Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

(Sworn to protect her)

Episode 23

‘Ohhh Rogan!!!’..Chelsea screamed in tears as she ran over to him and jumped on his body before he could even say a word..


‘Don’t Rogan,don’t say a word’..she said Interrupting him..

Slowly she lowered her lips down to his and they both kissed…

Not just the normal lustful kiss they shared before but a kiss of emotion..



And lastly Love…

‘Whoa that was something’..Rogan managed to say as they unlocked each other’s lips..

‘Yeah it was you idiot you really had to go through this trouble just because of me?!!’..she replied…

‘Yeah kinda but what could i do??,you scared the sh*t outta me’…


‘So Rogan quit being an agent huh??’..Audrey muttered to himself..

Half angry and half scared he paced around the room..

In as much as he hates to say it,Rogan is the best secret service agent he’s ever had and saying that he quit was damn bullsh*t..

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He didn’t even give a reason why..

‘Marie get me a plane ticket ASAP!!’…Audrey screamed and his over-ambitious assistant ran in…

‘To where sir??’..she asked. ..



The Next Morning🌤️
Chelsea fluttered her lashes as she opened her eyes and then smiled after remembering what happened between her and Rogan last night…

She bit her lower lip a little and then turned only to discover that he was wasn’t on the bed. .

‘Rogan?!!’..She called and then heaved a sigh of relief when she saw him outside the beach..

Coming out of the water and looking like the demi-god that he is ..

‘Hey’..she muttered toying with a strand of her hair..

‘Hey’..he replied giving her a lewd wink…

‘You look great’..she added..

‘Yeah and you have the most pleasurable lips that I would love to get mine on’..he replied and circled his arms around her waist…

Finally he was with the woman he truly loves…

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