Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

(Sworn to protect her)

Episode 27
(Season Finale)

‘!!’..Rogan stuttered as he tried reaching out to her who was already petrified…

‘Rogan don’t tell me all he said is true don’t tell me it’s true!!’..she cried out slapping his hands away..

‘Chelsea…Audrey say something’..Rogan muttered gazing at his boss for back up..

Here he was in between two people…

One,the boss who he ran away from..

Two,the woman who he loves and has been lying to all this while..

‘Ohhh cut off the pretense Rogan you know fully well that I’m saying the truth!,you were sent to make Chelsea fall for you and then trust you enough to lead you to her father who’s a drug baron so that you can apprehend him so stop the sentimental bullsh*t!!!’..Audrey replied clearing his throat..

Rogan turned his gaze back fully on Chelsea and before he could say another word she gave him a resounding slap…

Ran away to the beach and then left the shocked Rogan to wallow in his own pain…


‘You bas***d!!!’..Rogan screamed pummeling the dazed Audrey to the ground angrily..

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‘What did I do??,I just told her what you couldn’t tell her for weeks Rogan,you used her for heavens sake and now you have to bear the consequences!!!!’.Audrey fired back without a sense of pity whatsoever. .

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Is this man crazy??..

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After seven years of being an agent for him and this is how he could be repayed???,Rogan thought…

‘You’re gonna pay for this one way or the other Rogan it’s my promise to you’…He said and walked away angrily…

There was only one thing on his mind and it was one woman -Chelsea..

How was he gonna convince her??…

How was he gonna tell her that he didn’t mean to hurt her in anyway..

It wasn’t his true intention…

How was he gonna tell her that?? ..

Surely he lied to her about everything but he didn’t know that he was going to fall for her after that??…


🎶But I’m only human..

🎶And I bleed when I fall down..

🎶I’m only human…

‘Chelsea??’..Rogan called as he walked towards the crying Chelsea..

‘Was it all a lie??’..She asked in return..


‘Answer the question Rogan was it all a lie,the love and everything was it all a lie?!!!!’..


End of Season One

🌺🌺30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

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