Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

🌺🌺30 Days in Miami🌺🌺

🌺(Sworn to protect her)🌺

🌺Episode 20🌺


‘Leave me alone Rogan and I’ll scream it again!!!,leave me alone!!’..Chelsea screamed with tears in her eyes..

‘No I won’t Chelsea,you’re hurt,angry and tired come on you need a break!!!’..Rogan fired back with his temper also building…

‘Why do you Care Rogan??,why do you Care??’..she asked and he groaned..

‘I care Chelsea I care dammit!!?,look I know I hurt you when you saw Sheila in my room but the truth is that we didn’t do anything’…

‘Stop lying Rogan’..

‘Okay fine we did something but it’s only because I was angry at you,you avoided me like a plague Chelsea’…he said..

Chelsea stared for a while and then opened her mouth to say a word but then shut later…

‘So would go out with me??’..Rogan asked and she hesitated a while before answering…

‘No I can’t Rogan I’m sorry!!’..


‘oh huh Leila stop giving me that critical look’..Sheila blurted while playing with her veggie salad..

‘You know why I’m giving you this look Sheila’..Leila replied..

‘He isn’t hers sis,Rogan isn’t hers so why bother me anyway and besides she shuts him out!!!’..Sheila said in defense,slightly pushing away the brown colored paper plate..

‘Well just because they’re not a couple doesn’t mean they don’t like each other,for heavens sake Sheila you slept in his room and she saw you!!!,if she was a terrible person then I’ll be unemployed by now all thanks to you’..

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‘Ohhh okay I’ll leave him alone if that’s what you want’..Shelia replied with a smile on her face…

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She leave Rogan alone?!!..



At Night🖤
📱:Look Audrey you’ve got to give me more time to crack this case up’..Rogan begged on the phone..

📲:Okay fine Rogan,you have 10 Days extra then you come back to Chicago got it???’…Audrey replied..

📱;Got it thanks’..

He dropped the phone on the bed and began thinking about his confused life..

Here he was trying to bust up a big time drug lord of all time and here he still was trying so hard to please his daughter who wants nothing to do with him after a meaningless fling…

Why he was so bothered about Chelsea??..

Why he can’t get her off his mind??..

Why he was so distracted??..

He didn’t know..

‘Ohhh Rogan you’re done for’..he muttered and slumped on his plus sized bed…

He sighed for a while and then his phone buzzed..

It was a message from an anonymous person..




He dropped the phone and sighed…

Someone was definitely onto him…

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