Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Season 2
(I can’t let you go)

Episode 8

‘Y…’re going ask me to be your…your..your wife?!!!’..Chelsea stuttered as Rogan opened the velvet box showing a green emerald ring….

‘Yeah Chelsea, right from the day you splashed water on my body,the day you embarrassed me when I planned to get you fired not knowing that you’re the boss,right from the day I asked for a fling between us, I just loved you from the start Chelsea,I loved you right from the start,so Chelsea Montana would you do the honors of marrying me??”..Rogan replied grinning full force…

‘Yes you bas***d!!!!,yes I would marry you!!??”..she screamed and the next thing she knew everyone came out of their hiding place clapping their hands….

‘Awwwww guys!!!’..she cried out as Rogan placed the ring on her finger and kissed him breathlessly…

Everyone cheered louder including Leila and Sheila who were surprisingly over excited…

‘I love you Regan’..Chelsea whispered.

‘I love you Chelsea now let’s get out of here, I’ve got something to show you’..Regan replied dragging her away from the cheering crowd…


‘He did what?!!!’…Papa. P screamed throwing his glass of wine across the room leaving his personal assistant scared as hell…

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‘H…H..The agent proposed to Alejandro’s daughter sir’..The assistant stuttered holding onto his cross-shaped pendant…

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The least he could do was to pray to Jesus for redemption.

‘And Alejandro??’..Papa P asked..

‘Is in support sir’..The assistant replied subtly..

‘Okay then,get the troupes ready,we’re going for a wedding showdown!!!’..


‘Wait!!’..Chelsea whispered as Rogan zipped the bodice of her gown down…

‘What’s the problem Chelsea??”..Rogan asked as a ripple of annoyance coursed through his forehead..

It’s been weeks since he last touched her and now being stopped from doing it was just driving me crazy..

‘What was it that you wanted to show me??’..She asked unbuttoning his shirt…

‘Well I wanted to show you this’..Rogan replied giving her a brown papered box..

She opened it and brought out the most beautiful oil painting she’s ever seen.

‘Ohhhh my God Rogan it’s beautiful, where’d you get it??!’.She cried out rubbing her hands against the work of art.

‘it was my dream Chelsea,when I was unconscious this was what I saw -you -our house and our beautiful daughter’..

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