as I hummed and tried to compose a song, but hell no! The troublesome Cena won’t let me be. He kept poking my head like it was jello.

‘Cena stop it’ I snapped

‘Cena continue’

‘What is your problem today? Go trouble Kai or Tye and let leave me be’

‘No. I love you and I’m bored’ he said poutingly. Cena Kang, the annoying dumb head who can sleep with anything as long as it wears a skirt. He’s a month younger than I am but he tends to act like a baby.

‘How long will it take her to get here? I want to sleep’ Jesse groaned. Just like Cena, he’s annoying and more flirtatious too but Cena is more annoying than he is. He’s actually a missed breed, his dad is a Russian and his mom a Korean but he looks more Russian than Korean.

‘Better behave yourself guys remember whose daughter she is’ Tye said quietly. He’s the shy and redrawn type. The only thing he’s not shy about is dancing. He rarely sings. Also the youngest

‘Lyon have you been able to reach Director J?’ Kai asked walking into the living room typing on his phone. He’s the oldest, most quiet, nonchalant, strict but nice one. He looks younger than Jesse and Cena when he’s actually the oldest. He’s my best and most trusted friend

‘Not really, he only sent a text that his daughter is on her way and we should keep Cena and Jesse away from her, then his phone went off’ I replied closing my book because the possibility of writing any song was low.

‘He also sent me a long list of do’s and don’ts. My head spun’ he sighed sitting on his favourite chair, eyes still on the phone

‘He sent it to me too, it’s sad I have to be the one to take care of her’ I sighed

‘What if she’s pretty? It would be a blessing’ Jesse said dreamily

‘One, she’s a no go area and two, Director J said she’s a little bit abnormal’ I replied dropping my book on the big glass table. The walls of the sitting room was firmly and beautifully made of glass, the whole place was. Risky but who cares!

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Kai raised his head and glanced at all of us. He frowned

‘Why are you all wearing my color?’ He asked frowningly. He loves black a lot and sees it as his color. We all have our own signature color

‘We love you’ Cena chirped. He rolled his eyes to the door which opened. Some men walked in carrying three boxes. They dropped it on the floor. ‘Finally!’

‘Phwoah!’ Jesse exclaimed when a girl walked in admiring the place. She had semi long ash blonde hair and apple green eyes. She didn’t look like a Korean at all and the vibe she gave off was cold and saucy. Her eyes landed on us and she giggled

‘Is this a funeral?’ She asked gigglingly. Maybe she’s not cold after all. She suddenly squealed loudly making us jolt up in shock. Kai’s phone flew to God knows where, Tye threw his book away and Jesse fell off to the back of the chair. Cena and I were the only sane ones left. ‘Oppas! So many Oppas!’ She squealed.

my ears!

‘Group hug’ she shouted and ran to Cena. He gave Cena a tight hug and knowing him, he jumped along with her, squealing and laughing. Two idiots! ‘What’s your name? My name is Jeon Eun-Kyung but mommy calls me Snowflake, so my name is Snow’

‘It’s Cena’

‘Oppa! You’re so cute’ she squealed pinching his cheeks. He giggled and fanned himself like a girl

‘Aigoo! I’m blushing’

‘You’ll be my twin, tweeny oppa’ she said happily and faced flustered Tye. ‘Second oppa! You look cute too but really really really teeny’ she ran to him and hugged him. ‘Your name is?’

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‘Tye’ he gasped out. ‘Help me’ he cried

‘What?’ She smiled maniacally moving back and staring at him with big eyes

‘Nothing’ he huffed

‘Cute Teeny oppa’ she squealed jumping up and clapping her hands. Kai started moving back quietly to escape, he hates hugs and compassion

‘Cutie, he’s escaping’ Cena shouted. She gasped and ran to him before he could sprint.

‘I will get you for this’ Kai groaned. Cena laughed and dust off imaginary dirt from his shoulder. ‘Hey director Jr’ he said moving away carefully while she moved forward with a weird and creepy smile on her lips

‘Oppa you are not cute’ she smiled. ‘You look like my scary stuff bear’ she pouted. Kai unconsciously touched his face. I laughed out, she glanced at one and eyed me from head to toe. She mouthed something and laughed. ‘Oppa, you will be my Panda bear’

‘And me? Aren’t I the cutest here?’ Jesse asked flipping his brown hair stupidly. He self dyed the front lock of his hair and it looked really ridiculous but he won’t agree. He believes that as long as he’s an idol, even if he wears a boxer and sneakers, people will still admire and copy his style. His own mentally

‘Your name?’

‘It’s Jesse Mac’ he replied pompously, he’s sort of proud and snobbish. She snorted

‘Panda bear, I don’t know your name….hold on, I don’t care any……puppy!’ She squealed and ran to my white fox. Kai chuckled. ‘She’s so cute!’ She shrieked petting him. Which was funny, Lock don’t like being touched by anyone except me and Kai

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‘It’s a he and not a puppy’ I corrected

‘What’s her name?’ She squealed again ignoring me


‘Gloss? That’s a stupid name. Don’t worry baby, I will call you…hmmmmmmm…since your fur is so gloriously white and you belong to him….Ahjussi what’s your name?’

I looked around wondering if she was talking to me

‘Me?’ I asked confusedly. She nodded vigorously like a wobbly head toy. I frowned. ‘I’m not an ahjussi, I’m a teenager and my name is Lyon’ I said coldly. She grinned wider. How can her mouth still extend!

‘I’ll call you baby Lyon’ she cooed to Lock

‘Eh!’ I exclaimed. Kai surprisingly broke into a peal of laughter with Tye. The two quiet people laughing

‘It’s not funny’ I yelled

‘Lyon now has a baby’ Jesse laughed too. She didn’t even seem bothered at all. In fact, I think we don’t exist to her

‘Ahjussi, baby Lyon is hungry’ why am I the old one? ‘Can you pre….cake!’ She shrieked flying to MY CAKE! Kai quickly grabbed her waist. ‘Panda, let me go’

‘No Snow, your dad said no more sugar’

‘Aw why? Cake…poor helpless cake, let me at em’ she screamed. he refused to let her go and she muttered. ‘Stupid people, no cake, useless hygiene’

Cena was enjoying the show. I took the cake and gave it to Tye to keep it. He nodded and left. She watched the cake until it disappeared with Tye

‘I’m sleepy, leave me alone’ Kai let her go and she walked to her boxes. She tried carrying one but couldn’t. She huffed but kept trying. I laughed silently to her struggle. ‘Stupid box’ she yelled and kicked it. She cried holding her foot. ‘Oppas’ she sobbed. Kai and I chuckled before going to help her

‘Let me help you’ I said smilingly. She sat on the box and wiggled her butt

‘Box ride’ she squealed. ‘Baby Lyon, come join me’

Cena who was still laughing fell on the floor. It’s not even funny

I smiled

Stupid Lock really joined her so Kai and I were forced to carry it together while the others carried the rest

‘Best ride ever!’ She shrieked


‘Ahjussi’ she called for the umpteenth time. I hummed. ‘I’m hungry’

‘You ate ten minutes ago’

‘But I’m hungry’ she whined

‘Okay what do you want to eat?’ I sighed tucking the sides of her comforter well

‘Rosemary biscuits and tangerine cake’ I stared at her with a frown. She had only been around for five hours and all my hair had turned white. Why did Director J pick me as her special guardian. The girl might be beautiful but she shares the same brain as the size of a mustard seed

‘That’s not possible to get’

‘But I want to eat that’

‘What the hell is rosemary biscuits!’ I exclaimed

‘Shhhh, don’t shout. You will grow much more older than you already have’ she whispered and giggled. I exhaled

‘Choose another thing please or better, go to bed’

‘And Eomma? Where is she? She always sang me to sleep’ she pouted

‘She traveled and will be back soon. You’re not a kid Snow’

‘And appa?’ She asked ignoring me again. It was like she paid no attention to negative words or unenthusiastic reply. I sighed

‘Let’s do this, close your eyes and mentally count from one to a million’


‘Goodnight’ I huffed. I walked out and slammed the door. I went to my room and slumped on my bed

Director J will never let go of his daughter if it wasn’t me. He trust me with his life and I do too. I was a nobody when he found me wandering in the woods, he took me and gave me to his best friend, the current richest man in Asia

Everyone thinks I’m really the son of Myung-Suk Lynn, when am not. He couldn’t father a child (if you know what I mean) but he lied that he had a son, one he hid. So it was really a good thing to him when director J brought me to him

You can never guess we are not related, same emerald eyes and nose and complexion. And somehow, I look like his wife. My quiet mom. If Director J can trust me with his bag of headache daughter so I will die young, then I better make him proud by doing my job and preparing my funeral because I have a feeling that the trouble have just began



To be continued

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