Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

(Sworn to protect her)

Episode 26

‘What in carnation are you doing here?!!’..Rogan whispered indignantly pulling Audrey away from the scene..

‘Really??,are we going to play this game Rogan??’..Audrey replied with a frown flashing across his face..

Rogan heaved frustrated sigh and dug his hands into his pockets looking at the average height man..

‘Okay Audrey,look I know i messed up and all and it’s a long story but you can’t be here right now,i can’t even believe you came all the way from Chicago to Miami!!!’..he cursed raking a hand through his hair..

This was a bad development for him…

A really bad bad development..

‘Okay Regan I’m in Chesapeake resorts and I’m gonna be waiting for you,8pm sharp i want you to meet me in room 107 and tell me why you’re acting like a douche bag!!’..


The Next Morning
‘You have to eat up Tonio’..Chelsea muttered as she tried feeding her brother the porridge..

‘No I don’t want it sis,by the way where’s dad??’..He replied swatting a fly off his face .

‘Well Dad went to the station to write a statement on what happened yesterday we’re just happy that you’re okay’..Chelsea said and dropped the thermo flask by the bed stand..

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Suddenly her phone buzzed and when she looked down at it -it was a message…

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-a voice message..

🎙️22:01-‘Okay Audrey look,I know I messed up and all and it’s long story but you can’t be here right now,I can’t believe you came all the way from Chicago to Miami!!!!………………’…

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The voice was surely Rogan’s,Chelsea thought…

Who the hell was Audrey?..

And why was Rogan angry that he came to Miami??..

Chelsea asked herself these questions and when she couldn’t point out a very good answer she forgot about it…

She’ll surely ask Rogan later..


‘Oh God Rogan you can’t do this again!!!,you can’t fall in love with another target again!!! Have you forgotten what happened to Rachel huh?! Have you forgotten?!!’..Audrey screamed in frustration as he walked about the lobby…

‘No I didn’t forget Audrey but Chelsea isn’t like Rachel I love her and she loves me!!!!’…Rogan fired back not Caring about the passersby who had prying ears of course ..

‘Ohhh Rogan you do this all the time !!!,you’re a secret agent Rogan and not a dancer!!?,you were given a simple job to do!!! A simple job to find the necessary information for the drug business from Chelsea Montana and apprehend her father!!!’…Audrey shouted at the top of his voice without the prior knowledge of the curly haired woman walking in on both of them…


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