Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

(Sworn to protect her)

Episode 24

The next day Chelsea opened her door only to see a basket of flowers and a pink note..

💌:In my room 8am stat..I’ve got something to show you..

‘Hmmm’..she muttered and took the pink colored basket,dropped it on her table and checked her mirror to see if she was okay…


‘Hey love’..Rogan said as the love of his life walked into his room…

‘Hey’..Chelsea replied placing a wet kiss on his lips..

’So what did you want to show me??’..she asked and sat on the bed..

‘Well i don’t want to show you anything i want to tell you something’..he replied with his face reducing to a frown..

It was time she knew who he really was and why he came to Miami in the first place…

He just couldn’t keep it to himself anymore..

‘Okay Rogan I’m all ears’..Chelsea muttered tucking her hair behind her left ear..

‘Ughhh emmm well the reason why i…’..he tried to say but was cut short when someone knocked on the door…

‘Goddammit!!’..he cursed and opened the door to see a half naked Leila wearing a bikini..

‘Uhhh Leila what are you doing here??’..he whispered,looked back at Chelsea and heaved a sigh of relief when he caught caught her reading one of his books…

‘Well I came to see if you were up for another round like last time’..Leila replied smacking her lips lusciously..

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‘Hmmm sorry Leila,what happened the last time was a terrible mistake and I’m sorry it happened,the truth is that I have a girlfriend already and i love her more than anything’ .

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‘Ohhhh really okay’..she replied..

‘Okay??? That’s it??’..Rogan asked with a sense of shame wrapped around him..

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‘Yeah,I just wanted to test you and apparently I see that you love my boss’… She said and walked away..


That was something,he thought and went back to Chelsea…


‘Enjoy your stay in Miami sir’..The hostess said as Audrey passed through the clearance portal in the airport .

‘Ohhh thank you do you know any Chesapeake resort by any chance??..he asked..

‘Ohh yeah I do,it’s one of the best sir just say it to any cab driver and they would take you there straight up’ .she replied…

‘Thank you’..

Audrey smiled and dragged his bag across the road…

He was finally going to see what the hell was wrong with his special agent -Rogan..


Rogan smiled broadly as Chelsea cleaned the tables of her restaurant..

Here she was..

A multi billionaire who owned the famous resort,cleaning tables even though she had employees to do that…

‘Table for two please’..he said aloud…

‘Oh is that so?!,and who are you sitting with sir if I may ask??’..Chelsea replied with a smile on her face..

‘Well uhh I’ll be sitting with one Chelsea Montana,the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen’..he replied teasing her clearly…

‘Ohhhh..’..she tried to say but was cut short when she heard a gunshot…

Leila came in running with freight and when she spotted Chelsea she busted into tears..

‘Chelsea your brother has been shot!!!’..

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