Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

30 Days In Miami30 Days In Miami

30 Days In Miami

(I can’t let you go)

Episode 1

The Next Day..

Rogan paced around his room with his hands clearly on his head not saying a word -Just pacing..

‘I asked you a question Rogan??,was it all lie??’..Chelsea asked again with her voice already choked up from all the crying..

‘Chelsea look…

‘Well it’s settled then Rogan,thank you for playing my heart,thank you for taking everything for granted,thank you Rogan for using me and my family,You wanted to apprehend my father right?!!,well go ahead and investigate!!!’..she cried out throwing shells at him..

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‘Chelsea please listen to me’..Rogan begged but she winced in return..

‘Listen to you?!,Rogan you were going to arrest my own father,you played me Rogan and since your mission is almost accomplished I think you should leave now!!,You’re banned from Chesapeake resorts Rogan!!!!,you’re banned from my life,banned from my heart and banned from my resort so just pack your bags and leave before i call the cops!!!!’…

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End Of Flashback💨💨

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At Night☄️
‘You can’t be serious Chelsea,you can’t tell me that you left Rogan?!!’..Leila screamed obviously shocked after Chelsea narrated the whole saga that happened earlier..

‘Look I don’t care Leila all i want is for everyone and especially Rogan to leave me alone’..Chelsea replied folding her scarf into her bag..

‘Hmmm you didn’t exactly give Rogan a chance to speak you know??’..Leila muttered and looked the other way to avoid Chelsea’s daring gaze..

‘Oh cut the…..’..Chelsea tried to say but was interrupted with a knock on the door..

She walked towards it,opened and there was a man..

‘Are you Chelsea??’..he asked and she nodded ..

‘Okay you’ve got to come with me there’s been an accident’..

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