Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Season 2
(I can’t let you go)

Episode 2

‘What accident??,who’s been hurt,is the resort okay?!!’..Chelsea asked the young stranger..

‘It’s Rogan ma’am,he was on his way back to the airport and from the reports gotten from the eye witnesses his rented car suddenly lost momentum and crashed into a pole’..he replied and Chelsea screamed as high as her voice could carry her over to the oceans that the stranger thought she was Black Canary herself…

‘Where is he?!!,take me to him straight,please i hope he’s okay?!!’..She cried bitterly..

‘He’s been rushed to the hospital ma’am you just have to come with me’…


Meanwhile somewhere next to Chesapeake resorts Papa P smiled as someone talked from the other side of his phone..

📱:Good job Morris,i hope he’s going to die??’..he said and momentarily paused a little..

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📲:Oh yes boss I’m pretty sure he’s going to die and if he does we move on to Alejandro Montana’..Morris the spy implanted by him few weeks ago replied…

📱:Okay once the job is fully executed let me know,I’m glad that there’s no Federal threat in my turf anymore’…


Chelsea ran as fast as her legs could carry her through the crowded hospital hallway looking for ward 14B..

When she finally saw the plaqued print on the door she opened it only to see Regan bleeding profusely…

‘Oh God!!!’..She cried out and ran towards his blood stained body…

‘Where are the doctors?!!,this is supposed to be an emergency where are the doctors?!!’..she asked a passing nurse..

‘Ohhh I’m sorry ma’am but we’re on strike’..


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