Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

(Sworn to protect her)

Episode 25

‘Tonio!!!’..Chelsea screamed in tears as she ran towards her brother who was bleeding profusely…

Rogan just stood there transfixed at the spot about what happened and before he could perform any action his phone buzzed…

It was a message from the same anonymous number…


Oh God,he thought…

Someone was really out to get to him..


The Ambulance siren wailed loudly as the injured Tonio was wheeled into the van…

‘He’s going to be okay Chelsea’..Rogan muttered patting her back lovingly to show a little bit of concern…

‘It’s all my fault Rogan,i should have never let him come here’..She whimpered blowing her nose on his shirt uncomfortably..

‘It’s not your fault babe,don’t worry we’re gonna get to the bottom of this’.

‘Yeah i know but who in their right mind would want to kill Tonio he’s a clean guy,he doesn’t do drugs he doesn’t steal he’s totally clean and respectable in Miami?!!’..Chelsea questioned no one in particular..

‘It’s not your fault babe,we’re gonna get to the bottom of this’..Rogan repeated stroking her hair again..

Chelsea sniffed and turned to leave but when she saw the sad expression on her step Father’s face she bursted into tears again..

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‘Ohhh Dad Tonio_!!?!’..she screamed and ran towards him..

Alejandro Montana didn’t say a word but instead hugged his beautiful daughter and kissed her cheeks..

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‘Don’t worry Chelsea,Tonio is a fighter he’s not gonna die’..

‘I hope so dad,i hope so’..

🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺The smell of Aspirin and blood wafted through the air as four people waited in the waiting room…

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Leila,Rogan,Chelsea and Alejandro all sat with their hands on their chin waiting helplessly..

In just the space of one minute a life hung in balance…

They couldn’t cry,weep or do anything..

They just had to wait..

Maybe that’s why they call it the waiting room..

Suddenly the doctor walked in with a smile on his face..

Chelsea spotted him first and tapped Rogan to look..

‘How is my brother doctor??’..she asked with a sullen face..

‘Ohhh he’s going to be okay luckily the bullet only got to his arm and not his chest,he’ll be in the hospital for a while but he’s out of danger’..the doctor replied and everyone nodded in excitement…

‘Ohh God I’m so glad he’s okay?!!’..Chelsea muttered weeping tears of joy…

‘Yeah i told you so’..her father replied in reference and hugged her tight..

However the celebration was cut short when Rogan’s phone rang..

📱:Hello??’…he muttered walking away from the scene…

📲:Hey Rogan it’s Me’..Audrey replied in a drawl..

📱:Yeah I know it’s you Audrey what do you want??’..he asked .

📲:Just look outside the hospital window’..Audrey said hanging up.

Then Rogan looked outside the colored window and got the shock of his life…

Audrey was in Miami!!!!!…

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